Give Your Living Room A Lively Make Over

Post by Uzma Kidwai | Mar 16, 2017

A living room is that space of home where a family comes together to meet, watch TV and play games. In short, you live it up in that room, the space where most of the time is spent and that's the only room all your guests see. And when you spend most of your time there then why not make it a room of your dream or maybe the kind of place where you’d love to rest.

There are many questions that strike in mind while decorating a place. What design is right for me? What should be the color of walls? How to make it a perfect place? How do I decorate my living room? Well, there is no hard-and-fast décor rule for the living room. All you need to keep in mind, the decoration should reflect the style and décor of rest of the house.

Adding a few statement ornaments will turn a dull place into a daze. But before any addition of decor items, the rule to remember is not to go overboard with colors or neutrals. It is important to keep a good balance between colors and the design of a room. Before you start with decoration, there few points that you must note down-

• Don't neglect mid-sized items like rugs, decorative pillows, curtains and more. If selected right, they can double the decoration.

• Don’t forget the lights. A correct lighting will enhance the decoration and overall space.

• You can add elements that instantly catch the guest's eye like false ceiling lights or some decorative piece of art with the lights.

Now, if you're planning t re-design your living room all over again, then don't forget some items that are must-haves in every living room, no matter what style and the design is-

PlantWhen its living room a plant is a must. A vibrant, green, natural plant is something every living room should include. They are versatile and look awesome in any type of decor.

A Cozy RugA rug that is soft textured is the second number. Your guests will appreciate that. A soft rug that feels cozy under feet adds an inviting feel to a living room.

A Coffee TableWith the right style, a coffee table can be a key design element in your living room design. It is another important feature that brings all other pieces together and makes the room complete.

A Bold DrapePick an eye-catching look for a living room with curtains that are a great way to introduce bold colors and pattern in space. Curtains give the living room an appeal.

Comfy PillowsWho doesn't enjoy having some extra pillow even when a sofa or couch is very cozy? Everyone! And pillows are another great way to blend patterns and prints in a room.

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