Black Friday Sale

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Black Friday Sale

The much-awaited time of the year around various countries is here with the Thanksgiving month ringing in with excitement at our doors. As they say, 'it is that time of the year again' with exciting offers waiting in the form of the Black Friday Sale. This online sale event is predicted to be a massive hit amongst the shoppers as huge discounts are going to be provided in the sale with almost half of the population taking an active part in the sale! 

What is the history behind ‘Black Friday’?

The term 'Black Friday' originated in the streets of Philadelphia when a crowd of people gathered there a day after Thanksgiving for shopping and watching the famous Army-Navy football match.

As the crowd overflowed, it caused a wreck amongst the police officers under charge to handle them, and hence the term Black Friday came into origin. The name made itself the talk of the town and slowly popularized itself as the day of massive sales taking place after the eve of Thanksgiving around the world.

What can we expect from Black Friday?

The Thanksgiving season has been a time of fun and frolic around the world for ages. This time of the year calls for celebration with several festive sales like 11.11, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday sales.

Like every year, Black Friday in Vietnam is all set to kick in with a new range of discounts on thousands of products selling online. Some of the popular brands like Nike, Farfetch, Lazada, Shopee, and many more such brands with up to 80% discount!

The popularity of Black Friday in Vietnam

The month of Thanksgiving was famous for its shopping season in the USA. The chain of sales in this month raged like a wildfire amongst the neighboring countries and went on to Vietnam and became the most popular time of the year for shoppers across the country. Almost half of the population of this country took an active part in the Black Friday sales and is predicted the same for this year as well!

Which Brands are going to be a part of the Black Friday Sale?

As the technology grew, so did the internet and an ample quantity of brands started selling an attractive range of products online. Many new brands ordered in a queue and slowly a chain of brands and retailers started selling their collections online. This year brands like Nike, Shein, Forzieri, Berrylook, Farfetch, Shopee, Lazada, and many more are offering outstanding Black Friday deals.

When is the Black Friday Sale in Vietnam?

Black Friday has made itself the most popular sale of the year in Vietnam. The shoppers ready their wish lists for this day to enjoy n number of discounts and save as much as they can and buy more simultaneously. This sale arrives in November, on the first Friday after Thanksgiving, and continues for an entire day. some stores extend it over the weekend as well.

How is the Black Friday Sale different from other sales?

Black Friday Sales is the earliest shopping festival that arrived from the US and increasing its fame across the globe. This sale has always attracted the shoppers with the huge discounts that have been offered in online and offline stores both. Even after the roots been set on the brick and mortar, this sale has grown widely amongst the online sellers as well, and this is what differentiates this sale from the rest!

Items offered in Black Friday Sales Vietnam

One of the most popular sales of the season is arriving and we cannot keep calm with all the latest collection of items offered by the top brands! This year, Discounts on a wide range of products like shoes, clothing, electronics, and many more are to be expected by the brands and online retailers.

Not just this, big discounts on travel and tours is also expected in this year's sale and the discounts will be different and massive than what was offered earlier with up to flat 80% off on these items!

Where can you find the Black Friday offers? 

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could find all the concerning offers from your favorite brands and stores under one roof? Taking the commodiousness of the shoppers into account, our website gathers and displays all the concerning information about the e-commerce websites participating in the Black Friday Sale event.

Or you can check out the websites of the individual merchants as well and subscribe to their newsletters to hear about the announcements, early bird offers, flash sales, and more.

Is the Sale legit in Vietnam?

One word- Absolutely! Black Friday in Vietnam is as true and real as in other countries. Being the oldest Thanksgiving sale, this sale has benefitted millions of people across the map with the exciting deals and offers that are bought along with it. Although, you need to keep yourself protected from the fraudulent activities occurring during the sale online by fake merchants. You can keep the following points to save yourself from online scams:

  • Don't shop from the page that asks for too much personal information
  • Make sure you have read online reviews of the website you're shopping from
  • Don't buy unbranded items
  • Surf through various online websites for discounts and shop accordingly
  • Plan all of it before the sale has arrived to grab on the top hot deals!

How to enjoy massive discounts on Black Friday this year?

With the pandemic going on and preventing yourself from catching it, we understand how your safety is your priority and so is ours! Remember the fun of bargaining while purchasing from offline stores? Well, owing to the current situation, we brought to you in house bargaining experience with additional discounts. Want to know how? Keep reading this space for the details!

To make sure the people of Vietnam have the best of the shopping experience, we made a list of the most purchased items and the most selected brands taking part in the Black Friday Sale and partnered with them to provide huge discounts to the consumers. You can avail of discounts up to 80%-90% and enjoy the sale to the fullest! 

Popular brands like Nike, Shein, Berrylook, Frozieri, Lazada, and many more are offering exciting discounts on shoe wear, clothing, makeup, sportswear, etc. The season is filled with sales and holidays, so traveling has also been made easier with discount coupons making your travel easier and budget-friendly.

The partnered banks of these brands offer additional cashback as well. Here are the steps to enjoy these benefits on Black Friday Sales this year:

  • Browse through your favorite brands or items on our website and select the brand you wish to shop from. You could be lucky enough to enjoy free delivery on selected items and range.
  • After choosing, scratch the coupon code covered in green
  • Apply or copy the code during checkout and surprise yourself with the discounts that follow!
  • You can also paste our coupon code while buying from the official website and enjoy massive discounts on thousands of range of items. Hurry up to save more and buy even more!