Spain Or Portugal-Which One Is Better For Adventure

Post by Tuba Qureshi | Aug 09, 2019

Spain Or Portugal-Which One Is Better For Adventure

When planning for a sunny Western Europe trip this August, deciding which holiday destination is right to explore between Portugal and Spain is not an easy task to do. With sharing the same Iberian Peninsula, both the countries have a lot of common history and occupy similar headspace for holidaymakers seeking to escape to sunny climates with friendly locals and sumptuous delights. And, the similarities of both countries end here. Both are very different and you should be aware of their differences to plan an ideal Western European Holidays.


In this blog post, I have summoned several differences between Portugal and Spain, focusing on climate, landscape, landmarks, adventure opportunities, history and culture, and accommodation. Although I am not throwing either country under any kind of limelight, every vacationer should explore both the countries if possible, but the above difference will surely you prioritize your Europe trip shortly.


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Now for better understanding, about which is country is better to explore for adventure, take note of the following points –


Climate –

When it comes to planning a European holiday, it is not easy to decide where to go - Spain or Portugal. The Iberian neighbors share a moderate Mediterranean climate; both the countries experience warm, sunny weather throughout the year. You will find a very slight difference between their temperatures.


As per the recent news, vacationers planning to explore Portugal/Spain this month or weekend are warned of potentially record-breaking temperatures. About eight places in Portugal are expected to break their local temperature records in this hot sunny season.

While by Friday the temperature in Portugal is expected to be around 45C and can peak to around 47C by Saturday. In Spain on the other hand, the temperature is expected to around 41C and is expected to reach to 44C later by this week.




So, by the recent temperature analysis, it is suitable to visit Spain in the coming days in August. But this doesn’t mean Portugal is ideal for vacation this month, there is a very slight difference only. So, by temperature, both the countries are perfect to take a vacation to during August.


Landscape –

While Portugal is defined by its coastline, mountainous regions and rolling plains, Spain on the other hand, is abundantly blessed with highland plateau with mountain ranges, coastal plains and river valleys crisscrossing the peripheries. When talking about the geographic difference between the countries, you will find that Spain is about five times larger than Portugal in term of total area.


Both the Southwestern countries of Europe borders different regions, while Spain borders the North Atlantic Ocean,  Mediterranean Sea, Pyrenees Mountains and Bay of Biscay and southwest of France. Portugal, on the other hand, borders North Atlantic Ocean and West of Spain.




Now with the geographical and climatic difference, it must be clear in your mind, where you are gonna take a vacation this sunny season in August, it must be clear in your mind about which destination to explore first and which one in the next vacation.


If you are still confused about where to travel and where not, then take a look at the best landmarks and adventure activity, Spain and Portugal have to offer. So start scrolling!


Choose Spain If……


You Prefer To Spend Time On The Crowded Mediterranean Coast!


You Prefer To Spend Time On The Crowded Mediterranean Coast


Widely known for cozy Mediterranean coves and long-sandy Atlantic beaches, Spain is a paradise for beach lovers. It is blessed with over 5,000 miles of coastlines, undiscovered or hidden cloves, and beautiful beach accommodation. Spain attracts huge masses of sun-kissers every year during this month.


From the energetic nightlife of Ibiza to San Sebastian’s beautiful coastlines, Spain is abundantly blessed with gorgeous places to relax and get sun-soaked while enjoying refreshing drinks.


You Wish To Explore Awe-Inspiring Architecture And Art!


You Wish To Explore Awe-Inspiring Architecture And Art


The boundary-pushing art and architecture of Spain is another prime reason to vacation for Explorers. The art and architecture of the country are blessed with an exciting and unusual heritage. You will find many Roman ruins, Moorish palaces, and beautiful architecture cathedrals. In other words, Spain is an exotic mix of European trends, Moorish influences, and surreal modernism. The Roman Theater in Merida, Casa Batllo, Santiago Calatrava, Alcazar Palace, etc., are few must-visit arts and architectural sites in Spain.


You Prefer Stunning Scenery!


You Prefer Stunning Scenery


From imposing and dramatic mountains to endless glistening beaches, Spain is full of stunning scenery, inspiring landscapes, and breathtaking natural beauty. If you prefer exploring mesmerizing views and admiring unique sceneries then this country is for you to explore. Tenerife, which is the largest island of Canary Islands has rugged volcanic landscapes and boast a vast variety of flora and fauna. Rising 2,000 feet above the sea level Los Gigantes cliffs are truly eye-pleasing to admire when in Spain.


Choose Portugal If……….


You Wish To Spend On Quieter Beaches!


You Wish To Spend On Quieter Beaches


While this European vacation, if you wish to escape the crowd and spend some peaceful time on stunning coastlines, then Portugal is a place to be. You will enjoy the world’s cleanest beaches over here. The Algarve in Portugal is alone blessed with 86 beautiful and quiet beaches in and around the bustling resort of Albufeira.


You Are A History Buff!


You Are A History Buff


Portuguese traders and explorers usually ventured from fast East and India in the hope of establishing businesses and importing spices and rare raw materials back to Europe. If you are a history buff and love upgrading your knowledge with age-old history, then Portugal is the best place to visit. It is blessed with many historic sites such as Belem Tower, Pena National Palace, St. George’s Castle, Lisbon Cathedral, Bussaco Battlefield, Sao Cucufate Roman Villa, and so on.


You Are On Tight Budget!


 You Are On Tight Budget


While holidays to Spain can be a bit expensive for budget travelers, Portugal is an ideal destination for them to vacation and relax without spending much. With Portugal, your major expense will be to find the right flight deal to Lisbon, which you can book on affordable rates with Expedia by looking for discounted Expedia Flight Offers. Moreover, fooding, lodging, drinking, and sightseeing is comparatively cheaper than Spain.


Which One Offers Best adventure Opportunities……..


Spain Adventures!

If you love adventures and wish to try every adventures activity while in Spain then you must try the following activities. Whether it is Northern Spain Activities or Central Spain activities, the country is blessed with unmissable adrenaline-pumping opportunities.


1 # Kite surfing in Tarifa


Kite surfing in Tarifa


Located at the southernmost tip of continental Europe, Tarifa is great for kitesurfers. Tarifa is a fortified city in Andalusia where most of the sports-lover go and enjoy most thrilling activities. One of the best adventure sports the city offers to its traveler is Kite surfing. Besides, you can also enjoy bodyboard, windsurfing, and surfing over here.


2 # Paragliding In Madrid


Paragliding In Madrid


Admires the stunning beauty of the landscapes and explore the clear blue skies of Madrid with a paraglide. Glide over Avila or Guadalajara and enjoy beautiful vistas of surrounding including sites like the Plaza de Castilla and the leaning buildings around it. Cruising at 600 meters altitude, you will feel like flying like a bird in the sky.


3 # Rafting in the Sierra de Guara!


Rafting in the Sierra de Guara


While you are in Spain, you must take a day trip to Sierra de Guara to raft through the Guara gorge in the province of Huesca. Full of cliffs, hills, canyons, and gorges, the Sierra National Park embark upon an adrenaline-pumping rafting adventure in a beautiful setting. The park is also known for Via Ferrata and mountain biking.


4 # Bungee Jumping On The Costa Almeria!


Bungee Jumping On The Costa Almeria


Costa Almeria is the ultimate place for bungee-jumping or parachuting lovers to visit in Spain. Located in the province of Almeria in Andalusia, the place is blessed with stunning seaside resorts and beautiful cliffs. If you aren’t afraid of height then you must tray a bungee jump from the Gador Bridge with is one of the oldest bridges in the region towering at 35-meter height.


While you are in Costa Almeria, you can book luxurious Seaside resorts for accommodation at best-discounted rates with, simply by availing voucher.


Portugal Adventures!

Outdoor enthusiasts traveling to Portugal will find plenty of adventures spots in Portugal. With perfect waves and winds, the country is a great travel destination for surfers and windsurfers. Take a look at the following must-visit adventure activity places in Portugal-


1 # Rock Climbing In Parque Natural de Sintra!


Rock Climbing In Parque Natural de Sintra


It is almost a half-day session for adventure enthusiast to climb up to the steep mountains in the region and reach the top to admire stunning vistas. With this thrilling mountain or rock climbing activity in Parque Natural de Sintra, you will never lose your mind and will long for more such activities to soar to the top and discover unrivaled views.


2 # Surfing in Lisbon!


Surfing in Lisbon


While you plan a trip to Portugal, you must head to it's capital city Lisbon to get the most exciting and thrilling surfing experience. Since the beaches around Lisbon hug the Atlantic Ocean, the places attract thousands of surfers each year to master their surfing skills with lessons given by trained professionals.


So, as can see, both Portugal and Spain are equally most happening and fun travel destinations to explore. While you choose to plan Europe travel this August, you can visit the countries, but for great adventures activities, Spain is best. You can your Spain adventures this August at affordable rates with Canvas Holidays by seeking for Canvas Holidays discount for Spain adventure.