Cyber Monday Sale

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Cyber Monday Sale 2020

"Cyber Monday" as the name suggests, takes place on the Monday after the American Thanksgiving in Vietnam. Cyber Monday is one of the most popular sale events of the year because there a purchaser can benefit from a chain of discount deals being offered online as well as in-store. Cyber Monday Deals turns out to be a bonus for all your hard work throughout the year, as shopping for the leading brand isn’t going to cost you a fortune! 

What is the history behind the Cyber Monday?

Cyber Monday was originated in back in 2005 in the press release of to promote online shopping besides; Cyber Monday is also known as Blue Monday! This term ‘Cyber Monday’ was brought up by Ellen Davis and Scott Silverman and usually falls after the Thanksgiving of US. Cyber meaning internet, states that this day was initially popularized to promote online shopping for shoppers and offer the same discounts as were offered while buying products online in other consecutive sales of the month.

Perks of Cyber Monday Sales

Vietnamese, apart from how busy a Monday can be, you won’t get bored after the Black Friday Sale as Cyber Monday have some unique offers and deals on the lifestyle products and cosmetics available on the websites of Lazada, Zaful, and many more. Keep your arms open a bit wider than just fashion and cosmetics, as there some exquisite deals related to the gadgets, mobile phones, home appliances, branded attires, leading designer’s latest launch and much more. 

Cyber Monday VS Black Friday Sale

Both the sale has something extra special to offer after Thanksgiving, which is why choosing among them might cause you some pain later. If you thinking to update your mobile phone or home appliances, or shop for heavy tech products, Black Friday Sale is for you! However, the price drops can be seen in many categories, but the discount offers on lifestyle and cosmetic products during Cyber Mondays will let help you save smartly. 

Who all are going to participate in the Cyber Monday? 

Cyber Monday, like always has everything great in store for shopping enthusiasts in Vietnam. A wide range of products and a chain of brands are taking part in the sale this year. Huge brands like Zaful, Lazada,, Shopee, Klook and many more are one of the most promising sources of Cyber Monday best buy this season. The shoppers can avail discounts on enormous collections like clothing, activewear, electronics, accommodation, and many more!

When is the Cyber Monday Sale in Vietnam?

With over thousands of categories and millions of active customers, Cyber Monday is all set to kick in this month with the same wave of enthusiasm and rain of discounts on a wide collection of products online during the sale. Cyber Monday is the first Monday after the thanksgiving, so this year November 27th is going to be recognized as the Cyber Monday date in Vietnam.

How is Cyber Monday Sale going to be different this year?

Cyber Monday has been popular ever since it was introduced. It has always attracted shoppers online, but as a matter of fact, Cyber Monday or Tech Monday was followed by some other big sales in online and offline stores since ages.  Although, due to coronavirus outbreak this year, the offline sales are going to be much less as compared to the previous years' sale data on online and offline stores combined. Cyber Monday, being launched by the motive to promote season sales and discounts on online purchases will see a subsequent rise this year with the majority of online and offline shopaholics choosing online medium of sales and hence, increasing the purchase count in Cyber Monday sales.

What are the statistics of products being sold on Cyber Monday in Vietnam?

Looking at the statistics provided by the surveys of past years, Vietnamese have proven to be the most enthusiastic shoppers grabbing their hands on exciting Cyber Monday deals. Feminine friendly products like undergarments, clothing and home appliances are amongst the topmost sold items in the sale constituting to a rise of 24% as compared to previous years. 

Books, watches and electronics have made up to 11%-14% popularity in the Vietnamese market of sales and queued in the line of bestsellers on this sale.

What to expect from the Brands this Cyber Monday in Vietnam?

With the ongoing pandemic and the need of enjoying the sale online, discounts on a massive collection of products by thousands of brands are to be seen in this year's sale. Big brands like Zaful, Lazada,, Shopee, Klook are offering discounts on the following range of products and accommodation:

  • The most popular category, i.e., the clothing with a variety of subcategories like sportswear, female-friendly garments, men's collection and many more!
  • Home appliances and tools are another popular category being offered by the brands and is placed amongst the Cyber Monday specials
  • The season is full of official and school holidays, so shop through the website and avail exciting discounts up to 80% off on travel bookings and stays and make your trip luxurious and budget-friendly at the same time
  • Electronic items and books will make your shopping heart fill with joy!

Is the Sale legit?

Cyber Monday Sale is absolutely true and legit. Seeing your favourite otherwise costly products being sold on huge discounts online makes one think if the deal is real, but it's historically proven how the crowd of Vietnam has gone gaga over the massive discounts and privileged themselves to benefit from the reduction in the cost of their favourite shopping categories mentioned above. With proper knowledge of the brands you're buying from and understanding, if they're real and not fraudulent, you can grab on some never seen before offers during the sale

Tricks to save more in Cyber Monday Sale Vietnam

Cyber Monday is the most awaited sale of the year with the ongoing sale season. As you know how incredible it's easy to bargain online as it is in the store, so we have added some of the tricks to save maximum during the sale of Cyber Monday and others upcoming! 

The websites which connect you with the top brands and designers are gonna offer you with the discount up to 90% offs. To shop like a pro, we have some piece of advice so that your wait for Cyber Monday is worth. We have partnered along with you to save exclusively on the topmost certified and trusted brands online who have gained your satisfaction over the year. We’ve undergone a chain of surveys and analyzed these brands based on the most popular categories of brands served by them and then crafted these discount codes especially for the people of Vietnam.

Here are some easy ways to avail discounts up to 90% off and free delivery:

  • After browsing through your favourite brands on our website, select the coupon code that attracts you the most from them.
  • After selecting the codes, you need to paste them during checkout.
  • You can see the discount is applied on your Cyber Monday Sale purchase.

The Cyber Monday Sale deals for Zaful, Lazada,, Shopee and many more are registered on our website! It will help you in availing extra discounts on your purchase. As an addition, free deliveries are offered on a selected range of products.