Make Your Travel More Valuable and Collect The Bunch Of Memories In Vietnam This Summer

Post by Priyanka Gupta | May 19, 2017


How much you know about Vietnam? Do you ever try to find out Vietnam on world’s map? Do you think the country is still not on developing? Do you know how amazing places Vietnam holds? Do you think Vietnam is still not a visitor’s destination? Have you ever search about the places in Vietnam? Do you know how people celebrate happiness and occasions there? Do you want to explore the place once?

Many of you think that why I want you to visit Vietnam instead of Singapore and Malaysia but instead of following the same path which other created let’s try to make your own way and do something different this summer. Singapore and other modernized country will always be everybody’s favorite destination but Vietnam is not behind now. The country is giving equal competition with the rapid growth in the economic condition of the country.

Vietnam, a small country which you may face difficulty while finding it on the world’s map but the place is mesmerizing, a narrow country between South China Sea and Cambodia border is blessed with stunning landscapes, developing modern cities, bustling streets, traditional culture, warm hearted people and hundreds of places to visit.

The place is an amazing blend of nature and traditional culture. The place is perfect for the people who love adventure as you can easily go for biking, trekking, river rafting and other sports which will boast your mood and also with luscious dishes which have its own traditional and modern touch.


Let’s explore some of the popular places of Vietnam which will leave you with awe-struck:


The place will mesmerize you with its picturesque. If you want to give some time to yourself then spend some time at Sapa and explore the nature and yourself. The place is surrounded with rugged mountains, beautiful river valleys and hills which will give you some jaw-dropping views. The place is also best for the people who are more into trekking and climbing activities.


Hanoi is the emerging capital of Vietnam and an extremely beautiful city. The place has many things to offer like old quarter view, and open museum, bustling streets which is famous for shopping and enjoy the tantalizing food. So, if you are planning to visit Vietnam then Hanoi should at the top of your list because the place has something for everyone which will attract you.

Halong Bay

The place falls under UNESCO world’s heritage site. The bay holds plenty of caves like Hang Sung Sot, Hang Dao Go and many more which will spellbind you with its amazing view. The changing scenery will not allow you to leave the place easily and yes the place tour at least need one entire day if you want to explore it and enjoy the sightings.

Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park

Well no matter for many days you are visiting Vietnam but after reaching there the only place people crave for visiting is Phong Nha Ke Bnag National Park which is world’s one of the best and popular national park. The park has many astonishing things to offer you which you haven’t seen earlier in your life and will leave you with thousands of memories.