Caribbean Islands - The Best Bank and College Holiday Destination for 2020

Post by Anupam Pandey | Aug 16, 2019


If you have to choose one place for your holidays which can evoke a genuine feeling of freshness and rejuvenation than it is the tropical island destinations. These islands truly embark on a breathtaking journey along the beautiful coastlines and sparkling white sun-kissed beaches, tranquil crystal clean water and unspoilt natural terrains. The holiday is meant for getting out of the constraints of a busy life and explore joy in the beauty of the mesmerizing world we live in. For the people of United Kingdom Bank Holidays in the forthcoming year should be a time to break your inhibitions after all the chaos of recent years. So just get started with your travel itinerary to get a move on with the most compelling vacation of your recent memories. And as I just mentioned, nothing comes close to beating a tropical island destination like the Caribbean region for the most splendid experience of your holidays this time around

Caribbean islands are called the Paradise Islands for a reason and you just can’t undermine the significance they hold as sunny tropical beach island. It is bliss just to visit the place itself, let alone the idea of travelling it all over in a very well-coordinated and managed way. Even if you do plan your travel itinerary with proper research and after taking enough time to sort out a plan within the specific margin of time available, you will not be able to manage the whole beauty of these islands because there are too many of them and each is special, incredibly talented.So if you truly want your bank and college holidays to be the most memorable ones, you can simply book the tour packages available now using the Dream Palace Hotels Promo Code and ensure a hefty discount on your travel bookings. With a wide array of islands both small and big, the exquisite island destination has the unprecedented charm to grab the attention of the tourists for all the right reasons. The list of beautiful places are in no shortage but you will surely run out of time in spite of it. To know what all things you can expect from the Caribbean Islands, here is a collection of some of the most celebrated highlights of these paradise tropical islands. Here are 3 magically beautiful Island destinations that you can visit for your next holiday session.  The major drawback though has been the poor utilization of the resource.



If you would have cared to notice, Barbados is one of those places which is actually used by most of the beach resorts and luxury hotel suites in the promotional images to represent the beaches. Even if those places have nothing to do with Barbados, they would use the image for the sake of an attractive and eye-catchy nature of the beaches of Barbados. This is just an example that showcases the absolute beauty of the place as such and one can not deny the gorgeous terrains in the interiors as well. To reach Barbados from the UK, it just takes a flight of nine hours or so to reach Barbados from the UK. The place provides a perfect shelter for the travellers looking for ultimate beach experiences, exotic seascapes and tailor-made accommodation packages that can be availed by using Promo Code.

What to do in Barbados


If I was ever to give you a visual explanation of tropical island paradise, I will probably remember no other name but Barbados at first. The island offers a compelling travel journey in its own right which includes a number of amazing activities, adventures, places of sightseeing, shopping and parties.  There are several water sports available in Barbados which will make for an incredibly fun ride. Some of the popular water activities include snorkelling, deep-sea diving, kayaking, surfing, kiteboarding and much more. The adventures further elaborate on the land with the options such as biking tours and fishing trips, hiking and trekking expeditions. Those who visit Barbados can also try Bridgetown if they want to actually keep themselves attached with the rush and hustle of urban routines. The Bridgetown is also the capital city of Barbados and is truly an inspiration for the young travel enthusiast looking for a student holiday escape.

Best Time to Visit Barbados


The tropical Islands of the Caribbean region are known for their hot sunny afternoons as the sun shines bright and gleamy in the open sky for quite a long period of time. The most suitable season of the year from the point of view of the people of the UK is during the month of winter from December right up to the lates April wherein. This season is relatively much pleasant in the Caribbean regions. Even though the sun is usually bright, this does not mean rain can be ignored as it is more likely to rain randomly without any signs of it as it falls in regions found next to the equatorial region so, it has relatively higher moisture and humidity level in the atmosphere. The best way to save your money on your travel bookings for Barbados is by taking the journey in the latter weeks of the month when the rush is relatively confined making the accommodations readily available at convenient and affordable prices. The summer is almost the same but for the fact that there are occasional hurricanes and storms known to have hit the coastal islands of this region in the summer season.

Nightlife in Barbados


Barbados is a forest meant for party animals, the vibrant nightlife of Barbados and the impeccable the vibe of the bars, pubs and clubs makes Barbados an absolutely incredible experience altogether. There are amazing bars, restaurants and hotels. While the day can be spent on shopping, all you have to do during the night time to party all over the place. The night is truly enigmatic as the whole island is in fact turned into a place of crazy party savvy world with streets and neighbourhoods all closing down to groove in the party mood for as long as their body could last.




Best Time to Visit Antigua



Things To Do At Antigua


  • Beaches
  • Hire a Luxury Yacht
  • Witness the Migratory Birds



Barbados is a bit small island but if you wish to explore a place bit larger than that, you should look for St Lucia located on the western side of Barbados. St Lucia is inarguably the most gorgeous scenic landscape in terms of natural beauty and charm amongst all the Caribbean Islands if you ask me. This is obviously a more personal view that might not be generic to all but that indeed goes without saying that St Lucia is second to none as far as the natural bliss and gorgeous landscape views are concerned. It has everything expected to be found on an ideal tropical island destination that includes the best of white sparkling sand beaches alongside azure ocean waves, lush green forests, rich green mountains and hill-scapes, beautiful and eternal interiors with pristine waterfalls and waterways, wildlife, flora and fauna of distinctive varieties and whatever else you can think of to find on a typical tropical island destination. To put it straight as possible, St Lucia is amongst the best travel destinations for holidays 2020 that you could come across. It is an option you must not ignore for your own good.

Best Time to Visit St Lucia



Things To Do At St Lucia


Pitons and Pigeon Island

Coves and Crevices

Nightlife in St Lucia


One thing which the Caribbean region has always been proud of is the exotic range of its cocktails and party drinks and no wonder St Lucia is a heaven of such party mixes. Do not expect anything lesser than extraordinary when it comes to nightlife in St Lucia. The whole island buzzes aloud with party vibes and no place is spared from the loud energetic party music exploding from the speakers on every other footstep. To be honest, St Lucia is not exactly a place where you would like to go with your family for vacation especially considering the crazy nightlife which might be disturbing for some little kids. In fact, even the locals who find it hard for their kids to adapt to such an extemporaneous explosive nightlife tend to arrange for other places to relocate with their family or kids. Although there are a few calm or more sedate places on the isles it is relatively restricted for the visitors of the hotels and resorts who own the specific portions of the land respectively.


For the summers, the best way to go about in the interiors of the hinterlands and explore the rich vivacious natural landscapes of British terrains from the luxury and solace in the desolated cottages. Simply book one using the Sykes Cottages Voucher Code and get enjoy a rejuvenating experience altogether.