Island Destinations for Best Summer Holidays with Family & Friends

Post by Anupam Pandey | Jul 22, 2019

It is the summer holiday season and there is no better time to travel. For the people living in the UK, this is one of those opportunities where they can enjoy the blissful warmth of the sun and relax under the afternoon sun on the warm beaches to pull the break over their fast-paced and hectic lifestyle they are otherwise compelled to live in today’s world. But when it comes to travel, the first major concern one needs to address is to figure out the destination for the trip. It may sound simple and but anyone who has travelled even once in his life would know that this not as simple as we often think. To plan a great holiday travel trip, you just don’t have to choose a perfect destination keeping everyone’s interest in mind and then come up with a perfect tour itinerary which is effectively planned with foolproof arrangements.

Remember, the destination should not only provide relaxation but also supposed to engage and satisfy the travel aspirations of each person along with you. So, the planning should be perfect and you would also not want to lose the grip over your travel expenditure all this while including accommodations. This is why it becomes even more important to get your travel plans prepared well in advance and make the advance online bookings using cheapest hotel deals from the Danubius Hotels Discount Code, as it will also help you save some money. In fact, being the holiday season, you can expect a lot of other offers for travelling during this season to enjoy some of the best days of your life. The only thing you need to figure out the perfect destination for your trip. So we have come here to help you in finding it and brought out these amazing island destinations in Europe where you would love to travel these summer holidays.

Tenerife, Canary Islands

Tenerife is the biggest of all Islands in the Archipelago of Canary Islands. This place is a great destination for European travellers no matter which season they come here. The people of the UK are no exception to it and they would be really mesmerized by the unfathomable beauty and ubiquitous charm of Tenerife. This place is closely encircled by the sea and therefore, it is relatively mild even during the winter seasons when the whole of Europe is dead frozen. Still, the best time to visit Tenerife would be in the Summers as it allows ample sunshine and sufficient warmth to enjoy on those sandy beaches. Tenerife has a varied landscape pretty much same as a tropical one wherein you can find eternally beautiful natural sceneries hidden in the interiors of the island while some parts of the islands are covered by the massive chunks of black solid rock stones. The beaches of Tenerife are unique and have a distinctive blackish coloured sand, that is quite uncommon, to say the least.

The island has lavish beaches and beautiful sea-side restaurants that offer great sea-food. You would surely fall in love with many of the dishes served here and feel tempted to go for more than one orders at a time if foodie enough like me. Tenerife is stretched across more than 750 square miles of area and therefore, serves ample space for adventure seekers to try activities that can set their adrenaline flow going up high in volumes. Apart from the geographic point of view, like all other Canary Islands, Tenerife is also famous for its party vibe and impeccably refreshing and rejuvenating atmosphere that serves a perfect template for the summer holiday destinations most people are looking for.  There are plenty of terrific night party hubs wherein you can enjoy drinks, music, dance in groups with your friends. In case if you are with your family, there is no shortage of family-friendly restaurants either as you can have great beachside dinners and musical nights. To sum it up, there is nothing that you can’t get here which you would be expecting from your summer holiday trip and therefore, destination can’t get any better than Tenerife and you will know it but only once you visit it.

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Lanzarote, Canary Islands

This other popular tourism hubs of the Canary Islands which has been known for being an epicentre of beach lovers and tourists from the last 3 decades. This place is really different from most of the places that we see in today’s world. One simple example of this is the lack of multi-storey apartments or multiple floor buildings. In the entire island, there is only one building which has more than one floors and this should be enough to understand the uniqueness of this place. Apart from this, you will find this place a great hub of party animals where crazy people come to life as soon as the sun sets down the horizon on the aisles. In spite of being a part of Europe which is one of the most developed continents of the World, this place does surprise many with its unprecedentedly laid back and uncharacteristically non-high profile cityscape. But again, if you adjudge the place solely on the basis of this aspect alone, you would again be in for a surprising misconception about the place which you would realize as soon as the sun settles down and the lights turn on. The place goes nuts and party euphoria is evident in the night that soars to its height till midnight and keeps going till the morning.

There are a number of beautiful beaches on these islands and you can even find several beautiful places throughout the interior lands of the territory. The region has been known for its growing verdant wineries and volcanoes that seem to bulge out any moment. The tidal waves across the sea-shores around the island are perfectly poised for surfing and surfers to come from different part of the world to have the fun of surfing in these pleasant waves. The place has revived from its stern conservative attitude of the traditional villagers with time as they gradually realized and understood that the tourism industry is eventually going to work for their own profit. Everything else aside, it is still one of the more cheaper alternatives of all the Canary Islands and you would find accommodations and food a bit pocket-friendly here than you would find it on the other more popular tourism island hubs. So, if you wish to travel on a tighter budget, you know Lanzarote is the place for you. 


Majorca is often undervalued for all that it actually deserves but such is the fate of few unfortunate ones from various other fields as well in the world, isn’t it? The Balearics Archipelago has many islands and Majorca is the biggest of them all. If you cared enough to notice, the name of Majorca is itself derived from the word Major which refers to anything large than the others. It is not that  Majorca does not receive tourists. In fact, it has one of the most crowded beaches of the Balearic group of Islands and probably the most properly developed tourism towns of them all. Yet, it is unfortunately still disregarded by the various tourists as a secondary choice which is often chosen just because they could not find the desired arrangements in their first choice Island destination. Being large, Majorca does provide sufficient resources to accommodate many of those disappointed travellers to relish a holiday even if they can’t do it on their desired place of choice.


Majorca is a place for water adventure seekers and they will surely fall in love with the place for its sheer pleasure. Sunlight is a thing to cherish as you would find pleasant sunlight scattering all over the place during summer allowing you to take a sun-bath on the beachsides. The Majorca is a treasure galore of nature which has emerald greenery and completely separate and isolated beaches for those looking for privacy. The southern region of the Majorca is known for their rooted cultural depths and traditional culinary practices, Although, the best aspect of Majorca is the mutual harmony which has evolved over the years. You can take a ride in the ferry through the green ocean waves or take a scuba dive under the job. Even though you can also find modern-day cuisines and all other kinds of things that you would desire for in a developed place. 

Formentera, Spain

Formentera is one of the most well-known tourism epicentres of the world for a long time, fairly renowned for its musical culture and party-centric lifestyle and obvious as it is should be, a beach paradise to escape for the Europeans. The place is most suitably called the mecca of musicians have been the place that brought before some of the most celebrated musicians of the world into the limelight with likes of Joni Mitchell, Pink Floyd and Bob Dylan that got fame throughout the world for their impeccable flourish as musical artists. But things have not always been as pleasant as they look today when you go back into the past history of the island. The island was once labelled as one of the most dreadful places for the sailors which they would not even dream to reach in their nightmares due to the lurid tales of Pirates holding the island as their secretive stronghold.

There were many mythical rumours associated with the island too, so much so that Formentera Island was even used as the name in the fictional novels by the European writers who were used in reference for a place at the end of the world. Although, all these tales are long buried in the past as a much more enjoyable and engaging Formentera awaits people. The place is really close to Ibiza which is ranked the number one island destination for the leisure travellers in the World, not just Europe and this should be enough to grab your eyeballs, at the least. The creative artists that have been coming out of the place were not just being produced out of fluke and one could notice this right from the onset as the creative vibe of the Island is omnipresent and nostalgic. You will find several beach clubs for hangouts, chic restaurants to savour delicacies, spas and resorts for luxurious stays and pub-discos for parties. What else would you want?