Everything There’s to Know About Thanksgiving 2022 Hong Kong

Thanksgiving 2021

How often are we thankful for everything we have in our life? Not regularly, or maybe we hardly notice beautiful things and people around us. Apart from how we are hassling hard to fulfil the dream lives, carrying responsibilities, taking a moment to bow down and say “Thank you” to everyone making it worth living is indeed important.

This is one of the biggest reasons why Thanksgiving is celebrated, not only in Canada and the United States but also in other countries on different dates and differently. It’s all about sentiments where people from various cultural backgrounds and religions amalgamate as gratitude is what makes our life easier.

So, here you are going to discover some amazing things related to Thanksgiving, when it started and how Hong Kongers celebrate this day and suggestions related to the finest dining places on Thanksgiving in Hong Kong.

Thanksgiving 2022 Hong Kong

Thanksgiving 2021

Thanksgiving is all about appreciating what one has! Americans, as well as Canadians, take a day off to live it through gratefully, arranging dinner for family and friends, and more. In Hong Kong and Mainland China, you will get equal joy to celebrate Thanksgiving from the feast to the pumpkin pies, whatever you choose, dine-in or takeaways or if you’re thinking to host Thanksgiving 2022.

Thanksgiving 2022 is on 25th November, as it is supposed to be on every 4th Thursday of November, which is why dates are never the same. So, if you’re in Hong Kong and planning to get the food delivered to your home, we have a list of food delivery websites that makes it easy as well as budget-friendly.

Thanksgiving 2021

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Thanksgiving 2020 in Hong Kong smashed the door of savings for the purchasers as the retailers are already running a Black Friday Sale. The Black Friday sale 2022 Hong Kong is predicted to be a hit as it was last year, so your Thanksgiving will be full of ultimate savings, good time, and the bundle of leftovers of Turkey to consume. The brands offering impeccable discount deals and Black Friday promotional offers on famous brands and merchants such FARFETCH, Zalora, Sephora, Net-a-Porter, AliExpress, Charles & Keith, and more can help you save up to 80%.

History of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving 2021

It is believed that the Thanksgiving tradition started back in 1621, to celebrate their first successful harvest, the pilgrims had a unique ritual of firing guns and cannons in Plymouth. There are a lot more reasons to thank President Abraham Lincoln as he was one to proclaim the National holiday in the year 1863. The Thanksgiving date varies as it is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of every November, just before Black Friday!

However, in Canada Thanksgiving falls on the Second Monday of October, which is also celebrated in the United States as Columbus Day. The reason why dates differ from Canada’s Thanksgiving is that it is physically away from the North and harvest season arrives sooner, and therefore, they observed it in accordance with the natural seasonal change.

There’s are many myths related to Thanksgiving and one of the interesting ones is where a story depicts that a few Indians from an anonymous tribe welcomed the Pilgrims to America and guided them how to live and disappeared when having seated for dinner and it is said, they handed America to those people. This theory is referred to as baseless but indeed is interesting to read about.

Famous Thanksgiving feast and Restaurants in Hong Kong

Thanksgiving 2021

Yes, Thanksgiving is not only celebrated in Canada and the US, as the toasts are also raised in 17 other countries such as Hong Kong, the UK, Singapore, Ghana, Malaysia, Germany, and more. Living in the century, the cultural values are widely accepted and enjoyed despite non-belonging to the same, so yeah it is one of the best things about the people living away from their country and still making sure to be home.

Although there’s no official holiday for Thanksgiving in Hong Kong, who would mind a day off from the mundane chores? Honestly, it is a day where you can consume as many calories as the feast prepared is worth all those smashing smiles while taking a bite of Turkey and drinking it with wine. Are you looking for a perfect place to order turkey? Foodpanda Hong Kong is one of the best places to place your food orders as we have a wide range of Foodpanda coupon codes and vouchers.

If you are looking for an online store to order fine wine, Watsons Hong Kong is not going to let you down as we also enlist the major discount deals and offers in the form of Watsons promo codes. Or enjoy the free delivery by Deliveroo Hong Kong and make it more budget-friendly by using our Deliveroo code and deals. There is more to it, find the list of restaurants of Hong Kong you can enjoy the Thanksgiving feast and all the essential meals such as mashed potato, stuffed turkey, cranberry sauce, corn, green bean casserole, candied yams, pumpkin pie, and pecan pie.

  • Morton’s The Steakhouse
  • Porterhouse Seafood & Steak
  • La Paloma
  • Dang Wen Li by Dominique Ansel
  • Grand Hyatt Hong Kong
  • Woolly Pig Hong Kong
  • Graham St Food Hall

Facts you didn’t know about Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving 2021 HK

Thanksgiving is all about feeling gratitude for being around the people you love food you share. Also, there are some incredible facts related to Thanksgiving and those are listed beneath.

  • The Eve of Thanksgiving is so far known as the drunken night.
  • Earlier Thanksgiving was celebrated for three days.
  • According to statistics, an average American consumes 4500 calories on Thanksgiving.
  • More than 46 million turkeys are cooked on Thanksgiving.
  • Most people are sleepy on the very next day of Thanksgiving.
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