Make Sure Santa Claus Walk-In Your Ornate Home This Christmas!

Post by Uzma Kidwai | Dec 06, 2016

Hey all, are you also the one who becomes happy seeing winters coming, just because it gets along the fanciest festival along???  Well, I am talking about Christmas!!! Really, you also love this cool, extravagant and a bit mysterious festival amidst the chilling waves? Hmm, then we can be friends ;)

I called it mysterious because since my childhood I have been searching for the cutiepie Santa Claus, but still have not seen a glimpse of him!! However have always got my presents  Not only the gifts but its preparations have always excited us…..Yeah, remember our elders said that the better we decorated our house the more are the chances of Santa visiting us and we did our best to make our house look beautiful!

Childhood is gone but somewhere deep in our heart this belief has settled and we still do our best to decorate our house in a bid to tempt the mighty heart, Santa Claus. However, every year it becomes a little tricky to find new home decorating ideas.

What if I say that I have for you all some interesting and innovative ideas that will help you beautify your house easily and effortlessly? Yeah, no kidding, I can actually suggest you some beautiful ways of decorating your house. 

Ready, to paint your house in the festivity of Christmas? Come along. 


First impression is the last impression and don’t forget Santa has many places to go that night, so attract his attention with a well-groomed entrance. Not big things but stuffs like nice red color door mat with merry Christmas wishes or hangings for door along with lights and flower would do it. 

If you are good at craft, you can show some creativity to draw or make snowman or gift boxes wrapped in beautiful papers.

Living Area

Don’t really deck up your place with red and green stuffs instead bring out the maximum elegance in limited yet classy and creative stuff. Decorate your mantle by putting up some colorful balls or crystals or hang in colorful socks to add some colors to your living area. 

Also, you can try colorful candles in decorating your house. You can pick candles in shape of Santa, reindeers, wooden logs or any other fancy shape. U can also utilize your candle stand by filling it with chocolates or nuts.

Dining Area

Festivals bring a reason to feast, but a happy feasting also needs happy ambiance so include some dash of Christmas essence while decorating your dining area. All you need is to induct some small souvenirs like coasters, mats or stands designed especially for the occasion. 

Stair Case

Don’t leave any space uncovered with Christmas decorations rather spread the festivity all around your space, including the not-so-important staircases. However, rather than just using green furry garland or colorful balls you can use Santa caps or bells in red or white color. 

Christmas Tree

With the trend changing now people use various methods to decorate their tree. But how about using your best buddy to create this tree? Well, I am talking about books! Yes, use your books to create a structure of tree and decorate them. 

Try out these tricks to glorify your house interior while Christmas. To buy some of the fanciest and creative Christmas stuffs you can shop at some of the most reputed online shopping stores such as Lazada and Redmart.  

For maximum savings include, where discount coupon codes and voucher codes are waiting for you all. 

This is it, for now, will meet soon till then take care!!!






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