Lalamove vs. GrabExpress: Which One to Choose?

Lalamove Vs Grab

Technology has touched every sphere of our lives. From dining in to travel bookings, we are spoilt with choices making room for confusion.

When it comes to delivery service in Philippines, two names that pop in minds are Lalamove and GrabExpress. Whether you are a business owner and need fast & flexible delivery service or just a regular customer in need of quick flower delivery, choosing the right delivery partner can make a huge difference. Lalamove vs GrabExpress: Let’s dig deeper to find the winner.

What is Lalamove?

Founded in 2013, Lalamove is a Petaling Jaya-headquartered delivery service. Being an on-demand same day delivery platform, it has efficiently bridged the gap between users and delivery drivers via its mobile and web apps.

Lalamove Philippines

Ever since its inception, Lalamove delivery platform has expanded to over 21 cities in countries including Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia, Mexico, and Brazil. It allows delivery services for both small and larger packages. Lalamove Philippines is the strategic business partner for businesses of all sizes as it brilliantly tackles their last mile delivery issues.

The Lalamove app ensures seamless booking experience and gives access to a wide fleet of delivery vehicles captained by professional drivers. It’s really easy to use. Just input your pickup and drop locations, select the vehicle type you need and get quickly matched with the nearby driver.

Lalamove delivery
Lalamove Philippines Booking

The Lalamove delivery booking vehicle options offered by the giant delivery service provider include:

  • Motorcycle
  • Sedan 200kg
  • MPV 300kg
  • MPV 600kg
  • Small Truck 1,000kg
  • Medium Truck 2,000kg
  • Large Truck 5,000kg

Lalamove Rates PH

Offering extensive options, the platform offers reasonable rates. You can refer to the Lalamove delivery rates below:

Lalamove rates Manila
Lalamove Delivery Rates

Pros- Grab Or Lalamove

  • Door to door delivery is included in its motorbikes to van orders.
  • Lalamove PH offers customizable options for people not looking forward to pay fixed package prices for moving.
  • Its multi-stop feature not also helps businesses save time but also cost. You can easily book Lalamove online using its app.
  • Its car and bike point-to-point deliveries have a maximum time of one hour.
  • Lalamove delivery tracking via express makes it easy to track the rider in real-time.


Currently, Lalamove delivery service is limited to Cebu, Greater Manila area, and Pampanga. It is certainly a disappointment to be considered in the quest of finding the victor or Grab Express Vs Lalamove battle.

What is GrabExpress?

GrabExpress is a premium delivery service provider with live GPS tracking. Offering instant delivery and 4-hour delivery alternative to provide flexibility, the platform is completely safe as all the parcels are insured and the GrabExpress drivers go through intensive training. It is often considered as the top Lalamove alternative Philippines.

Grab Philippines

For easy Grab Express bookings, you can download the Grab app from Google Play or App store. The different services provided by the platform include:

GrabExpress Lite – For point-to-point or curb side delivery, you get to savor lower fares.

GrabAssistant – It is Grab’s concierge service that allows consumers to request for riders to buy items (Pabili) or even queue in line for them (Papila).

GrabExpress Cash on Delivery (Beta) – Owing to this service, rider collects the item from you, delivers it to the recipient, collects the cash payment, and returns the cash to you.

GrabExpress Booking
GrabExpress Delivery Service

The vehicle options available at the platform include:

  • Bike
  • Car
  • MPV 200kg

GrabExpress Rates

The rates of GrabExpress Philippines are not publicly displayed. The Grab Express rates per km will be displayed at the time of check out.

Pros- Grab Express Vs Lalamove

  • Once the package is dropped off, the rider will take a photo of the recipient with the package to provide you further reassurance.
  • Grab for business helps you manage your business needs to enhance productivity and efficiency.
  • Grab delivery tracking is efficient as it offers Live tracking facility via GPS which gives it an edge in the Grab Express Vs Lalamove war.
  • GrabExpress Philippines can be used to book up to 150 deliveries concurrently.


  • GrabExpress delivery Philippines is limited to Metro Manila and Cebu city.
  • Grab Express delivery rates are not publicly displayed.
  • Zero availability of vehicle options for package over 300kg which is further a demerit in the Grab vs Lalamove PH quest.


What is cheaper Lalamove or Grab Philippines?

The prices at Lalamove PH are comparatively lesser. Grab prices generally tend to be on the higher sides.

Which is better Lalamove or Grab Express?

There’re perks and demerits of both the delivery services provider. The lack of options for package over 300 Kg and publicly non-availability Grab Express delivery rates Philippines 2022 are shortcomings which effect the preferences in the Grab delivery vs Lalamove Philippines debate. On the plus side, it offers concurrent delivery and efficacious tracking. Similarly, the limited area availability of Lalamove PH is demit but it is cost effective in many cases. So take your pick as per your preference and necessity.

How do I contact Lalamove Philippines?

To get in touch with Lalamove PH, you can use or in-app chat feature.

How do I contact GrabExpress?

You can use the GrabExpress Hotline number 02 8883 7100.

How does Grab Express Work?

If you need help with how to book Grab Express, just follow the simple steps stated below-

  • Select ‘Delivery’ from the home screen.
  • Choose your preferred delivery types and gauge the Grab Express delivery rates.
  • Enter your pick up and drop-off point.
  • Tap ‘Book a delivery’ to confirm your Grab Express booking.

When did Lalamove start in Philippines?

Lalamove online platform was launched in the Philippines on November 1, 2016. It has expanded to cover major areas of the country.

What is Lalamove queueing service?

Lalamove queueing service allows you line up partner drivers in an establishment to complete a delivery or payment service for you.

Where can I find Grab Express Tracking Number?

Head to your Grab app and tap on the ‘Activity’ option available on the lower part of the screen. Just select ‘Delivery’ and ‘Ongoing’ tab for current deliveries. Open the specific delivery details and you will find the Grab Express tracking link on the upper right corner of the screen.

Can I get Lalamove cash on delivery option?

Lalamove Philippines does not currently offer cash on delivery.

Is Grab better than Lalamove SG?

Grab or Lalamove both have their own set of merits and demerits. You can explore the delivery rates at both to find the better option depending on your need.

Overall- Who Triumphs? Lalamove or GrabExpress?

The Lalamove vs GrabExpress quest has led us to some eye-opening points. There are merits and demerits of both the platforms. The prices at GrabExpress booking portal are not so transparent as compared to Lalamove PH. Also, the lack of availability of trucks renders it void for heavier items above 300kg. On general, Lalamove booking online platform is more preferable for longer routes whereas for shorter routes, Grab Philippines can work excellent.

Final Words

The best thing to do is check both the platforms and then gauge which option would be perfect as per your need. To get the best deals, you can go through the wide array of deals enlisted on our portal.

From Lalamove Black Friday deals to GrabExpress promo code offers; rest assured that you won’t miss out on the biggest bargain deals. The new users of the Petaling Jaya-headquartered platform can go for the Lalamove first time promo code. Seal the deal without worrying about missing out on the jaw-dropping offers.

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