The Best Travel Experiences of the Mystic Beauty of Vietnam and Japan

Post by Anupam Pandey | Jan 10, 2019


The world is full of differences and seamlessly transpires into vivid amalgams of a human being and its innovative mind. To be honest, most travellers who want to visit as many places as they can in their lifetime, for the curiosity of exploring these varieties of facets in human society. When it comes to being versatile, a traveller just can’t ignore the Asian region where the human civilization is ubiquitous and uniquely variable at the same time. From the culture to the languages, the dialects, the traditions, the food, the social structure and the faith, everything changes within a distance of a few hundred kilometres.

All these elements of the region define its distinctive nature but one thing that actually inspires the most is the culture which remains as intricate as nothing else. The geographic uniqueness, the cultural traditions, the social structure and the values of the hierarchical ancestors and the cultural food cuisines of East Asia have been influential to such an extent that most western countries have deliberately or unknowingly incorporated many aesthetics of the region in their routine lifestyle too. For instance, did you know that Sea Diving, Trekking, Fishing, Architectural Carvings, Spring Roll, Noodles, Soups and seafood dishes are of Asian origin! There are many such classic culinary retreats that are waiting to be explored by you on an overwhelming tour of the most diversified region on the planet. Do not miss out on these Mã Giam Giá Klook to book a delightful journey to some of the best travel destinations of the world at amazingly cheap prices.

Here are some of the most popular travel experiences of East Asia and their extraordinary realms…


There many things which make Vietnam a distinctive place from any other country in the world. The place is truly blessed with some of the most awe-inspiring sites and views on which every traveller would have the eyes stuck. Here are a few of the most astonishing places that you should visit during your trip to Vietnam

Sa Pa

This is a town located on the North West side of the Hoàng Liên Son Mountains and it is also very close to the highest mountain peak of Vietnam. The whole town is a hub of indigenous tribal population and this makes it a desirable cultural hub ideal for anybody who is looking to explore or about the local culture and traditional lifestyle of the region.

Con Dao Islands

This island is a part of an archipelago that has the largest area of them all. The region played a big role in the war with China which makes it a historically important site. The island was used for keeping the French politicians captured and executed in that period. The region is also popular amongst the local Vietnamese population owing respect to the girl helmed as the national icon was born in this place.

Mũi Né

The beauty of the diverse landscapes of Vietnam is best presented by this desert arid landscape. Even though there is a slight difference between these sand dunes and most other desert sand dunes as this one is reddish-white in colour compared to the golden white colour of desert sand. It is insisted that you either visit this place early in the morning or late in the evening on sunset, to avoid the scorching heat of afternoon sun.

Ha Long Bay

This is officially one of the most highly rated iconic sits listed by the UNO as a world heritage site. The overall landscape and unreal beauty of this place make it hard to believe that this place indeed exists on earth. The blue coloured water along with the pieces of a small exotic island filled with greenery, make for a picture-perfect scene that you could ever see. The locals popularly refer this place with the title, 'The Land of Descending Dragons' and helm it as a very mystical place with many local folklores written on it and many mysterious tales told by the elders to explain the magical beauty of this marvel of nature.

The Vietnamese Culinary

The culinary culture of Vietnam is a class apart when you compare it to the most regions of the world. The dishes and cuisines of most regions have been renovated and modified with modern technologies and cooking facilities but Vietnamese cuisines have emphasized and stayed with the traditional way of preparations without any alteration. Most of the recipes of Vietnamese cuisines are being made in the same way as they have been for ages. This traditional style of preparation gives originality and genuine taste to the Vietnamese culinary. To get the Vietnamese Cuisines delivered right at your doorsteps, use the Mã Giam Giá GrabFood and get delicious cuisines at amazing discounts.


This dish is one of the most well-known dishes of Vietnam that has spread in different variations throughout the world. This is a staple cuisine made up of rice noodles, broth and chicken. While the flavour of this dish might vary in different parts of the country, but the impeccable taste remains constant. The Pho is seasoned with sauces, different types of herbs and spices which one could vary according to individual preferences.


This is one of the typical Vietnamese dishes which are a mixture of different ingredients seamlessly put together for a great meal. The ingredients used in Bun Cha are Barbecued Pork, Boiled Noodles and Fish sauce. The dish is topped up by different kinds of regional herbs, papaya slices and chopped carrot. This dish was popularized to fame after the last President of America; Barack Obama ate it during his trip to Vietnam. 


Japan is the last country on the eastern side of the longitude and therefore referred to as the land of rising sun. This country has an incredible range of natural beauty and artistic architectural sites. There many extraordinary regions of Japan that will take your breath away with their sheer beauty and charm. You are highly recommended to visit Japan, collect a JR Pass for hassle-free countryside tour of different parts of Japan and experience the magic of arts and culture in its most sophisticated forms for a heavenly experience. Here are a few Japanese Destinations you must visit.


This tropical island is popular for its Double Volcano which is gigantic in size. The island is located in isolation as a part of Inzu Archipelago which comes under Japan’s Administrative domain. Even though the size of the island is very small and at a very apartheid location, it is still having a human colony which is deemed as a Village in the Japanese distributional hierarchy. This is apparently the smallest village of Japan with a population of approx. 200 people.

Tottori Sand Dunes

Even though Japan does not have a desert zone as such, but still the Tottori Sand Dunes does give a feel of the desert in its entirety. These sand dunes are actually formed due to tidal waves which often vary on this part of the world and deposited sand in huge quantities with the time. Today, it is a popular destination where locals and tourists visit with sheer joy. The dunes vary in shape and size due to the impact of tidal waves and could even become as large as 50 meters in height within a span of 2 kilometres. The visit is also made more of a desert like by the fact that camel rides are also available on the sand dunes same as in deserts.


This probably one of the most exquisite beaches in the world and if you ask a Japanese person, he would certainly call it the best. This is also known as the place with a feel of paradise by the local population. The clean blue coloured water coupled up with sheer white sand makes for an amazing view beyond a doubt. The place is often visited by the snorkelers, surfers. It is highly recommended that you book your flight tickets well in advance if you wish to visit the place during the trip as it is mostly sold out.

Japanese Cuisines

If you don’t know about Japanese Cuisines, you don’t deserve to call yourself a passionate foodie. Japanese cuisines are immensely popular throughout the globe and have garnered cult status for some very good reasons and one of which is the truly awesome taste. Japanese Cuisines are actually based on a principle called Washoku which emphasizes 3 basic elements and each has five distinct varieties. The first element is colours which are black, white, yellow, green and red. The second element is cooking which includes five types of steaming, boiling, frying, grilling and rawness. The third element is flavour which is also of five types salty, spicy, sweet, bitter and sour. The fact that the dish must include all these variants in one form at least and this makes the Japanese cuisines healthier and highly balanced than any other type of cuisines.


Haven’t heard of Sushi yet? You got to be kidding if you actually haven’t heard about Sushi. It is one of the most popular healthy dishes which trainers across all the seven continents include in their controlled diets to all the fitness conscious people. Sushi is an ancient Japanese dish which was actually evolved by preparing fishes in fermented rice. The traditional way of preparing the dish is no longer used in most regions nowadays as vinegar is used in place of the fermentation process for saving cooking time. The dish has many different forms and styles of presentation and could be found in any part of the world without any worries.

Miso soup

Miso Soup is also a traditional Japanese dish which has been used as an essential part of a traditional Japanese meal. This soup is prepared with the kelp stock or fish which is unanimously combined with a paste made up of beans for a more savouring element in the preparation. This soup is served along with Tofu and seasoning which includes green onions sliced finely and along with meat, pork or fish depending upon the availability and season. 


This is one of the most ultimate Japanese full course meal that gives the person a diverse range of Japanese preparation in small quantities to get a vivid and rich taste in the meal. This dish is very precisely themed and very fine attention is given to every detail to ensure a delectable ride of perfection in taste and flavour. This dish was not essentially meant to become a full-time meal that could be served as dinner as the traditional roots suggest it as a tea time supper. But as the time passed, the delightful taste of this preparation propelled it into a full-fledged multi-course meal that is served in a very well garnished and distinctive way



Soba is a dish that has been eaten by the Japanese population for many centuries. This dish is prepared with the noodle that is specially made with the help of wheat flour rather than the usual noodles that are prepared with the help of rice flour. These noodles are longer and thinner is structure and have a more hardened texture. But these noodles are very healthy considering the fact that they are made up of wheat flour. The noodled are served with a chilled dipping sauce or hot broth depending upon the choice of the person. It is also a very healthy dish as most of the Japanese cuisines are famous for.