Boris Johnson's Unused Water Cannon Sold for Scrap at £300,000 Loss 

Post by Sameena Farooq | Nov 20, 2018

When Boris Johnson was London Mayor, three water cannon were bought costing more than £320,000 and have been sold at a huge of £11,000 to a taxpayer.

The current London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, has announced that the water cannon has been further sold to a company that will dismantle and export all the parts.

He said in his statement, “we have finally succeeded to get relieved of them”. 

The water cannon was bought by Mr Johnson back in 2014 from Germany and before its use, they have been licenced to use on UK mainland.

The Home secretary Thersa May has banned the Cannons usage in a riot situation in 201 and later to ridicule Mr Jonhson, he purchased the Tory leadership race after David Cameron resigned from his position.

The second-hand purchase cost £322,000 and then renovation was done. The further cost included £32,004 for low release zone observance, £19,035 for re-painting, £3,109 for signage, and £970 to fit the radios and CD players.  

The current London Mayor Mr Khan said, "For a long time, the London taxpayers are carrying the team of Boris Johnson's disastrous botched water cannon agreement. The agreement was a full waste to taxpayer’s money.

He further added, "I am happy that we have accomplished to get rid of them during the election, and I promise to all the Londoners that I would bring back as money as possible and offer it to young people who are prone to risk and those affected by some serious crime”.