Best-Selling AliExpress Designer Dupes & Replicas 2022 [Hidden Links]

Find AliExpress dupes and replicas of Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and other brands at the biggest discounts!

Yes, you heard it right!

AliExpress designer dupes and brand replicas will make it feasible to afford luxury brands without paying the big bucks. It is hard to move on for a brand freak if they’ve set their mind on something they can’t have. Especially when that ‘something’ is a recently launched Gucci bag, Louis Vuitton travel accessory, adidas Yeezy sneakers, or the Nike Air Jordan 1 trainers.

Thanks to AliExpress branded replicas that are the perfect knock-offs of shoes, clothes, handbags, and everything in between of the high-street stores that you adore! First-time shoppers at AliExpress can use these AliExpress new user bonuses to shop their favorites.

We have wrapped up a wholesome collection of designer dupes and replicas on AliExpress UK for you. If you would rather have a replica that looks alike the original branded product, then this is just the place for you.

How to find designer replicas on AliExpress?

AliExpress is like a pot of gold for the penny-pinchers looking for exceptional bargains on designer brands. The luxury brand replicas listed on this store are the flawless embodiment of the original products, however, the seller doesn’t use the real brand names due to AliExpress’ seller terms and conditions.

aliexpress Luxury dupes and replicas
AliExpress Designer Bag Replicas

The shoppers can use a custom name or an assigned AliExpress code to search for a particular brand in this store. For instance, you may use ‘veevan’ for Balenciaga, ‘LV’ for Louis Vuitton, CK for Calvin Klein, and DG for Dolce and Gabbana.

You may also use the product code, model number, or other terms like ‘luxury designer handbags’ or ‘designer sneakers’ to get access to AliExpress replicas of the most-coveted brands.

Save these AliExpress designer codes for 2022 and thank us later!

Top-Selling AliExpress Designer Brand Dupes in the UK

AliExpress Gucci bag – The best designer bag Replicas

If you’re a big fan of Gucci, the AliExpress dupes won’t disappoint you! Here, you’ll discover designer female Gucci bags on AliExpress for the price of £0.01 with free returns. Just type ‘Gucci Bags’ in the search column and you’ll get cross-body bags, wallets, backpacks, Marmont bags, and more in the results. You may also find GG slides, boots, sunglasses, loafers, belts, and more from Gucci on AliExpress.

best sellers replicas on AliExpress
Gucci Dupes on AliExpress

Suggested Sellers for Gucci Dupes: QIAODI BAG Store

AliExpress Louis Vuitton – Bags, Purses & Travel accessories

Louis Vuitton on AliExpress is one of the most searched products! Brand freaks often stumble across this store for luxury Louis Vuitton duffle bags, LV messenger bags, classic totes, Neverfull bags, luggage, and more. Well, you can find these cheap AliExpress replicas by searching for ‘Louis Vuitton’ or ‘LV’ through the search bar.

Suggested Sellers for LV dupes: Sasha Bag Store, Bag9537, kecheng Store, and Bagirls Store.

Balenciaga on AliExpress – Codes for Shoes, Hoodies & Bags

Balenciaga AliExpress covers a wide range of categories including shoes, hoodies, hourglass bags, t-shirts, sunglasses, and more. The wholesale offers and promotions will bring massive savings in bulk buys. AliExpress Balenciaga codes would be ‘Balenciaga’ and ‘Veevan’ for luxury designer items.

AliExpress luxury brand replicas
AliExpress Brand Dupes

Suggested Sellers for Balenciaga replicas: High-End Quality Bag Store, MOCHENShoes Store, and Molauna Apparel & Accessories Store.

AliExpress AirPods – Apple Replicas for you

AirPods are a light weighted, highly durable, and flexible option for music lovers. However, if you’re not ready to invest in high-end originals yet, then we have an alternative for you. Look for the Apple AirPods replicas on AliExpress and grab a great deal on mobile accessories. The AliExpress designer code for this product would be ‘Apple AirPods’ for AirPods Pro, AirPods 3, Max, and more.

Suggested Sellers for AirPods Replicas: Uphone Store, Lenovo Retail Store, BASEUS, and Shop1100186074 Store.

Zara Earrings AliExpress Dupes

AliExpress is known for many luxury brand duplicates but Zara earrings top that list! These ultimate Zara dupes reflect class, quality, and sleek style. Apart from jewelry, you may also get Zara clothing, gilet, heels, bags, scarves, and jacket dupes on AliExpress UK. The suggested AliExpress codes for Zara replicas are ‘ZA’, ‘PB & ZA’, and ‘ZA dress’.

Zara On AliExpress
Zara Earring Dupes on AliExpress

Suggested Sellers for Zara Replicas: DIGADAGU Official Store, WSLTRAFZL Store, and Shop911195010 Store.

AliExpress Rolex – Luxury Watches Replicas

You can find high-end Rolex AliExpress dupes and its designer watch collections like Submariner, Daytona, Homage, and Explorer in this store. You may use AliExpress designer codes such as ‘Role watches’ and ‘Roleingly’ to find premium quality Rolex watches at the cheapest prices.

Suggested Sellers for Rolex Replicas: Ali watch boutique Store, TopBrandLuxury Watch Store, and Tonneau Watches Store.

Best Clothing Replicas – AliExpress UK

AliExpress UK holds the perfect replicas or dupes of clothing brands online. You’ll find designer hoodies, dresses; t-shirts, sweaters, and more from the latest ramp walk fashion and recent launches from your favorite brand. Abercrombie & Fitch, H&M, Forever 21, Guess, Victoria’s Secret, GAP, and Givenchy are some of the AliExpress designer dupes that you’ll love in this store.

Suggested Sellers for Clothing Replicas: XinYi XIN YI Official Store, Shop1100346605 Store, Milove Store, and others.

AliExpress hidden links & designer codes 2022

Due to the fear of getting blocked under the trademark and anti-piracy laws, AliExpress sellers don’t use the original labels and brand names. However, they use designer code shortcuts of the brand name. This sometimes makes it quite difficult for the shoppers to find their desired items.

AliExpress Brand Dupes 2022
AliExpress Hidden Links 2022

On top of it, if AliExpress finds out that the results for ‘Gucci bags’ is not selling the original items; it will block the website product link. Therefore, the sellers are using special tricks to keep the link for AliExpress dupes and brand replicas active.

We have rounded up the list of abbreviations, shortcuts, or keywords that will help you find the right products in form of AliExpress brand replicas. We have listed the most popular names under this section:

Brand DupesHidden Designer CodesSuggested Stores
Adidas AliExpressAdi/ Stripes shoes/ SneakersBona official store, onemix Official Store
Nike AliExpressN running shoes/ tick shoes/ NKSENTA Official Store, ifrich Official Store
Marc JacobMarc Jacobs/ MJL Official Store, T D Store
Chanel AliExpressCC/ Double Ckecheng Store, HaoXiong Bag Store
BurberryBur/ Burbry/BU/ Bur WomenTOGEE See Store, Shop1102083181 Store
DieselDie / Dies / Dieseler / Dsl / DISELMING YU Men Clothing Store, Extraordinary field Store
Emporio Armani (Giorgio)AX man/ EA/ AR/ ArmaniinglyShop1102083181 Store, Hey Song Brothers sunglasses Store
Michael KorsMK / kors / michaeles / michaeleMKJ Store, IVK Fashion Store
PradaPra / Prad / Prd / Prado bagSIRI shopper Store, Funmardi bags Store
AliExpress Hidden Codes 2022

How can I find the AliExpress hidden links 2022?

To find the hidden link for the barded dupes and designer replicas, follow AliExpress’s Facebook, page, go through the Reddit threads, or check out our blogs. These hidden links are not active for a significant amount of time. So you better hurry to grab your favorite brand knock-offs on AliExpress UK!

Tips to shop AliExpress dupes from the hidden links

  • Do not ask questions about the branded goods – Whenever you are shopping from the hidden links, it is advised that you don’t post any feedback or questions about the brands. Chances are, AliExpress will block the vendor and shut down the entire shop. Rather, send a message to the seller if you have any questions about the product.
  • Avoid AliExpress free shipping on costly products– It is recommended that you choose authentic and reliable delivery partners for the delivery of expensive items. Free shipping orders are delayed and carry a risk of breakage during the shipping process.
  • Think twice before buying cheap products– Sometimes the Chinese replicas of the original products are sold at extremely low prices on AliExpress UK. So if you find a product at a cheaper rate than expected, be aware, as might just be a cheap knock-off of the real item.
AliExpress Luxury Brand
How to find brand replicas on AliExpress?

Does AliExpress sell fake products?

Yes, AliExpress sells fake products from Chinese brands, duplicates, copies, and replicas. It contains a wide collection of hair pins electronic products and everything in between for the shoppers. Some of these products are high-quality replicas and dupes of international labels and designing houses. There is no downside to investing in replicas if you don’t have the big bucks to own the original luxury brands. All you can do is place an order from an authentic store to avoid scams.

AliExpress New User Promo Codes 2022

While you shop for the best AliExpress brand replicas and dupes, you can take advantage of the free shipping offer, returns, flash sales, and deals via the hidden links. We have also listed the AliExpress new user bonus for you along with the featured promo codes for the new customers:

  • 2.65GBP OFF – Applicable on selected items with 26.48GBP minimum spend Use code 8SEP3
  • 5.30GBP OFF – Applicable on select items with 44.13GBP minimum spend Use code 8SEP6
  • 7.94GBP OFF – Applicable on select items with 70.61GBP minimum spend Use code 8SEP9
  • 12.36GBP OFF – Applicable on select items with 123.56GBP minimum spend Use code 8SEP14
  • 21.18GBP OFF – Applicable on select items with 176.52GBP minimum spend Use code 8SEP24
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