How to Buy The Best Dishwashers: A Comprehensive Guide

Post by Ashik Gosaliya | Nov 17, 2016

Constructing a castle is easy, building a home is a challenge. I realized this as soon as I was done with my wedding. For the wedding, I managed to get the planner once I decided to get down on my knee before my girlfriend. But, hell….where do I find a planner who run my show at home and who could help me buy the best things needed for a beautiful home in my budget?

Often the real challenge when you start building your home is having a perfect product for your home that suits the mood of your home, the colors and the comfort part. Nope, I am not discarding money, time and energy issue. Everything becomes a priority and you can’t miss a point there. 

The wedding was fun, after that it was all run – from website to website and store to store. The kitchen was my priority and that brought me to the dishwasher first. Searching the best one on the web and in the store was an experience, I don’t wish for anyone. It is only when I was guided to the Currys PC World at Kensington High Street, I had my breaths in control. 

The information that I was provided by Carrys’ Men automatically become a guide to buying an excellent dishwasher. I did not realize buying a dishwasher could be a cakewalk until I received all this information. Let's see how you too can have a cake walk while buying a dishwasher with this guide. 

Size Matters: 

Obviously money is the most important thing when you are out to shop for anything, however, when it comes to the dishwasher, I would prefer to think about the need first. It became even easier for me to focus on other aspects because Currys offers the widest range of dishwashers and other home appliances in the UK, that too with a price tag in every range. 

Definitely, you will require big in size dishwasher if you are a big family, which impacts many things like energy, noise, efforts and efficiency besides money and technology. My need is limited, hence I picked a dishwasher that is small in dimention but provides enough space to get the dishes washed at one time.

Cleaning Habits:

Like if you get the time to wash dishes only once, you need to pre-rinse before loading. If you get to wash dishes every time you cook, you need a dishwasher with the best technology with sensors that determine how thorough wash is required, which resultantly determines the cost of the dishwasher. 

The Convenience: 

One of the most important areas to look for is convenience while buying dishwashers. There are dishwashers at Currys, which offer third racks as well, besides usual two adjustable racks and flatware slots to help you lay down large utensils. Fold down tines are important to have a fix for odd size dishes and other dinnerware. 

The Decor: 

When you are building a new home, never underscore the importance of a décor. You need to determine if you require a freestanding or an integrated dishwasher. A compact one will do or you need a large one to fill in more space. These adjustments can only be done once in a long time, so paying attention to décor isn’t a bad idea. 

The Features:

Before thinking about the budget; think about the features that you must have in your dishwasher for effective cleaning as it isn’t only about washing but hygiene as well. 

Racks and Slots: There are two ways to look at it. Either you choose a dishwasher that offers a maximum number of slots and racks to fit in all sorts of utensils or you need a one that has adjustable slots and racks. 

 Fold-Down Prongs: Obviously you are going to use large utensils for cooking. To clean them well you need your dishwasher to be equipped with fold-down prongs which make loading large items with odd size easier. 

 Sensor Wash: An essential feature to determine how thorough wash you need when utensils are unwashed for a long time. Sensor wash helps adjust the temperature as well as the length of the wash accordingly to the needs. 

Anti-Flood Protection: Naah, we don’t like spilled over the floor in the kitchen. Hence, Anti-flood protection is necessary. You need your dishwasher to be laced with Float Switches and Aqua-stop, which ensures there is no spilling or leakage. 

The Controls: Depending on your work habit, you will determine if you will be fine with touch control or you need button controls. Usually, if it’s fine to have a touchpad but if you have a problem with controls getting invisible once door closes, you should use button controls. 

The Budget:

The last but the most important thing when you think of buying a dishwasher. Mind you, a dishwasher isn’t a kitchen accessory that you can buy any day and therefore pay attention to what you get into how much you pay is important. 

My comfort was, At Currys, I got to see and check all sorts of dishwashers from the best brands with various price tags. What I understood is there are three budget types when it comes to dishwashers, low-end dishwashers, budget dishwashers and high-end dishwashers.

The low-end dishwashers usually cost you in between £150 to £450, which can be compact in size and come with basic features. The budget dishwashers are equipped with the latest technology and the best features plus can offer more flexibility compared to the basic version in between £500 to £1400. If you are a big family and need to load dishes quite a few times in a day, you need highly technologically advanced dishwasher that is equipped with all the latest tools and features plus can consume less electricity. The high-end dishwasher is usually available between £1500 to £2250.

Is this it? Not really, At Currys I was told about energy efficiency, water consumption, noise generation, place setting as well as technology. Besides, the benefit of having yourself buying any appliances from Currys is You get payment flexibility. You need not to worry about the delivery as well as installations, Currys does it all for you. Top of all, you will be saving up to £100 in discount offered by Currys. 

I am planning an American style refrigerator next month, my obvious choice is Currys. Yours?

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