One Bloom Of An Aromatic Essence Has The Power To Create A powerful Aura!!

Post by Sayantika Mukherji | Apr 26, 2017

An essence of aroma has the power to create a strong aura that changes a person's thinking ability. Why I am saying this because this is the tried and tested methods that has resulted into over powering the normal mental ability which directly connects to the soul. Women are soul lovers of the perfumes and also expects every person whom they meet also to be aromatic. As a foul smell surrounding you pops negativity as compared to the pleasent fragrance of perfumes. Even staying at home requires an aromatic aura that will rejuvenate you making your thinking ability to prosper. Who like a foul smell I am dead sure no one so make your room and youself filled with positivity with different variety of aromas that enriches and effects your life. When I am talking here about perfumes just don't interpret that I am trying to connect to women itself NO, even men now a days are great lover of perfumes but yes women are a step ahead of them.

As quoted by Victor Hugo "Nothing awakens reminiscence like an aroma."

I will make it easier for my readers to understand the quote mentioned above states nothing could awake the past and tranform a complete human than the aroma or fragrance which is so immensely effective and directly strike to the mind and soul

Let's here discuss about such perfumes and their brands that are in trend at Vietnam:


Gallivant is a new perfume brand from london created by Nick Steward and working recently with collaboration with two independent female perfumers in Venice and Paris. This brand is highly in trend for it's amazing fragrances offered with wide range.

Anya's Garden:

Anya's Garden is a perfume house that creates fragrances inspired by gardens both real and imaginary. It was founded as Anya's Tropical Essences in 1992 by natural perfumer, Anya McCoy.


Thi brand Misoni offers the oriental fragrance for woman. This brand was created by Maurice roucel this has a strong and pleasent infusion of fragrance that enlightens your mood and also the long lasting effect is the highlight of this perfume.


Historiae Perfume of History is a luxury brand line which embodies creativity, known-how and French culture through a wide range of products: perfumes, perfumed soaps, scented candles and room fragrances. Historiae meets the expectations of consumers looking to experience authentic, refined French fragrances and scents.'

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