Best Boxing Day Sales UK 2022: Offers & Discounts to Shop Online

Let us walk you through the best boxing sale deals UK on TVs, clothes, shoes, techs, homewares, and more to save!

The Christmas season has officially kicked off. The penny-pinchers can’t wait for the Boxing Day Sales Deals UK to get the best of this year-end sale event! The Christmas clearance sale is followed by unmissable offers from your favorite brands and stores online and offline. And oh dear, do they leave you wanting for more?


shop boxing day deals online
Get the best Boxing Day Deals in the UK!

Bid adieu to the old year along with the outdated appliances, technology, and fashion with Boxing Day sale offers. To make the most out of the best UK Boxing Day deals online 2022, CollectOffers have brought together a few tips and information that will let you stay ahead and bargain better.

Boxing Day Origin: What is Boxing Day?

Boxing Day owes its name to a tradition followed in the Victorian Era. To your surprise, the Boxing Day sale isn’t even remotely connected with the actual sport of boxing! This name originated in 17th-century Britain. It came from the idea of the rich boxing gifts and food for the less privileged ones on the next day of Christmas.

Boxing Day 2021
Celebrate Boxing Day with the best deals!

Boxing Day also holds some religious significance. It is commemorated as Saint Stephen’s Day in some provinces of Spain and Ireland. In some countries of Europe, Boxing Day is also referred to as the second Christmas. Hence, Boxing Day and Christmas sales are also terms that many shoppers happen to look forward to.

Why is it called Boxing Day in the UK?

There are many theories behind why Boxing Day is called Boxing Day in the UK or Australia. All of them circle back to the idea of boxing food and presents for underprivileged families, servants, and workers who work on Christmas Day.

Currys Boxing Day sales UK online
Major UK retailers will be part of Boxing Day Sale Deals

Churches also became a part of this tradition by collecting money from their visitors and donating gifts to the poor ones. They unbox the gifts after Christmas Day and that is how Boxing Day got its name. And in the present time, Boxing Day Sale offers have turned this day also into a mega-sale event!

Famous Boxing Day Traditions

In the olden times, folks went fox hunting on Boxing Day. This tradition stopped later in the day and some fun-new traditions took over. Nowadays, Boxing Day is all about Football or Rugby and the leftover Turkey from Christmas Eve! Local players compete against each other. Families come together to spend some time and gobble on the delicious Christmas leftover food. that is often prepared way more than needed.

Boxing day Christmas Sale
Playing Rugby is a new-age Boxing day tradition.

And to top it off, of course, Boxing Day online shopping has made its way into this list of must-do things because let’s be honest, Boxing Day sale deals online are too good to be avoided!

When is Boxing Day 2022 in UK?

Boxing Day falls on the very next day of Christmas and this year it will be observed on 26th December 2022. This is the perfect time to spend all the monetary gifts that you have received during Christmas. In 2022, Boxing Day will be on Monday, however, the online Boxing Day sale deals and discounts kick in way before the day it actually is celebrated.

Boxing day sale deals uk
Boxing day 2022 falls on the 26th Dec, Monday.

When does the Boxing Day UK sale 2022 start?

For many UK retailers, the Boxing Day sale starts at midnight of Christmas and lasts until the New Year, though many stores plan ahead and launch their best Boxing Day offers way before the actual event. If you have been looking for something in particular, then you would have enough time on your hands to wish-list it. We say that waiting it out is the best way to enjoy the last-minute Boxing Day sale discounts 2022 to strike the best bargains.

What to buy from Boxing Day Christmas Sales 2022?

When it comes to shopping from the Boxing Day Sale UK, your mind will definitely wander off every high-end product that you have liked and left in the cart just so you don’t burn a hole in your pocket. Well, every sale event has something unique to offer and Boxing Day sale deals 2022 are no different, and wouldn’t it be fabulous to know the best buys during Boxing Day 2022 sale? You will not only know which categories will save you the most and which products are under heavy Boxing Day sale discounts.

UK Boxing day Sale 2021 deals
Massive discounts on Boxing day Sale 2022

Say no more, as we have got a list of the best products to buy during the best Boxing Day sale offers:

  • Electronics & Gadgets: There could not be a better time to buy your favorite tech and that too at the most amazing price available during the Electronics Boxing Day sale 2022! Various retailers take part in this post-Christmas sale or Boxing Day discount offers and cook up cheap discounts on laptops, gaming consoles, iPhones, smartwatches, tablets, and other electricals.
  • Home Appliances: Revamp your home with the latest electronic appliances and tune into a smart kitchen using the Boxing Day Sale deals 2022 in the UK. You can grab products like freezers, dry washers, refrigerators, juicers, homeware, televisions, digital cameras, and others at highly discounted prices once these deals unveil. Shoppers also look for furniture Boxing Day sale deals on the online or offline UK stores!
Electronics Boxing day sale
Save hugely on Electronics, Techs, fashion & more.
  • Designer fashion & beauty: Boxing Day sale discounts on luxury fashion, accessories, and beauty brands will never fail to amaze you! Being the biggest year-end sale event, Boxing Day Fashion Sales 2022 UK will make budget-buys possible with savings on dresses, fragrances, tops, makeup, shoes, sneakers, Christmas gifts, and much more.
  • Travel Deals: By using the Boxing Day travel deals 2022, you can take off to your favorite vacationing spot and celebrate New Year’s Eve and Christmas Holidays in the UK. You can book flights, accommodation, vacation rentals, and more at prices you never imagined during the Boxing Day Sale in the UK 2022.

Stores Offering UK Boxing Day Sales Online 2022

Got tired of scouring the internet to find the stores that are slashing their prices the most? Here’s the list of UK and Australian retailers that go far and beyond for their buyers with a whopping 10%-70% OFF on the products that you have considered buying before but didn’t.

Argos Boxing day sale 2021
Boxing day sale is live UK’S top online store.
  • Argos: Look for Argos Boxing Day Sale 2022 in the UK and get up to 40% OFF on TVs, fitness equipment, hoovers, kitchen appliances, and others.
  • Currys: The Currys Boxing Day sale is going to be totally noteworthy in 2022. It has a history of providing great chances to save in the past. You will obtain up to 40% OFF on smartwatches, fitness trackers, washing machines, laptops, and a great range of deals on 100s of products during Currys PC World Boxing day sale 2022.
  • John Lewis: From electrical, home and garden, Nintendo Switch Lite to womenswear and more John Lewis Boxing Day Sale sounds promising as the last that went as low as 50% OFF on prices.
Boxing Day Sale deals 2021 online
Boxing Day Sale deals on luxury fashion & beauty.
  • Apple Products: If you have been dreaming of buying the Apple Watch, iPhone, AirPods, MacBook Air, or iPad, then there are several retailers in the UK that offer Apple Boxing Day sale deals like Currys, John Lewis, and others.
  • Amazon: Get your hands on budget-friendly techs including hard drives, cables, DIY and tools, mobile phones and accessories, webcams, keyboards, and other technologies during the Amazon Boxing Day sale 2022.

Other UK’s top retailers with Early Boxing Day deals

John lewis Boxing day
Boxing Day Sale is live in some stores

Other Perks of Boxing Day Sale Online

Although the Boxing Day sale 2022 is also active on offline retailers in the UK, there are several other advantages that weigh out the urge to shop instantly without any waiting period! Yes!! While you avoid the hustling crowds and shop late at night, you can enjoy special promo codes on stores as well! and it comes with free shipping offers, student discounts, sign-up offers, app-exclusive savings, and more. Once you go to CollectOffers UK, search for any of your favorite stores to get discounts of up to 70% OFF.

Boxing Day Sale deals UK
Shop your favorites Boxing Day Sale in the UK.

Where to find cheap Boxing Day Deals 2022?

Whether we are talking about the Boxing Day Sale Offers 2022, January Sales offers, or December sales, CollectOffers has got eyes on all such events that might work in your favor. You can explore all the UK stores launching these amazing yet cheap Boxing Day Sale Deals and clearance offers. They will let you shop for the best at the least prices. From household to personal care products, the options to shop from are unending. Once you scroll through CollectOffers UK and Australia, you will find the best Boxing Day Sale deals online. And don’t forget to follow up to know about the next sale online!

Happy Boxing Day Folks!

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