FujiMart To Attract Consumers By Opening A Supermarket In Hanoi This Month!

Post by Tuba Qureshi | Dec 18, 2018

Fuji Mart Opts Modern Japanese Style Retail Expertise And Open Its First Retail Outlet In Vietnam This Month!

Fujimart Vietnam Retail, a joint venture between the local retail and real estate conglomerate BRG Group and Sumitomo, a Japanese trading house, is all set to open its first ever Vietnamese supermarket in Hanoi later this month.

Hoping to use the modern Japanese-style retail expertise for attracting well-off consumers in the country, the Fujimart’s CEO, Keisuke Hitotsumantsu said: “both BRG and Sumitomo hope to provide Vietnamese people with delicious, nutritious and safe food.”

He further added, “Though the retail market is very competitive, Vietnam’s macro-economy recently showed that the demand of the Vietnamese retail market is growing at a double-digit rate. We recognize the trend will continue as Vietnam’s economic prospects are very positive, making Vietnamese living standards get better day by day”

He also said that “the food retail market is about to undergo a major transformation, as growing interest in food safety shopping could shift from traditional wet markets to modern supermarkets. In 2017, Vietnam’s retail sector earned nearly 129 billion USD, up 11 percent from 2016, a high growth compared with other nations in Southeast Asia.”

Hanoi and HCM being the two most developed cities, the total combined retail is of both the cities if 2.5 million square meters. This is why Fujimart is entering the retail market with an aim to make the local people’s shopping convenient and easy.