Indulge In Pure Luxury In The Finest Hotels In UK

Post by Sujata Sanyal | Jul 12, 2017

Travel is a great reveler and your outings can inject you with an all-new vigor and enthusiasm. The places where you travel also has a major part to play in making every travel an out of this world experience. The picturesque settings and the idyllic countryside of UK make it a coveted travel destination:

If you want to make your main lodging near sea-side here are some of the hotels in the UK which will give you the spectacular sea views:

The Scarlet

This terrific hotel overlooks the Mawgan Porth beach and has an Ayurvedic spa with pods immersed for deep relaxation. It has glass walls and flat roofs with infinity pools. Most of the rooms have a floor-to-roof glass wall that slides backward for giving way to outdoor space to grant you privacy.

Lewinnick Lodge

The building displays Cornish stonework and its time deck that is huge hangs over the sea and the room is airy with pastel shades. Here you get two double aspect suites termed Sunset and Sunrise and king-sized beds and walk-in showers along with double-ended slipper baths.

The building is a sturdy block of Cornish stonework; a huge timber deck out front seems to hang over the sea like the prow of a ship. Upstairs, moody midnight blue hallways contrast with the rooms’ airy, pastel hues.Most have a floor-to-ceiling glass wall that slides back to access outdoor space, all cleverly designed to give privacy.

Blakeney Hotel

This hotel houses 60 rooms and provides great estuary views with small balconies. Here the single rooms are provided for no cost. Blakeney Hotel.  You are also bestowed with three-course dinner.

Regale and enjoy a stupendous stay at these very best sea-side hotel in the UK and cherish the memories forever.