8.8 National Day Sale up to 90% OFF on Lazada, Zalora, Shopee and Lenovo!

8.8 Sale Singapore

Singaporeans, get ready to rule the world without overburdening your budget, as 8.8 National Sale Day is around the corner with a discount of up to 90% on your favourite brands and their products. 8th August 2021 is the day to empty your cart and proceed towards the check-out, not only this but the next two days will follow up with the extensive saving benefits just for you!
Before moving ahead with the tips and tricks to celebrate the desired savings, we have some incredible highlights on the categories with the highest discount from the online stores of Lazada, Shopee, Lenovo, and Zalora. Achieving the financial goal without cutting off your luxury won’t help your inner peace, so unleash the shopaholic beast in you during this year’s 8.8 Mega Flash Sale and enjoy the lesser spending and more delivery knocks on your door.

What’s up with Lazada’s 8.8 National Day Sale 2021?

Lazada 8.8 Mega Sale

Lazada has never failed to entertain online shoppers with the surprisingly low rates on quality products, so just imagine the benefits of sales at their store and unimaginable savings. With their promotional deals, you are not just going to sit behind the screen, but will explore the widest range of products available at the cutting-edge discount of around 90%! Discover Lazada’s top-selling products and shop accordingly for the coming sales.

No need to spin the wheel of fortune, as before D-Day arrives, you will rejoice with the exciting deals already. Lazada knows how to entertain the purchaser and help them save more just with the help of some activities available at present, so to give it a try find the details listed below.

  • Slash it with Lazada App – Download the app and get the prices of the products slashed into the half with help of you or your friends. Go crazy with the enormous savings even before the day arrives.
  • Surprise boxes – Feed you mid-night cravings while scrolling through the Lazada app. Within the duration of 12 AM to 2 AM, you will get more interesting deals, so stay tuned as the savings are indeed guaranteed but can be multiplied with the surprise box of Lazada.

What to shop at Lazada during the 8.8 Sale?

Just to be clear, we are gonna make some genuine predictions about some category products which can be bought at the lowest possible range during the upcoming sale.

  • Keep your hopes high for the Airpods, iPhone, Apple accessories and more with the maximum discount of up to 30% to 35% on LazMall.
  • Save up to 88% on the TV and Home Appliances.
  • Grab a discount of around 70% on Health and Beauty products.
  • On Stationery, Book and Music items, you will get a discount of around 70%.
  • Taobao products will help you save around 80% this 8.8 National Sale Day.
  • RedMart comes with 50% discount deals on food products.
  • Over 18,000 brands and products will be offering the biggest discount voucher this 8.8 Sale of 2021.
  • No need to add the savings for that watch which costs around $799 as, during the sale, there might be a price drop down to 80%.
  • The following brands, Furla bags, Under Armours, Skin Inc., Dyson, Mark & Spencer, Ergobaby, Lego, Huggies, Nespresso, and most importantly RedMart products are going to offer gigantic discounts starting from 40% to 70%.

Go Crazy with Shopee 8.8 Mega Flash Sale 2021!

Shopee 8.8 Sale 2021

Shopee lives in the heart of those who are always in search of something new, and guess what, shopping for those at the minimum ranges despite the brand and labels, only possible during the 8.8 mid-year sale of 2021. Eliminate the dilemma of what to shop or what not to rather grab all of them as the budget of one thing can buy three things during the three-day sale of 8.8 this year.
Belt yourself a little bit tight as the ride to the Shopee online store is going to be full of exciting promotional gifts of savings up to 90% on fashion products, beauty, home appliances, health and wellness, computer appliances, and more. Loosen the self in the world of ultimate savings for back to back three days starting from 8th August to 10th August 2021 at Shopee Singapore.

What is so special about Shopee 8.8 Sale 2021?

When it comes to Shopee Singapore, you will acknowledge the valuable discount benefits on the biggest brands and top-notch designers. They are all about the exclusive deals and offers, especially the flash sales which will increase your savings to 5% more if collected the Shopee promo codes at a time.

Have fun shopping while saving at the same time at Shopee Singapore during the Mid-Year Sale 2021. What to expect for the coming 8.8 Sale at Shopee are listed below.

  • Cashback of up to 28% on every purchase you make without any minimum spent limit.
  • Participate in the flash deals such as $0.10, $0.99, and more.
  • Grab the latest discount deals for 8.8 Sale days at Shopee.
  • Participate in a shopping spree for the coming sale of 8.8 at Shopee Singapore.
  • Bonanza deals for the classiest brands such as Samsung, Sasa, Houze, Gain City and more.
  • Discount of up to 70% on the bedding markdowns and furniture.

Intensify your fashion wardrobe with Zalora 8.8 Sale 2021!

Zalora Mid-Year sale

This August, let your desired fashion brand make a grand entrance to your closet as the news is in the air about the highest fashion discount deals in the 8.8 Sale of Zalora Singapore. Over boarding, the budgetary obligations are not going to be an excuse for you as the mid-year sale has got a lot of discount vouchers for you!
Game on with the biggest brands and labels. Zalora is not only going to lower the prices but also indulge in some fabulous saving activities from 8th August to 10th August 2021! Let your love for branded accessories, footwear, clothes, bags, jewellery, and more grow a bit more than before so that you can grab the most out of the widest options available during the sale of 8.8.

What should one aim to purchase during the 8.8 sales at Zalora?

Singaporeans Zalora is a fashion hub, so knowing about one of the biggest sales 8.8, would you wanna resist the fact about how big brands like Barbizon, Bebe, Biofresh, Copper Apparel, Rags2Riches, Darlington, EXPED, F.101, Sale, Guitar, Hanford, Jockey, Mona Lisa, and more are going to offer the heaviest discount on the latest fashion? Find the Zalora 8.8 Sale 2021 promo codes on our website.
Fashion never ends, but the sale of 8.8 might end within 3 days starting from 8th August 2021, so don’t dream the brand, own it by shopping it during the coming sale. The predictions are made, that they are going to be some heavy discount deals on the marvellous brands for the following categories like bags, clothing, sports, accessories, watches, shoes, beauty products, and more listed beneath.

  • Penshoppe
  • GBX
  • Asher
  • Banana Peel
  • Calvin Klein
  • Charm Beauty & Minerals
  • Ciracle
  • Collection
  • Davidoff
  • Dolly Wink

Enhance your gadgets with Lenovo Singapore during the 8.8 Mid-Year Sale 2021!

8.8 Mega Sale Lenovo

Tech-Savvy may understand the whole point of why to shop for the mobile phones, laptops, desktops, during the mid-year sale, because the prices are lowered down to another level. So, look for the enormous saving options at Lenovo Singapore, as they are going to offer up to 70% off on the coming 8th August 2021.
The high-performance laptops make your work from home more comfortable, or simply add the cutting-edge gaming experience to your daily routine just by vouching for it at Lenovo SG. Not only the laptops, get yourself ready to use the generation next tiny all in one desktop with the high-performance processor at the lowest rates.
Sign in at Lenovo Singapore, and add the desired products to your cart and purchase them on 8th August to receive the massive saving opportunity. If you are looking for a place with an extensive range of Lenovo promo codes and vouchers, our website to help you with the bigger savings just by collecting genuine discount deals.

How are we going to help you during the 8.8 Mid-Year Sale?

Discount Code

Our aim is as simple as one could imagine, we just want to help the online shoppers with the extraordinary privileges of savings. During the sale days, finding authentic promotional offers are extremely difficult, so when you are with us, you get to explore the different online shopping platforms with the widest deals and offers is it Zalora, Shopee, Lazada or Lenovo?
Apart from the high-end saving benefits, we offer you, we also provide you with some incredible tricks to multiply your savings during the sale days. Wanna know how? Find a few tips we have listed underneath to help you SAVE wholly during 8.8 Sale days.

  • Midnight deals are considered as best, so on 8th August 2021 make sure to go shop from 12 AM to 2 AM.
  • Keep us in your bookmark as we update the deals and refresh them accordingly on a regular basis.
  • Pre-Sales are available, so make sure to stay updated with your favourite online store.
  • Add the desired products in your cart or wish to list them even before the sale day arrives, as this will help you to set the priority.

Other Stores with great discount deals of 8.8 Mega Flash Sale!

Singaporeans, there are a number of top-notch stores that offer great discount deals on the branded products that must be checked out. With the non-stop three-day sale starting from 8th August to 10th August, you will get plenty of options to explore and choose from. Discover the stores in Singapore listed below offering discount deals during 8.8 Mega Flash Sale events.

  • Microsoft Singapore – During the sale event, they are offering savings on the purchase of a laptop around SG$647.00 and get up to 25% OFF! Make sure to use the Microsoft promo code to save exceptionally during the 8.8 sale event.
  • Harvey Norman – Harvey Norman Singapore is offering a discount of over $200 on the best IT products, such as Acer laptops, Lenovo Yoga laptops, Huawei Watches, Panasonic Lumix camera and more. Harvey Norman promo codes will play a great role in your budget-friendly shopping experience of yours.
  • FairPrice – FairPrice Singapore is offering over 50% discount during the 8.8 Mega Flash Sale Day.
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