Some Useful Saving Tips For Students For Holidays During Summer Vacation!

Post by Tuba Qureshi | Jul 11, 2019

With summer vacations around the corner, it is never too late to plan a fun-filled adventure. Managing your money for summer holidays or trips when you are a college student, can be tough, as it is very difficult for college students to go on vacation on their own expenses. Although, with smart saving tips it becomes easier for even students to take a vacation all by themselves. As a student, if you are seeking ways to save up on your next summer vacation trip then read on the top 10 useful savings tips to make your holiday within budget.

As summer holidays are fast approaching, it is a great time for you to set-up a saving strategy so as to cover the costs of the upcoming getaway with less stress. Although, it can be a bit tricky to strategize everything accordingly, with proper planning you will surely make maximum savings. 

As a student going on holiday can be a big ask and to get rid of this big question the following saving tips are worth reading. So, start you’re scrolling to read about the same-

1 # Decide Your Budget And Stick To It!

For a pocket-friendly summer vacation, you must create a particular budget and should to it no matter what. By doing so, you not only save tons of money but you are organized about what to do and what not. A set budget enables you to plan out your travel including what places you’re going to visit or how, how much will be your transportation and dining costs.

Do some research work and get an idea about how much food and drinks will costs. By creating a set travel budget, you can easily get an idea of how much you can afford per day. Besides this, you must also ensure to stick to the specified budget otherwise you will end up expending more than you’ve decided.

2 # Split The Cost By Travelling With Friends!

Yet another way to save up on your summer holidays or summer getaways during holidays is to travel with friends. Travelling with someone you know, regardless of the place you travel is another useful saving tip for a student. It will split your accommodation costs, and overall travel costs including gas prices, food coast and so on. 

You will make memories with your friends while cutting down the expenses and there is no better feeling than to explore the world with your favorite people. 

3 # Opt For Road Trip!

Depending on where you are going, it is much cheaper to take a road trip than to fly. Although road trips take long hours to reach the destination, it can help you save tons of money. Contribute to booking a car or minivan (if you are traveling with a big friend’s group) to cut-short the traveling costs. Pack some foodstuff and drinks to save money on food and dining in Hi-Fi highway restaurants. 

Opting for road trips is the best way to for if you don’t wish to go on an extravagant trip to make spend your summer vacations. Road trips are the ultimate budget-friendly for wanderlust bugs. For road trips, make sure you pick destination easily accessed by road. So, pick a destination, choice your favorite songs, pack some tasty snacks, put them in the car and start your journey with your favorite people.  

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4 # Keep Your Student ID Or Discount Card Handy!

In the UK, college students are often provided with a wide array of discounts on travel, dining, attractions, and lodging. So, whenever you are on holidays with friends, then you must always ask for student discounts when booking a getaway, holiday package, accommodation or tickets. And thus, you must always keep your Student ID card (International Student Identity Card) handy in your wallet. 

Whether it is shopping or booking accommodation or eating at any restaurant or exploring any attractions or bars in the city, being a student you can easily access to huge discounts on public transport and food with the card. 

5 # Use Apps To Grab Best Coupons And Deals!

Travel apps can simply be your best companion in term of enjoying irresistible travel deals and discounts. CollectOffers UK can be your best friend throughout your journey where you will find a wide range of travel merchants offering the best and most profitable deals to you. Here, you can find deals and discounts on local activities, sightseeing, cruise tours, hotels, and meals.

If you find difficulty in keeping a track on your expenditure and achieve your savings goals then CollectOffers UK app can help you manage the cash flow and budget with ease. Setting particular expenditures and savings goals in real-time and achieving it can be made much easier with this app. 

You can browse through a wide assortment of discount deals by visiting the Travel Deal page of CollectOffers UK. 

6 # Avoid Overpopulated Tourist Destinations

Always consider going to places that are less crowded during the summer holiday season. Many people prefer to travel top holiday destinations and end up expending more than they’ve expected. This is because, during the peak season, such destination tends to be much more expensive than off-season. So, as a useful saving tip for being a student, ensure to vacation to a place which is not only easily accessed, but is less expensive and less crowded. 

If you choose crowdy places, then you might end up paying hefty accommodation and food expense. This is because, most of the hotels, resorts, restaurants and even attractions in top holiday destination increase their charges by seeing the huge influx of tourists. 

7 # Opt For Self-Catering Accommodation!

Students who opt for holidays during their summer vacation with their friends must go for self-catering accommodation, wherein they get no in-room services and had to cook and do their laundry on their own. By doing so, you will save that extra expenditure, which usually top hotels charge with added room services and facilities. 

Self-catering Sykes cottages mean complete freedom; there will be no set mealtime, dress codes and so on. Here you will be provided with more space and freedom than a hotel room. Here you can cook according to your preference and choices. For saving upon your accommodation during summer holidays in the UK, you can book self-catering cottages with Sykes Cottages at best-discounted rates by using Sykes Cottages voucher codes. 

8 # Choose All-Inclusive Budget Hotels!

While booking accommodation for holidays, you can even go for all-inclusive budget hotels wherein you will enjoy all basic facilities within your budget. These hotels make your stay relaxing and convenient as they are mostly centrally located and are easily accessible to all major attractions. The best thing about all-inclusive hotels is that they offer best-in-class amenities at rates that won’t disturb your budget. 

Take a look at some of the most preferred summer vacation ideas with reliable all-inclusive accommodation options of the trusted hotel chains to cut-short the total financial drain of your holidays. 

Zafigo Hotels-

If you are planning a trip to Mallorca or Menorca with friends and wish to book the best budget accommodation in these widely popular holiday destinations, then Zafigo Hotels is the most reliable brand to trust. With exclusive services to help you and warm hospitality, the leading hotel chain aims to make your stay utmost comfortable and relaxing. Each Zafigo Hotel is conveniently located and provides the best views. You can book any of your favorite Zafigo Hotels at affordable price by using Zafigo Hotels promo code

Millennium Hotels-

Spread in different tourist and non-tourist holiday destination around the world including Asia, Europe, Middle East, and the United States, Millennium Hotels & Resorts is another most trusted accommodation chain where you can experience best stays. Whether it is budget or cheap or all-inclusive category of accommodation, with Millennium Hotels you will simply enjoy unmatched hospitality services and that too within your budget. To book any Millennium Hotel or resort at reasonable or discounted rates, you are required to use Millennium Hotels discount code

Hotels Viva-

With more than 20 years of experience in providing best-in-class accommodation facilities and hospitality services, Hotels Viva is another trusted hotel and resort chain for booking budgeted all-inclusive stays in your favorite holiday destination. To make you booking for hotels in your desired holiday destination pocket-friendly with Hotels Viva, all you need to avail is Hotels Viva promo code

9 # Eat For Cheap!

And last but not least, while you are on holiday with your friend at any particular destination; make sure you go for cheap and budgeted meals or food. Avoid hitting luxury cafes and restaurant where you might end emptying your whole travel budget. Also, you can look for accommodation or lodging with the in-room kitchen and you can prepare your food on your own. You can sign-up to Sykes Cottages to grab the best deal on self-catering cottages online. 

You can even go for all-inclusive accommodation options, in which breakfast and meals are included in your hotel package. Zafigo Hotels, Millennium Hotels, and Hotels Viva are some of the most trusted names for all-inclusive hotels and resorts.  

10 # Explore Free Or Less Expensive Attractions!

Yet another way to save upon your budget while holidaying in your favorite destination being a student is to visit and explore places that are free or are comparatively less expensive. Sightseeing can also help you save a huge amount if you choose to avail services of reliable ticketing or online ticket booking site. That is, you must register to the website which can help you buy the best deal on tickets or activity tour. 

We often come across places that demand you to buy entry tickets and ticketing websites will help you grab best deals. For instance, if you are traveling to London and wish to get easy access to its popular attractions, London Pass is the most reliable site to trust. You can save a huge amount on entry ticket with London Pass, just by availing its exclusive London Pass discount

And that’s a wrap to useful saving tip to take a vacation this upcoming summer holidays for students. Hopefully, it will help you enjoy maximum savings and enjoyment throughout the trip.