9 Scintillating Landscapes That Will Pull You towards Vietnam

Post by Anupam Pandey | Mar 13, 2019

Vietnam is inarguably the most stunning place of all the Southeast Asian countries even though it has never attained the status which it deserved. But as more people visited this country, the world was slowly getting aware of the magnificent visual scenery that the landscape possesses within the scarce land territory of this appealing country. It is not possible to find a place as beautiful as Vietnam when it comes to visual appeal and you would probably agree with me on this after going through the whole article.

Vietnam is not just limited to being a gorgeous landscape but has the depth in its history and culture to keep any traveller hooked around its amorphous versatility as a travel destination. Nature lovers, in particular, find this place a paradise worth exploring to every inch of its land. The incredibly awesome and diverse opportunities that are offered by the country is unparalleled to even fathom about. It has some of the most perfect landscapes that you could ever find, let it be beaches, rainforests, sand dunes, wildlife, paddy fields, hilly terrains, captivating marine reefs, pristine waterfalls, exotic lagoons, and the list just won’t end if I continue with the count. For anybody who wishes to visit Vietnam, here are mã phiếu giảm giá Klook that will avail the best travel deals online. In case you are not sure, check out these landscape views of Vietnam to get your mind sorted.

Son Doong Cave

The Son Doong Caves were found inside the Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park in the year 1991. This means the human being was unaware of this gem of a place and has found it out recently just three decades ago. This is apparently the largest natural cave in the world and it has unreal beauty of natural rock formations and stalagmites which are literally unbelievable. The limestone-rich rock has a very natural pattern drawn over it which apparently gives a hint that the place gave passage to a water stream which does not exist anymore. The place does need an adventurous mind and people would more often need to have the expertise of cave exploration campaigns in the past to be able to get the things all right. The safer way of exploring the place is through the guided assistance of professionals available to take the travellers through this mazy cave. The overall distance of length covered by the cave is up to 9 kilometres long and it apparently has a height of 200 metres at the highest point of its roof. The cave is also a natural habitat for a diverse range of wildlife such as monkeys, bats and flying foxes. To get a cave exploration trip, use the mã khuyến mãi Klook Việt Nam and get Cheapest Tours in Vietnam.

Sapa Town

The Sapa is a small mountain town located in Lao Cai Province of Sapa Town the which is located at a distance of 350 kilometres from the capital region Hanoi. This place is very much within closing distance of Chinese Border and has a very surreal exotic hill station kind of landscape. This town is also home to the largest mountain ranges of Vietnam, Hoang Lien Son range of mountains. This region has a very distinct tribal feel that is exclusive to this place. These mountain ranges serve as the land of farming for these tribal populations who have evolved a very beautiful looking concept for using this inclining land territory for the purpose of growing crops. This involves a unique distribution of the slopes in smaller steps which allows the water to stay for long enough in order to grow these crops. The hills and forest combined together make it one of the most breath-taking places for hikers as they can feel the beauty of nature at its very best and enjoy these trails full of sceneries.

Con Dao Islands

The Con Dao Island is a reserved archipelago that consists of 16 uninhabited islets down the southern coastal waters of Vietnam. The region is a hub of completely marvellous sights along these 16 islands which are all known to have pristine and sumptuous beaches. It is specially meant for those people who want to spend time in isolation from the rest of the world and take a relaxing escape from the hassles of the busy life.  The place has an extensive range of outdoor activities to engage a traveller and win him over. The island has many unspoilt beaches which are devoid of crowds making them peaceful and refreshing for sunbathing and swimming. There are a few very nice seafood dining options that the place provides to its visitors. The most ideal way of exploring this place is by hopping from one island to the other and if you actually want to explore all of them, you got to be fast and cover at least 3-4 islands a day in order to finish each island within a span of a 4-5 day trip. But remember, it is not even as big as a province and yet it consumes a complete 5 day trip within its territories, the attractions of Vietnam truly make a person run out of words. One island that the animal lovers must not spare is the Hin Bay Island which is known as a natural place where turtles come in huge numbers every year to lay eggs in its warm sand.

Fansipan Mountain

Fansipan is the highest peak in Vietnam which is located in the North West region of the country. One could easily witness the Chinese territories from the top of Fansipan and it is a very encouraging place for hikers with a lot of amazing experiences on its way to the top. The Fansipan mountain range is at a distance of 9 Km from the Sapa Town which is mentioned above. One would find 3 of the 5 tribal communities of this territory on these hiking trails and these people would certainly make you feel unbelievably uncomfortable with their good attitude and helpfulness in spite of being a complete stranger to you. Do not hesitate to take the experience tribal cuisines and authentic regional flavours served by these tribal villages. To be honest, it is one of the most genuine experiences that you can have of Vietnamese people. For the luxury seekers,, there are a few luxury guest houses available but the feel of living in the authentic tribal village is far more immersive and memorable as a travel enthusiast.

Phu Quoc Island

Vietnam has an uncountable number of islands and none of them is going to prove disappointing from a traveller’s point of view, yet it is my obligation to bring forth a selected few amongst them and I do find Phu Quoc Island a deserving place to feature in this list for a number of reasons. The region is known as one of the most popular tourist destinations with plenty of attractions within its small land cover. If its idyllic beaches are inviting enough, then there is nothing less exciting about its wild rainforests as well. There is a large area on the northern region of the island which the UNESCO has labelled in its list of National Park and heritage site owing to the serenity of the ecosystem which exists in the most ideal unhindered form as it should. The reserve just aims to keep this genuine natural landscape unspoilt from the mass scale tourist flooding these forests. The island also has some popular Buddhist Pagodas which are easily reachable with local transport facilities and another good way to explore the place in more depth is by hiring the rented bikes available over the shops. You can even avail the mã khuyến mãi Klook to get the lowest travel prices in Vietnam in order to enjoy the beauty of the place at its maximum magnitude.

Non-Nuoc Beach

This beach specifically features on this list because of its extravagant attractiveness which makes it one of the most beautiful beaches of not only Vietnam or Southeast Asia but the entire world. This beach is perfectly set for the beast experience and provides everything one would ideally expect on the beach. The region behind the beach has a massive resort which can be also visited for eating food as it also owns its restaurant together. The beach usually takes a ride of 20 minutes to reach from the Da Nang City but the entire road trip is no lesser great than the beach itself because of its volumes of sightseeing places all along the road. It is often hard to keep your temptation and down in order to click a picture in every few minutes.

Lai Chau

The Northern region of Vietnam is particularly known for its Lai Chau region which is one of the best looking places in the world. It is located at a distance of 450 kilometres from Hanoi and it is home of a large population of the ethnic minority community. The mountains cover the entire landscape and make it a very ecstatic view for the visitors. The overall height on an average is usually much higher in Lai Chau and it is estimated to be around 1500 metres as a whole.  The landscape along with the mountains, also provide ample space for a number of water tributaries, small rivers and waterfalls that are all adding to the ubiquitous beauty and resourcefulness of Vietnam.  The region has also got fame due to two indigenous species of flowers which are unknown to be growing anywhere else in the world. There are a number of waterfalls in this place and most of them are usually falling from a steep height which makes them even more eye-dazzling to look at. The most striking aspect of the region is the plain fields which are used for farming and rice paddies are the most commonly sown crop which is usually flooded by the water due to the suitable quantity of water required in growing paddies. This rural landscape gets a very notable cult look which will mesmerize to the core.

Da Nang


Da Nang is another stunning locale which is situated in between the mid junction of the country’s two most populated cities Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Da Nang is itself a very important city in the scheme of things that its valuable location has held. The city is apparently the fourth largest in Vietnam and known for its lavish beaches with the white layered sand and the exquisitely well-complemented palm trees to make it picture perfect scenic view. The water around the Da Nang City coasts is especially notable for its inherently crystalline clarity and the turquoise nature of the water just steals away the heart with its nonchalant appeal. As a matter of fact, the coastal region of Da Nang is spread widely along the sea with a 30-kilometre long coastline. There are a lot of things to explore in Da Nang but amongst all those, water adventures should specifically get a mention. The activities such as fishing, snorkelling, water-skiing, diving, yachting etc. are the most common one you would get to choose.

Hoa Binh


If you are one of those guys who love to stay as much close nature as possible, then Hai Binh would be an ideal place for your preference. The traditional houses of the town and the vast verdant landscape of the lush green hills make it a visual treat to explore all your life. The place is a bit isolated which according to me is a blessing in disguise for the travellers at least. The Mai Chau Valley, in particular, very better places to spend time if you want to go camping in the jungles. The craftwork and the clothing products of this region are some of the most popular ones in the Vietnamese market. Then there is always an expansive range of mountainous and hilly terrains laden with lush green vegetation to the delight of hikers. You just wouldn’t want to miss such a beautiful marvel of nature.