SINGLES’ DAY 11.11 Sale – Shopping Festival of China

11.11 singles day

Spiritual people believe if you wish for something at 11:11 pm, you get it. But if we talk about 11.11 apart from otherworldliness, we still get to know the dynamism of this number in the annual 11.11 Singles’ Day flash sale. This year’s most amazing and hoped-for 11 11 Single’s Day Sale 2021, here you will find the online deal for non-stop 24 hours. Interesting right? This sale is one of the most awaited online purchases in China and other countries too. Want to grasp some more erudition about it? Let’s commence it from 11.11 sale’s Creation. 

11.11 Singles’ Day Sale History 

The four single students started 11.11 originally celebrated as Single’s day at Nanjing University, China, in 1993, who wanted to celebrate the uniqueness of being alone, or we can say Individuality. This idea of honouring singlehood turned out to be a great success. Now the question arises why 11 11 was the date chosen? The number 11 11 shows the four singles who decided to accept Individuality with truthfulness. 

11 11 Sale

Moreover, the Singles’ Day sale was only celebrated by Men. Later on, this trend got accustomed by both men and women and began the new tradition of Blind date parties, which made it more successful among the youth. With this, 11.11 got into more Limelight by which Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba Group of Companies, decided to celebrate this day in a new way. Alibaba’s online shopping sites, namely Tmall, Taobao, introduced this concept of celebration in the form of an 11.11 sale. That’s how 11.11 sale came into light and made all the people in China felicitous by selling the products at a discount of up to 95% off. 

Later on, it came to be one of the most fabulous and victorious flash sales that crossed all the records of profit and got adopted by other countries too. And became an online shopping festival for the whole world. Being one of the craziest ways to splurge as well as save and enjoy the uniqueness, the promising deals will add memories to your journal.

Famous brands are also a part of the 11.11 sale. 

If you are obsessed with well-known brands and saving your pocket money or salary throughout the year just for them, then I have good news for you. The 11.11 Singles’ Day sale one of the most incredible online sales festivals which are celebrated globally, including the famous brands giving away for your happiness by selling your desired branded products at a significant discount. 

The expectation from this year’s 11.11 sale had already reached the apex when Alibaba announced that this time, there would be more than 200,000 brands with 15 million products. Around 60,000 international brands will be offering an incredibly substantial discount offer for all the customers. 

Apart from Alibaba, there are going to be lots of options available at other well-known e-commerce companies such as – Lazada,, Zalor, Sephora, Ezbuy in Southeast Asian countries.

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Our motto is to bring the best deals for all the customers globally. And even after having a massive discounted sale 11.11, you can save throughout the year with us. We are dedicated to offering you incredible deals from top brands and retailers. All you have to do it is grab the discount codes and promo codes with exclusive coupon codes and enjoy the freedom of spending less and gaining more. 

Different countries but 11/11 sales are going to be the same. 

The idea of Single-day shopping or 24 hours amazing flash sale may have been implemented by China but is now being used on the International platform. 11.11 sale is in many countries, and I would love to list them over here just for you –

From trendiest clothes to excellent products, this 11.11 sale will help you grab all the desired products without worrying about saving. From all the parts of the countries, you can access your favourite online shopping website and be a part of one of the most awaited sales of the year. 

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