Get The Beauty And The Beast Inspired Look

Post by Uzma Kidwai | Feb 02, 2017

The iconic scene where Belle and The Beast fall in love couldn’t have created that whimsical and magical appeal without the quintessential yellow ballgown and the subtle yet flawless makeup of Belle! 

The first image that was released from the movie Beauty and The Beast shows Emma Watson in Belle's iconic yellow-gold tiered dress, designed by the costume designer Jacqueline Durran, as she waltzes around a ballroom with the Beast. 

However, do you think this look would have been complete without those subtle cheeks and pink lips? One might notice that there is a very subtle yet attractive makeup strokes that have been done on Emma to get that tint of the princess. Every woman wants to be a Disney Princess and hands down every woman is, but then how about bringing that alive through your makeup? 

We are sure you so wanted tips and tricks of recreating Emma’s look from the movie for an event or any special occasion in that case. Well, if you want to get this look in just a few simple steps, scroll down and read the full article. 

We would like to keep it simple for you by letting you know the basics steps and routine products. 

Step1 Prep your face by moisturizing it very well. And for the base use a primer and apply it throughout your face hiding your fine lines and basically providing your foundation the appropriate base. 

Step 2 Get yourself the foundation; here just dab an amount of foundation on your hand and with just using your fingers apply it on your full face and neck. Then with the help of a beauty blender blend it smoothly on your face and neck. 

Step 3 Contouring is must here, contour your cheek bones, cupids bow, forehead and tip of your nose.  Blend it using your beauty blender. To cover it use your compact and apply it to keep your makeup intact. 

Step 4 Blush is an essential step for this makeup. Apply light strokes of your blush, preferably a dab darker pink. The best way to apply your blush is making the fish face and highlighting your cheeks.

Step 5 For your eyes, get the bronze and brown shade eyeshadows. For applying it on the upper part use the brown shade and smudge it all over the eyes. The on the inner part get yourself the bronze or the golden shade. To complete the look apply a thin liner maybe a winged one. Use your mascara to get voluminous lashes.

Step 6 Apply a fuchsia pink lipstick to the perfect lip shade and if not fuchsia a darker shade of pink.    

And you are done with your makeup; well for the complete one do not forget to tie a loose ponytail to get the flawless and comprehensive look.