The Best Culinary Retreats of East Asia That Exhibit Traditional Flavours

Post by Anupam Pandey | Jan 09, 2019

The world is full of differences and seamlessly transpires into vivid amalgams of the human being and its innovative mind. To be honest, most travellers who want to visit as many places as they can in their lifetime, for the curiosity of exploring these varieties of facets in human society. When it comes to being versatile, a traveller just can’t ignore the Asian region where the human civilization is ubiquitous and uniquely variable at the same time. From the culture to the languages, the dialects, the traditions, the food, the social structure and the faith, everything changes within a distance of a few hundred kilometres.

All these elements of the region define its distinctive nature but one thing that actually inspires the most is culinary which remains as delectable as anything that one could ever consume. The food practices and the cooking style of East Asian territories have been influential to such an extent that most western countries have deliberately or unknowingly incorporated the aesthetics of few dishes in their routine too. For instance, did you know that Spring Roll, Curry, Noodles, Soups and most of the seafood dishes are of Asian origin! There are many such classic culinary retreats that are waiting to be explored by you on a delightful culinary tour of the most diversified region on the planet. You should not miss out on the Mã Giam Giá Klook and take a tasteful journey to some of the best dishes in the world at amazingly cheap prices.

Here are some of the most popular culinary styles of East Asia and their extraordinary dishes…

Vietnamese Cuisines

The culinary culture of Vietnam is a class apart when you compare it to the most regions of the world. The dishes and cuisines of most regions have been renovated and modified with modern technologies and cooking facilities but Vietnamese cuisines have emphasized and stayed with the traditional way of preparations without any alteration. Most of the recipes of Vietnamese cuisines are being made in the same way as they have been for ages. This traditional style of preparation gives originality and genuine taste to the Vietnamese culinary. To grab a bite of Vietnamese delicacies, you can order online using Mã Giam Giá GrabFood and get the best dishes from the expert cooks delivered to you at exclusively cheap prices.


This dish is one of the most well-known dishes of Vietnam that has spread in different variations throughout the world. This is a staple cuisine made up of rice noodles, broth and chicken. While the flavour of this dish might vary in different parts of the country, but the impeccable taste remains constant. The Pho is seasoned with sauces, different types of herbs and spices which one could vary according to individual preferences.


This is one of the typical Vietnamese dishes which are a mixture of different ingredients seamlessly put together for a great meal. The ingredients used in Bun Cha are Barbecued Pork, Boiled Noodles and Fish sauce. The dish is topped up by different kinds of regional herbs, papaya slices and chopped carrot. This dish was popularized to fame after the last President of America; Barack Obama ate it during his trip to Vietnam.  

Bánh mì

This dish is a delicious mix of the traditional Vietnamese cuisine which is prepared in combination with the French style of cooking. The ingredient and taste of the two different regions have been infused to make a delicious meal that is unique in its own special way. This dish can be prepared in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian way and uses fresh vegetable, moreish sweet sauce (French), crispy baguettes and eggs or meat is added for the non-vegetarians. This dish is easily available in all parts of the country being popular amongst the local population.

Bánh cuốn

This is the original version of what the western countries have adopted with the name Spring Roll. These rolls are stuffed with a special preparation which includes seasoned pork, finely chopped mushrooms with spices and herbs. This preparation is rolled inside the steamed rice batter and served with a special dip made up of fish sauce. This dish marks the perfection and delicacy involved in traditional Vietnamese way of cooking.

Gỏi cuốn

If you are fed up of fried or grilled dishes, here’s a raw one for your satisfaction. This is a fresh preparation that is again a variant of spring roll and is mostly eaten in the summer season. The rolls are filled with crispy salad, pork, prawn and seasoned spices before packing it and served with a sweet and spicy dip and peanuts.    


This is the Vietnamese desert which can be interestingly prepared in both sour and sweet taste as per the liking of a person. The dish is a kind of soup which is prepared with kidney beans, fruit pulp and coconut cream and served with crushed ice for giving a soothing feel in the hot summer days.

Bánh xèo

This dish is very much like a pancake if you look at it but you would only realize that it is not actually sweet upon eating it. The dish is prepared with pork and shrimp paste which spiced up with a lot of turmeric and sprouted beans. This dish got its name due to the noise it makes while frying and the word Bánh xèo literally means ‘sizzling cake’.

Mi Vit Tiem

This is a traditional noodle soup of Vietnam which might not be as popular as the other dishes mentioned over here but it is no less tasty and deserves a mention. Although the dish has some striking similarities with the Chinese dishes, it is a completely oblivious preparation that has been prepared in the region from earlier times which is why it evident in form of the classic Vietnamese spices and flavour.

Japanese Cuisines

If you don’t know about Japanese Cuisines, you don’t deserve to call yourself a passionate foodie. Japanese cuisines are immensely popular throughout the globe and have garnered cult status for some very good reasons and one of which is the truly awesome taste. Japanese Cuisines are actually based on a principle called Washoku which emphasizes 3 basic elements and each has five distinct varieties. The first element is colours which are black, white, yellow, green and red. The second element is cooking which includes five types of steaming, boiling, frying, grilling and rawness. The third element is flavour which is a gain of five types of salty, spicy, sweet, bitter and sour. The fact that the dish must include all these variants in one form at least and this makes the Japanese cuisines healthier and highly balanced than any other type of cuisines. It is highly recommended that you should visit Japan, collect a JR Pass for a hassle-free tour of different parts of Japan and taste the classic Japanese cuisines in their original forms for a heavenly culinary experience. Here are a few Japanese Culinary retreats you must try for your better.


Haven’t heard of Sushi yet? You got to be kidding if you actually haven’t heard about Sushi. It is one of the most popular healthy dishes which trainers across all the seven continents include in their controlled diets to all the fitness conscious people. Sushi is an ancient Japanese dish which was actually evolved by preparing fishes in fermented rice. The traditional way of preparing the dish is no longer used in most regions nowadays as vinegar is used in place of the fermentation process for saving cooking time. The dish has many different forms and styles of presentation and could be found in any part of the world without any worries.

Miso soup

Miso Soup is also a traditional Japanese dish which has been used as an essential part of a traditional Japanese meal. This soup is prepared with the kelp stock or fish which is unanimously combined with a paste made up of beans for a more savouring element in the preparation. This soup is served along with Tofu and seasoning which includes green onions sliced finely and along with meat, pork or fish depending upon the availability and season.  


This is one of the most ultimate Japanese full course meal that gives the person a diverse range of Japanese preparation in small quantities to get a vivid and rich taste in the meal. This dish is very precisely themed and very fine attention is given to every detail to ensure a delectable ride of perfection in taste and flavour. This dish was not essentially meant to become a full-time meal that could be served as dinner as the traditional roots suggest it as a tea time supper. But as the time passed, the delightful taste of this preparation propelled it into a full-fledged multi-course meal that is served in a very decorated and well-garnished way to make it even more special.



Soba is a dish that has been eaten by the Japanese population for many centuries. This dish is prepared with the noodle that is specially made with the help of wheat flour rather than the usual noodles that are prepared with the help of rice flour. These noodles are longer and thinner is structure and have a more hardened texture. But these noodles are very healthy considering the fact that they are made up of wheat flour. The noodled are served with a chilled dipping sauce or hot broth depending upon the choice of the person. It is also a very healthy dish as most of the Japanese cuisines are famous for.

Korean Cuisines

Korea is known for its highly evolved and complex cooking style. Korean dishes are prepared with special prominence of bold flavours and highly elaborate range of side dishes. They even follow a precise way of presentation and table manners when eating. Korean cuisines like the Japanese one, are more centred to the concept of balancing the flavours and keep it distinctively influential.


If there is one dish that could be used to present the Korean culture of cooking, it has to be Kimchi. There is a long history of this dish and has been one of the proud essences of cultural belongingness. The dish is mostly sour in taste with use of pungent spices on the fermented salted vegetables. Usually, this dish is made up of cabbage in high proportion along with some other veggies such as carrot and radish. The use of onion, ginger and chilli is done for seasoning this dish. The good use of vegetables without overcooking them makes the dish a very highly nutritious one.


This is another Korean dish which is quite popular among the households of Korea. This dish is essentially based on rice and uses a variety of ingredients mixed together in a bowl along with the rice. The ingredients used vary to a great extent from seasoned vegetables, mushrooms, beef, chilli pepper paste, egg fried and soya sauce. The dish varies in different parts of Korea depending upon the availability of ingredients.



This is one of the most popular meat dishes that have found international acclaim due to its juicy and savoury flavour. The dish is prepared with the grilled marinated beef along with garlic, onion and a traditionally prepared mix of spices which makes it aromatic and delectable. The dish has been regularly featured in the list of top 50 dishes of the world in various international surveys on the most delicious recipes recommendation of the chef’s across the globe.   

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