Adidas Superstar Vs Nike Air Force 1 – The Ultimate Battle

Adidas Superstar Vs Nike Air Force 1 trainers

The adidas Vs Nike arch rivalry is as cut-throat as ever. With new shoes, both the brands continue to shape and bolster the sportswear industry. The two sportswear giants are great at innovation and come up new and brilliant designs every now and then. The brand fanatics often have a hard time in finalizing stellar products from their collection. In this blog, we will compare the two iconic shoes: Adidas Superstar vs Nike Air Force 1 to find out the best shoes for you.

Adidas Superstar Trainers

Originally designed for Basketball courts in the 70s, adidas Superstar shoes are iconic in the purest sense of the word. Donned by NBA superstars such as Kareem Abdul Jabbar, the original design was launched in 1969.

Adidas Superstar shoes in white shade with classic black stripes
adidas Superstar White and Black shoes

Boasting a classic design, the upper is made with leather whereas the toe section is constructed with rubber shell for added protection. With rubber cupsole arranged in Herringbone pattern, the adidas superstar womens and men’s shoes characteristic line design is available in several colors.

Bestseller Variants-

Adidas Superstar slip on shoes

Nike Air Force 1 Trainers

Oozing timeless OG vibes, the Nike Air Force 1 shoes is a shoedrobe essential. Interestingly, the name of the shoes is inspired by an aircraft which was used by the President of the United States to commute. It was the first ever basketball sneaker to showcase an air-filled pocket in the heel which provides unparalleled support and comfort.

Nike Air Force 1 in white shade with black swoosh
Nike Air Force 1 White and Black Trainers

Crafted from premium materials, Air Force 1 takes comfort up a notch with its soft springy cushioning. It is a perfect summer shoe owing to the presence of perforations on the upper section. The non-marking rubber outsole ensures greater level of durability. Sucker for cleats? Explore the linked blog to land the best cleats in 2022.

Bestseller variants-

Nike Air Force 1 07
Nike Air Force 1 Fontaka
Nike Air Force 1 Shadow
Nike Air Force 1 Junior

Adidas Superstar Vs Nike Air Force 1 Shoes – Design

adidas superstar uk
Adidas Superstar shoes
Nike Air Force white and black shoes
Nike Air Force 1 Trainers
  • Even though both Adidas Superstar trainers & Nike Air Force 1 women’s and men’s shoes are categorized as low top, AF 1 provides more protection due to its higher cut.
  • Superstar is comparatively flatter.
  • Adidas Superstar Black and White shoes are classic and versatile. It is available in 36 other shades including purple, black, off white, blue, indigo, brown, and metallic gold. Pair it with on-trend styles from top fashion portals.
  • Nike Air Force 1 white shoes are the most popular ones. It is available in other color variants as well.

Nike Air Force 1 Trainers Vs adidas Superstar – Comfort

  • Comfort is the biggest factor to consider when buying shoes. The Nike trainers and the Super star both are super comfortable. Do make sure to double check your shoe size before making a purchase.
  • If you’re into high-impact sports such as running or basketball, then Nike Air Force 1 low shoes will be better choice. The air-cushioning will protect your joints. Find more Nike must-haves through the linked blog.
  • The perforations in the upper of AF 1 make it more breathable.

Air Force 1 Vs Superstar trainers- Durability

  • Durability is another crucial factor one should consider when looking for best shoes to buy in UK.
  • The toe shell feature of Adidas Superstar Original makes it more durable than AF 1. Grab it during the 10.10 sale.

Adidas Superstar Vs Nike Air Force 1 Trainers- Aesthetic Appeal

  • Sneakers are capable of making fashion statements.
  • The classic Adidas Superstar black and white shoes are iconic and a wardrobe staple for the streetwear enthusiasts. It can be donned with a cute dress or track suit. For best summer dresses ideas, let the linked blog be your guide.
  • Adidas Superstar Bold shoes come in cloud white and gold metallic shades. Whether you’re up for a workout session or brunch with your pals, these sneakers won’t let you down. The Nike Air Force 1 Fontanka is a ten on ten lookwise. You can shop your favorite trainers at best prices by taking your pick from JD Sports sale.
  • White Nike Air Force 1 shoes scream stylish. The shoes look amazing with gym-friendly outfits.

Adidas Superstar Vs Nike Air Force 1 Shoes – Final Showdown

Adidas Superstar womens and mens shoes Pros-

  • The sleek design of the Adidas Superstar womens and mens shoes speaks for itself.
  • It flaunts classic three stripe branding.
  • Flatter sole as compared to AF 1 which provides better support.
  • Herringbone pattern rubber cupsole for more secure traction.
  • Presence of toe shell for protection and durability.

Adidas Superstar trainers Cons-

  • It runs one size large.
  • Less breathable upper due to the presence of lesser perforation.
  • Mild break-in period.
  • Absence of air technology.

Nike Air Force 1 Men’s and Women’s Trainers Pros-

  • Perforated upper provides breathability.
  • It flaunts ‘AIR’ logo on outer sides of the sole.
  • Padded ankle collar for added support.
  • The Air Technology offers better cushioning.

Nike Trainers AF1 Cons-

  • It is less versatile than it’s contemporary.
  • It is costlier.
  • The upper might wrinkle with regular usage.

Conclusion- Adidas Superstar Vs Nike Air Force 1

The aesthetic appeal of adidas trainers supersedes the Nike AF 1 trainers. The basic white and black combination is classic and versatile. You can go for the other color variants as well. For athletes who dig the barefoot feeling, the lack of cushioning in the adidas Superstar 82 shoes can be a plus point. For the best price, you can go for the Adidas Superstar sale.

adidas black trainers
adidas Superstar Black Trainers

The air technology in the Nike Air Force 1 men’s and women’s shoes makes it a better match for the ones who enjoy high-impact sports. The foam sole reduces the shock impact. Another plus point of the Air Force 1 trainers is the perforation on its upper which enables better ventilation. The Nike Air Force 1 Black mens shoes is jaw-dropping in aesthetic appeal. You can also go for the ones with the water-repellent Gore-Tex lining for all weather comfort. Grab Nike Air Force 1 sale price and relish a discounted purchase.

nike black trainers
Nike Air Force 1 Black and White Shoes

All in all, it depends on your taste and preferences. As long as you go for the right size, both the shoes are worth buying. If you need a guide to Plus Size clothing, just explore the linked blog.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is special about the adidas Superstar?

When the Superstar trainers were introduced in 1969, it was the first basketball shoes to showcase all-leather upper. Its toe-shell feature is still unique. It became a huge hit in the hip-hop industry as well as the mainstream culture.

What is more durable Nike or adidas?

The shoes of both the brands are almost equally durable. It largely depends on maintenance, proper use, and weather conditions.

Are adidas Superstar sneakers comfortable?

Adidas Superstar Original shoes have flat sole which hugs the feet in the right way making it super comfortable. It has a great cushioning. The aesthetically pleasing shoes are durable and can last up to three years.

Why is Nike Air Force 1 popular?

Air Force 1 trainers are the first of its kind to offer air technology. It is stylish, classic, and super comfortable. First released in 1982, it has a rich history which appeals to the sneaker fanatics.

What is the difference between Air Force 1 and Air Force 1 Shadow?

Keeping up with the layering trend, the Nike Air Force 1 Shadow is designed with a thicker sole. The sister-shoe to Air Force 1 designed by Bruce Kilgore, AF 1 Shadow flaunts prominent swooshes and heel patches. The Nike Air Force 1 Shadow is the first sneaker in its might to cater to the styling needs of females. Opt for chic dresses with the classic shoes. Get dress inspo from the linked blog.

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