What Electrical Equipment You Need In Your Daily life?

Post by Sameena Farooq | Jan 11, 2018

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Nowadays, our life has moved so ahead and dependent on some or the other things that we cannot imagine our life without electricity. Our most of the day is dependent on electrical appliances and electricity to run these appliances.

A question for you - Can you function your house without electricity? I know, you cannot as many of your work is dependent on electricity and thus when electricity is not there, our whole work comes to rest.

We all are dependent on electricity, a powerful energy in all of our lives. It makes so many things possible and easy. From bathing to preparing breakfast to getting ready for office; we need electricity and electrical appliances. I think you understand the importance of this equipment in your life.

Thus, below are some essential electrical appliances which you must have. Check out, whether you have it in your home or not!!

Infrared induction cooker - Justinhouse

Infrared induction cooker Justinhouse-KEH-1804

Justinhouse is a brand of Kim Son Corporation - a company specializing in the distribution of imported products such as household electrical appliances, stationery If you are looking to buy an induction cooker then you must shop it just now and make your cooking easy and simpler.

This brand is a very high quality that offers multiple features to you.

Hair dryer Panasonic

Hair dryer Panasonic EH-ND30-P645

Hair dryer operates with a very high capacity and it is very easy to operate too. The above picture has a very compact design with high-quality plastic cover, less stain easily clean. So, you can easily use in your daily routine. As sometimes when you are getting ready you need to look after your hair and a hair dryer helps in giving your hair perfect look.

The machine is equipped with two levels of heat with fast drying rate and heat (level 3) or slow speed and warm air (level 2) for you to choose according to your preference. 

HP Air Conditioner ElectroluxMáy điều hòa 1 HP Electrolux-ESM09CRF-D4

These days air conditioner is such a necessity, you cannot live without it especially in winters. It makes you easy to stay in-house for a longer duration and makes you feel comfortable. So, if you want an air conditioner very soon. 

This Electrolux has put the health of the user on the front so it integrates the HD filter into the Electrolux air purifier to bring fresh air and clean bacteria to your room. The HD filter removes dirt, bacteria in the air to create a fresh and comfortable environment for you.

Ariston Hote Water Bowl


These days, you cannot take a risk on your health and cannot rely on tap water. To feel protected and to maintain your health, you need to buy a hot water bowl that provides you clean and filtered water.

The above hot water bowl is equipped pump booster which helps the machine works well with all conditions of water pressure, even in places where the water supply is weak and unstable.   

Thus, you can need these electrical appliances in your daily life so that you have everything in advance. You can buy these from Yes24 as it offers some of the best electrical products at very convenient prices.