A Complete Guide: Train Travel In Europe For Students!

Post by Tuba Qureshi | May 02, 2019

With such an efficient and vast railway network in Europe, it is no wonder why train travel is so popular. Whilst traveling via train is comparatively very relaxing and easy in Europe, there are certain things you must be aware of before getting into the station especially if you are a student and living in Europe for studies. European trains are clean, fast, and convenient to take you almost anywhere from one city center to another to small cities and villages.

When it comes to budget traveling in Europe, it is a completely different experience because it can not only be fun and convenient but is also educational and enriching. It is said that traveling by train is quintessential to explore Europe and this is because you will get to your destination in the most relaxing and hassle-free way.

Reasons To Why Travelling By Train Is The Best Way To Explore Europe…….

  • You travel like a local and also get the chance to meet and greet Europeans throughout the journey
  • A train pass allows you to explore Europe at your own pace and that too for an unlimited time. There are many train booking platforms that offer you rail passes at reasonable rates to let you make the most of your train tour
  • Train journeys ensure you discover hidden gems of the country. It is rightly said that, if you want to explore the beauty and the tranquility of Europe you must hop on the train. This because throughout your rail trips you will be awe-struck with the striking backdrops of the scenic routes and natural surroundings
  •  High-speed train tours are hassle-free and quick. That is, you will get to explore all the best things about the country in just a few hours of the rail journey
  • Lastly, you will save huge amounts on your travel expenses. Instead of individually visiting each and every place, train journeys enable you to explore multiple scenic as well as historic countrysides without overburdening your pocket

Students studying in the country or nearby often venture where travelers or tourists of all ages go to see the main sites. And they also wander away from their group to travel to areas where local students usually hang out. Right from the neighborhood haunts to discovering vibrant life led by the local of the same age as well as older age, student years in Europe are a part of a fun and exciting period with boundless curiosity. Students from abroad often realize that living on tight-budget and total immersion overseas go hand-in-hand. And thus, they often seek ways to manage their budget to make most of the extended trips and travels with friends.

Benefits Of Being A Student Traveler In Europe………..

Student travelers often take local transportation instead of bus tours. And they usually choose to eat and drink off-the-beaten paths rather than at tourist restaurants, pubs, and cafes. Not just this, students also seek and participate in cultural events and fun nightlife geared to local youth.

In Europe, as a student, you not just gain a unique perspective about major destinations; also get the opportunity to take advantage of many discounts on train travel that are available only for young people under 27 years of age or scholars in high school or university. For better and affordable train ticket prices, you can sign-up to Omio, Trainline or LoCo2, where you will get the convenience of added student discount code for train tickets.

This means, by booking train tickets from reliable travel booking websites like Loco2, Omio or Trainline, you not only get to experience stress-free but also get to save huge amount on-the-go.

Quick Tips For Students For Travelling By Train!

1 # Youth Pass Is Simply Best!

If you are 27 years or younger, then you must purchase your Youth Pass, which enables you to enjoy incredible discounts on standard adult prices. Whether you are a backpacker or student or simply wish to explore Europe at pocket-friendly rates, Youth Pass is a great way to get around by railways.

Different Types Of Youth Pass-

  1. Multi-Country Youth Passes – If your holiday or trip involves travel to multiple countries or regions, then multiple-country youth passes is an incredibly flexible ticket to explore Europe within budget. The pass offers great value for money.
  2. Single Country Youth Pass – If you are traveling to just one country or region like Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Romania, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Slovakia, Slovenia, Italy, Greece, and so on, then you must book a single country youth pass

Youth discount passes for students are offered by many trusted train-ticket booking sites. To unlock the discounts on Youth Passes, all you need is to register yourself to a leading portal, like Loco2 where you get the chance to enjoy huge savings on-the-go. You need to avail Loco2 discount code to obtain a railcard with youth discount.

2 # Book Tickets In Advance!

Being a student and traveling in Europe has its own merits, but traveling via train encounter endless savings opportunities. There are many train ticket booking platforms that offer exclusive discount codes and coupon on early booking. So, if you’re planning to explore Europe one week, one month or two or sometime later, then it is advisable to book tickets beforehand so as to enjoy mega discounts of up to 40-50%. Use irresistible Omio promo code, The Trainline discount code or Loco2 promo code, so as to enjoy huge discounts on train bookings.

3 # Point-To-Point Tickets Are Best For Short Trips!

If you and your friends are looking for a short train journey, starting from one particular point to another particular point, then Pont-to-Point tickets are a great option to choose. Although booking in advance can save you huge amounts, but if you and your group have suddenly planned a trip to any beautiful city nearby, then you point-to-point tickets can be bought from the station itself. For a short journey, this is the right way to travel as it makes sense than buying tickets in bulk and also saves your money.

So, these are three useful train travel trips for students looking to explore Europe on budget. For amazing money-saving offers and deals, you can grab exclusive Europe travel deals online by signing up to top ticket platforms as mentioned above.

Scenic Train Journeys To Take In Europe Group Of Friends…….

Now that you are aware of how to save upon your train ticket booking, take a look at the following best European train trips that you can take with your friends.

1 # The Chocolate Train!

The Chocolate train is a charming European train trip usually running in the summer and fall season starts from Montreux and trips straight to the Cailler-Nestle chocolate factory in Broc, overlooking the mesmerizing views of Lake Geneva. The train stops for a while at the medieval town of Gruyeres where you can tour the cheese factory and the local castle or simply have sumptuous lunch in the fine-ding restaurant on and around the station. And then, you need to re-board the train to reach your final destination, i.e., Broc.

The Chocolate train excursion is great for student travelers as it invites them to travel in style just like in a modern panoramic car or a Vintage Pullman “Belle Époque” carriage. Either way, the train route ensures awe-inspiring views of the beautiful Lake Gruyeres with Swiss Alps in the backdrops.

2 # The Jacobite!

If you and your friends are huge fans of Harry Potter, then The Jacobite train trip is ideal for you. Yes, the Jacobite is the actual train that was featured as the Hogwarts Express in the Harry Potter series. The route, called as The Jacobite is operated by West Coast Railways is 84-mile round-trip journey that only operates from the Mid-May to late October.

The train journey starts from Fort William near the highest mountain peak of Britain – Ben Nevis, the train wind through glens and valleys, overlooking the deepest fresh, sea-water lakes of the country and the beautiful white-sand beaches of Morar.

3 # Bernina Express!

For that sheer variety of culture and terrain, the Bernina Express route is another most scenic European train trip that’s hard to beat. Along your journey, you will experience three cultures of Switzerland namely – Italian, Romansh and German. It routes from Chur which is the oldest town in Switzerland and jet setting St. Moritz, winds through the glacier-clad, dramatic Swiss and Italian Alps, to city-side sand beaches of Lake Lugano and palm-fringed greenery.

Besides being scenic, you will love the towering stone viaducts, tunnels and curving mountainside tracks, where people sitting at the back and in front can literally wave to each other. Another best thing about this European train trip is the three-hour Post-Bus segment from Tirano-Italy to Lugano.

4 # The Glacier Express!

Your trip to Europe is incomplete if you don’t make your way up to Glacier and in the Glacier Express. Best time to board this train journey in September, and you will get to enjoy the most scenic and mesmerizing views throughout your journey in this month. It is more of a leisurely, panoramic trip that passes through the Alpine heartland of Switzerland, crossing 91 tunnels and over 291 bridges.

Although the Glacier Express trip might be a bit longer as it takes 8 hours to cover 300 kilometers, the travelers will surely be mesmerized with the scenic train tour of Europe starting right from the Eastern Swiss Alps to ending at the Western region.

5 # The Golden Pass!

If you wish to taste everything, Switzerland has got to offers; the Golden Pass train journey is a perfect traveling option to choose. The scenic train tour enables you to enjoy 360-degree views of the entire train ride, panoramic cars, and VIP seating arrangement for those who are seeking top-notch experience.

The journey will let you admire the flower covered chalets, vineyards, lakes, the Brunig Pass and few historical cities of the country. In other words, the Golden Pass is a piece of heaven tucked within breathtakingly beautiful Swiss countryside. The best time to take this 191 kilometers, 5 hours the train journey is between June-September.

6 # The Elegance Of Yesteryear!

Routing from London to Venice, The Elegance of Yesteryear is another most board European train journey that takes two days to complete. Step aboard the Venice Simplon-Orient Express with 35 restored sleeping cars decorated in their original art deco sophistication. The passengers boarding this train are expected to be dressed elegantly.

It is two days and one-night train trip that wakes you up to the magnificent sights of snowcapped Alps. Furthermore, throughout your journey, you will learn about the story behind each restored carriages.

So, these are a few most-boarded European train tours that are absolutely charming and picturesque and worth booking to explore the scenic side of the country. If you plan a getaway with your friends and if you all are below 27 years of age then you must look for unique promo codes and discount codes on leading train travel booking platforms – Omio, The Trainline, and Loco2.

These platforms enable you to grab the best Europe train travel deals so that you can enjoy maximum savings.

And that’s a wrap to the complete train travel guide in Europe for students.

Hope You Have An Amazing, Memorable Journey With Your Friends!

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