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Men underwear

When it comes to buying the best underwear for men, it is often categorized under various terms in India. The first one among them is PRICING.  With a large middle-class population, it is natural that Indians prefer cheap yet comfortable innerwear.

Further, since the evolution of online e-commerce, the emergence of Indian startups has led to the havoc of quality products.

Next, the other thing to consider after the pricing is BRANDING. As we grew up one thing marketing and influential ads taught us is that international brands are good no matter what material they are using and what price point they are staying at.

In other words, still quality is not in the 3rd position. On the contrary, we go for the prints and designs of the underwear. Big brands like Calvin Klein and Jockey have excelled in this and customers prefer them which can be considered. Lastly, then comes QUALITY.

On the contrary, things have changed so far and customers are no longer falling into the marketing trap. Quality is climbing upstairs and some startups like Damensch and XYXX Crew are gaining success through online shopping wonder.

In addition, let’s not be the Jon Snow on this important topic and let the below knowledge guide you further. Choose the perfect Underwear and banyan brand for yourself with discounts and tips that you will gain from us.

Best Underwear Brand for Gym & Sports in India

Best innerwear for Gym

Let’s give quality the number 1 spot here. I want to personally mark one particular startup i.e DAMENSCH which offers remarkable products that none of the other brands afford to do. For Example, how does a 500-day guarantee on a t-shirt sound? Crazy right? But, you can grab one through them. They are not as quirky as their name suggests but one thing they purely focus on is quality.

Moreover, Damensch has various features such as sweat-free, moisture control fabric, microfiber elasticity, Bamboo fabric, and all that you need in perfect underwear for your well-being.

On the other hand, this is the perfect innerwear you will require for your workout or other sports activities, etc.

RequirementsDamenschJockeyCalvin Klein
Sweat free YesNoNo
Odor Free YesNoNo

Brands like Calvin Klein and Jockey offer great fitting to the customers but other various features such as Sweat free and sustainable packaging is where Damensch marks itself ahead.

Also, in terms of pricing, they are as same as Jockey and way lower than that of Calvin Klein. I can go on and on talking about the features of Damensch or you can follow these below tips that will help you save up on your purchases.

They are such confident with their products that vests and t-shirts come with a 500 days warranty.

Nonetheless, if you still aren’t convinced grab these Myntra and Amazon offers through which you can purchase Calvin Klein briefs and other underwear brands such as FCUK, etc

Or get the Jockey sign-up offer which will help you with a 15% discount on your first purchase.

Best Men’s underwear style in India

Don’t stereotype me but as I said earlier that some of the Indian brands are really doing well in marking their success. Alright, there is no comparison with brands like Calvin Klein and FCUK but when it comes to pricing, XYXX Crew stands on top of every brand.

Why XYXX crew innerwear for print?

  • Use of Tencal Modal fabric in their products.
  • You can actually choose the color and style when you select types such as briefs, trunks, etc.
  • It’s great for day-to-day use.
  • Get the XYXX Crew New user offer using the “Welcome10” code and enjoy a 10% discount.

Other than that customers can head on to Myntra or Amazon, or Flipkart and select from our 50+ brands listed with them.  Further, grab offers and discounts for them that will help you with additional savings and benefits.

Best Men Underwear combos

JockeyXYXX CrewDamensch
Jockey – pack of 3 – basic white costs around Rs 477XYXX Crew combos will cost around Rs 915Basic Deo soft briefs start from Rs 899
Comes with the pouch
Softer than regular cotton
Featherweight materialBamboo fabric supports extra comfort
Low rise
Mid Rise
Pack of 2,3,4,5,6
Micro modal fabric which is 3x softer, Sustainable materialMoisture free fabric, Sustainable material

As understood, coming straight to the point, Jockey for sure offers cheap undergarment combos, but you need to understand that Damensch and XYXX are premium brands and offer a lot which lacks from these foreign brands.

On the contrary, Jockey without argument is a go-to brand when it comes to innerwear for men but, these Made in India brands are giving a healthy competition to them.

Considerably, if you can spend Rs 899 on these brands which you must try, I will suggest going for it as it will last longer and give you more comfort.


Which is the best cheap underwear for men brand in India?

You can go for Rupa, Frenchie, basic Jockey, and other various brands that are available on Amazon, Flipkart, etc.

Which brands have the best underwear types for Men in India?

All the brands such as Jockey, Calvin Klein, FCUK, or Indian brands such as Rupa, Damensch, XYXX Crew, etc have various innerwear types such as Briefs, Trunks, etc that are loved by the buyers to shop from them.

Which is the most comfortable underwear brand in India?

Through my understanding and research from various brands about pricing, quality, and features, I will definitely go for Damensch. They offer various option and their products are equipped with a lot of benefits at a very competitive price point.

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