5 Top Selling 9.9 Sale Stores & Brands in Singapore, Malaysia

We will unveil the top-selling 9.9 sale 2023 offers on stores in Singapore and Malaysia. So tighten your seatbelts as we lay out the top e-commerce platforms and brands that serve amazing offers on a silver platter!

Leading up to the 10.10 sale and Singles’ Day mega shopping galore, the 9.9 sale 2023 is all set to take the tech-savvy shoppers by surprise. It is about time you unloaded your wishlist and got your favourite gadgets without breaking your bank.

From cash back, freebies, flash sales, and free shipping, to limited-period offers, there is always something to suck out the best value from your money once the sale goes live. As September is already upon us, so is the grand 9.9 shopping event that is in the queue to offer some outstanding savings this year as well!

Let us help you navigate your way to the top-selling stores & brands in electronics from the 9.9 sale in 2023. Stay tuned until the end to know which tech triumphs are a complete hit and what should you miss this year.

Keep your credit cards close and these deals closer!

1. Lazada 9.9 Sale LazMall Top-Selling Products – Laptops, Mobiles & More

If you ever plan on going on a shopping spree, the Lazada 9.9 sale is the perfect place to kick off your rendezvous. You can check the 9.9 sale LazMall deals to find 100% authentic products from flagship stores listed on this platform.

And just like that cherry on top, you will enjoy LazMall free shipping and returns, freebies and added cashback benefits! You will find brands like POCO, Samsung, Apple, Honor, Nokia and many others on the list of top-selling 99 sale products 2023.

Lazada 9.9 sale electronics
Best Electronics Deals from Lazada 9.9

Here is a breakdown of the top Lazada 9.9 sale products and brands you should buy from LazMall this year:

  • Lenovo laptops – 48% OFF + S$88 Lazada Voucher– Join the Lazada Tech Show from August 31 to September 4.
  • LazMall X Samsung 9.9 Sale – Deals up to $555 (free accessories, overtrade bonus and free 1-year Samsung Care+).
  • iPhone 14 Pro from Lazada 9.9 LazMall Big Brands sale – Up to 16% OFF.
  • Xiaomi Redmi 9.9 Smartphone Sale – up to 50% OFF.
  • LazMall X LG Home Appliances – Upgrade your home with the biggest Lazada 9.9 sale discounts.

The 9.9 sale has once again demonstrated that when innovation meets affordability, the result is a celebration of progress that empowers us to stay ahead in the digital age.

Check out other Lazada 9.9 sale deals 2023 in Singapore and Malaysia to grab the best discounts on your purchase!

2. Best-Selling 9.9 Shopee Super Shopping Day Electronics 2023

Shopee 9.9 sale is bringing back all the epic deals that will bring you up to 70% OFF on 1,000 brands. from super clearance sale, all day vouchers, storewide Shopee deals, to upsized cashback offers, there is a reason why Shopee is the go-to store for millions of shoppers. There are thousands of products available at the lowest price guaranteed, however, the electronics and gadgets are the highlights of the Shopee 9.9 sale 2023.

9.9 Shopee Home Appliances Sale
90% OFF on Shopee Home Electronics

Here are the top-selling Shopee 9.9 electrical brands 2023 that you need to wishlist right now and check out when the sale goes live:

  • Philips Home Appliances – up to 60% OFF during Shopee 9.9 sale 2023.
  • Acer Gaming Devices – starting from $2098 are the top-selling 9.9 sale products in 2023.
  • Mayor Air Fryers – Shopee exclusive discount of up to 47% OFF.
  • Foreo Beauty Device S$35 OFF voucher or get 20% OFF Storewide on Shopee Singapore.
  • Logitech – up to 60% OFF on selected products, win 10% OFF storewide vouchers + 10% Shopee Cashback.

You may also check out the Shopee credit card promotions 2023 to bargain an amazing deal with the eligible bank card offers!

3. Dell Malaysia Pre 9.9 Clearance Sale – Best-Selling Laptops

Whether you’re looking for business laptops or student laptops for school projects, there’s no other brand like Dell for it! Especially, with the Dell laptop deals that are up for grabs at pre 9.9 sale event in Malaysia. Check out the best-selling Dell product lines including Vostro, Inspiron, XPS, and G series, available with a saving of up to 30%.

Best-selling Dell 9.9 sale laptops
Dell 9.9 Deals on Laptops

Here are some of the most coveted laptops that are guaranteed to run out of stock during the Dell 9.9 sale 2023:

  • Dell Inspiron 16 Laptop for RM3,599.00 – Save RM100.00 and enjoy free delivery to Malaysia.
  • Dell XPS 13 Plus Laptop – Buy for RM6,899.00 and save up to RM400.00, free shipping & other benefits.
  • Vostro 15 Laptop by Dell – costs RM2,998.99 and Saves RM200.00, if you make a purchase before September 9, 2023.

Bookmark our Dell Singapore page and never miss the best deals on your favourite laptops, gaming PCs, and more during the main 9.9 event.

4. ASUS 9.9 Sale 2023 Malaysia – Top Products You Shouldn’t Miss

The 9.9 sale in Malaysia is nothing short of a shopping carnival for bargain seekers. And the ASUS 9.9 sale deals have only upped the game for the tech-savvy shoppers!

You can start your search for the best laptop a little bit early as these deals are served from 25th August and will stay live until 9th September. The top-selling ASUS products during the 99 sale are – Zenbook 14, Vivobook 14, and ASUS TUF Dash.

Best-selling ASUS laptops on sale
ASUS 9.9 Laptop Deals

Here are the highlights of the ASUS 9.9 sale that will make all the hype worth its while:

  • Savings up to RM600 and other outstanding benefits on your ASUS Malaysia purchases.
  • Enjoy free 2-year accidental damage protection on selected ASUS laptops.
  • No shipping charges on orders to Malaysia.
  • FREE Gifts on purchasing selected models.

While in Singapore, you can grab ASUS sale exclusive deals and savings up to $2500 along with a store voucher of $800! However, these 99 sale deals are only available for a limited time period. So, make sure to shop as long as the stock lasts!

5. AliExpress 9.9 Sale Best-Selling Products & Deals

As we dive into the swarm of weekly deals, great value products, exclusive seller codes and more, AliExpress 9.9 sale manages to steal the spotlight. From fast charging cables, earbuds, phone cases, and LED car lights, to security cameras, you’ll discover a plethora of top-selling AliExpress products with massive discounts.

Best-selling consumer Electronics from AliExpress
9.9 AliExpress wearable offer

Whether you’re seeking the latest tech, fashion-forward pieces, or practical home solutions, AliExpress’ top-selling products embody quality, affordability, and global appeal. Let’s have a look at the products that you should buy from the AliExpress 9.9 sale 2023:

  • Smartwatches: Massive discounts on multi-functional smartwatches that combine fitness tracking, notifications, and sleek design, providing a convenient way to stay connected and monitor health.
  • Phone Accessories: From protective cases to camera lenses, AliExpress offers a wide range of phone accessories that enhance and personalize your smartphone at discounted prices during the 9.9 sale.
  • Gaming Accessories: AliExpress 9.9 sale offers a variety of gaming peripherals, including controllers, headsets, and RGB lighting to enhance your gaming experience without busting your budget.
  • Home Security Cameras: Find smart security cameras with features like motion detection and remote monitoring from the AliExpress 9.9 sale 2023.

In conclusion, the 99 sale has proven to be an exhilarating time for electronics enthusiasts, offering a spectacular array of deals and discounts on the latest and most sought-after gadgets.

From smartphones that redefine communication to smart home devices that elevate convenience, this year’s best-selling electronics during the 9.9 sale have captivated consumers with their innovative features and compelling price points.

The top-selling electronics of this 9.9 sale in Singapore and Malaysia have given us a glimpse into that exciting future, and it’s safe to say that the journey of discovery is just beginning.

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