KKday vs. Klook Hong Kong: Which is better?

Get Klook and KKday comparison in Hong Kong and decide which OTA is the best choice for your staycation!

When it comes to planning a trip, KKday or Klook is the obvious way out for every Hong Konger. Nonetheless, travelers are torn up with the thought of which traveling platform is best in terms of services, benefits, and other perks pertaining to more value.

But don’t you worry! We have unearthed all such teeny-tiny details through this blog to help you arrive at a well-informed conclusion.

Klook vs. KKday – Brand Recognition in HK

Operational in around 28 countries all across the world, Klook’s brand recognition is bigger than KKday any day. Although both of these online traveling agencies specialize in local tours and experiences, KKday has only managed to expand its locations in 10+ countries. Since Klook is born and headquartered in Hong Kong, it is possible that it holds a greater market share than KKday.

Conclusion: Rounding off, it can be safely concluded that:

  • Klook and KKday both provide exciting things to do, places to stay, food and dining, rental cars, Wi-Fi & sim cards, train tickets and other transportation facilities.
  • Local travel guides and expert-curated experiences are something at which Klook and KKday both excel.
KKday vs Klook which is better
Klook HK – For all Travel Needs

Best Price Guarantee on Bookings – Klook HK and KKday

The best price guarantee on your travel allows you to claim a refund when you find better prices for a hotel booking anywhere else on the internet. Klook promises to go lower if you manage to discover a greater deal on a hotel, but unfortunately, KKday does not offer any such guarantee.

Conclusion: Klook HK is definitely one step ahead in this tussle of Klook vs. KKday to become the unrivaled winner.

KKday and Klook Hong Kong – Credit Card Promotions

Klook HK credit card promotions*

  • Standard Chartered Card Promotion: Get 5% cash back with your SCB credit card on Klook HK without any minimum spend.
  • HSBC credit Cardholders: HK$2OO OFF on the purchase of HK$1500 and above and HK$20 OFF on the purchase of HK$300. Use the exclusive Klook HSBC promo code. Available on best spa offers, F&B, popular staycations and hotel deals.
  • DBS Bank Promotion: An InstaRedeem offer worth 20% OFF is available on the Klook website or the app for DBS card users in Hong Kong.
  • Klook MasterCard Promotion: MasterCard users enjoy exclusive privileges on selected rail products at Klook HK.
  • American Express Explorer® Credit Card: Spend HK$1,000 to get HK$200 OFF with your American Express credit card on Klook Hong Kong.
Klook credit card discount
Klook vs KKDay credit card promotions

KKday HK credit card promotion code*

  • HSBC Bank Credit Card: This promotions code is only eligible for the HSBC (Visa and MasterCard) credit card users on KKday HK.
  • DBS Card promotion: KKday DBS card promotion brings 5% off on booking of HK$1,000 or above on local activities and 7% off upon booking of HK$850 or above on overseas tours.
  • BOC Credit card discount: The users will enjoy an exclusive KKday BOC discount of HK$80 OFF upon spending HK$800 or above during the Mooncake Festival. Moreover, a discount of HK$225 is available over the expense of HK$1,500 on hotel staycations.

Conclusion: Klook again manages to be the victor in Klook vs. KKday credit card promotions for HK.

*These credit card deals are only valid for a limited time; please confirm their validity on the checkout page.

Klook vs. KKday free cancellation policy – Availability and Eligibility Criteria

KKday free cancellation on hotels and flight bookings is only applicable under certain conditions. That means, the travelers will receive a full refund under circumstances like:

  • Death of a second-degree relative
  • Flight cancellation
  • Terminal illness of a second-degree relative
  • Natural disasters of a significant impact.

On the other hand, Klook’s free cancellation bookings are a whole new story. On Klook Hong Kong, you may filter such properties and activities that carry no-cost cancellations and get a full refund in case of any contingencies.

Conclusion: If your travel plans are clouded by uncertainties, then we recommend that you make a booking with the Klook free cancellation facility in Hong Kong. KKday should be your choice for another day.

Klook and KKDay HK
KKDay – Specialized local tours

Popular Destinations & Activities in the HK – Klook vs. KKday Price comparison

  • Ocean Park Tickets – One day ticket at Hong Kong’s most-loved destination Ocean Park costs HK$280 for adults and HK$168 for children with Klook. Its weekday ticket with one complimentary HK$30 in-park shopping Klook E-cash voucher is also up for grabs every now and then. However, KKday charges HK$360 for Ocean Park passes for adults and children alike. In addition, it also offers HK$30 E-cash voucher with the ticket.
  • Klook Disneyland vs. KKday– Klook Disneyland Paris ticket for 1 day and one park visit costs HK$455 whereas; KKday Disneyland ticket is available at HK$486 per person. The additional perks and privileges are something you must look carefully into before deciding on the basis of this price difference.
  • KKday Rosewood vs. Klook Luxury Staycation– Klook 香港瑰麗酒店 hotel bookings for Kowloon Peak view room start from HK$3,608 for two adults and the same goes for KKday as well. But, Klook Rosewood hotel room package extends its Harbor view room services for 3 adults at HK$5,181, which is only available for 2 adults at HK$5,245 on KKday.
  • Klook vs. KKday Airport Express– The Klook airport expressway charges HK$59 for a one-way tour to Tsing Yi Station for an adult and HK$29 for a child. The basic charges of an adult traveler remain surprisingly the same on both these platforms for even Hong Kong and Kowloon Station.
  • KKday vs. Klook Buffet – When comparing the price of Klook’s lunch, tea, or dinner buffet at the Chef’s Table in Crown Plaza Hong Kong with KKday’s, we have found that both platforms have the same buffet prices. The price range starts from HK$328.

Conclusion: Out of the given 5 instances, Klook Hong Kong has topped at least 3 times to be a more preferable choice for travelers. In any case, be sure to analyze the privileges included in your tickets to decide which one is proposing a worthy offer.

Klook vs. KKday Grabpay promotion

KKday Grabpay promotion unfurls various surprises to travelers. Every time they purchase an activity via Grabpay, they can get a KKday promo code of 5% OFF and a $5 Grab voucher as well. Just select Grabpay as your payment method while buying attraction tickets, kid’s activities, staycations, and more. On the contrary, Klook Hong Kong does not have exclusive discounts with Grabpay!

Klook vs KKday GrabPay
KKDay GrabPay exclusive offers

Conclusion: We are simply stating the obvious when we say that KKday has more weightage if you’re looking for additional discounts on every reservation.

Klook vs. KKday Hong Kong – Promotion Codes & Offers

The promo codes, deals, and discounts play an indispensable role in the scuffle between Klook and KKday in Hong Kong. Travelers are better wooed by price markdowns and whichever brand does it better will turn out to be the ultimate winner.

Let’s get down to the KKday優惠碼 vs. Klook折扣券 or promotion codes for further insight:

Corporate DiscountAvailable for corporate employeesNot available
Student OffersKlook Youth discount available12% student discount at KKday HK
Loyalty ProgramKlook rewards, available on every bookingKKday membership benefits
First Time PromoHK$10 OFF on Klook’s first purchaseNo code available
Referral ProgramHK$25 (each) reward on Klook referralKKday refer a friend – send HK$27 and receive HK$24
App promo codes5% OFF on the Klook app 5% OFF on KKday first app booking
AfterPay PaymentsKlook takes AfterPayNo pay later facility
Klook vs. KKday Comparison

Klook vs. KKday – Who Wins?

KKday and Klook Hong Kong both are preceded by their reputation as being trusted and reliable traveling platforms. However, you must pick whichever suits you the best considering the destination, holiday package, or promotion they are offering.

If you’re a student, then we recommend that you travel with KKday HK, but if you are a corporate employee then Klook should be your ultimate answer. All in all, Klook does appear to be the unparalleled winner in price comparison of hotels and staycation packages. Nonetheless, KKday exclusive promotions have ruled the heart of wanderlust in the past.

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