Comparison: Lazada vs Shopee Which is Better?


Online shopping marketplaces have elevated their accessibility in every possible way. And knowing the right place to shop is one of the bigger challenges an online fanatic faces. And when it’s Shopee and Lazada, you no longer have to face the ‘What if situations’ ‘or ‘should have bought it on Lazada’ and more!’

This blog will help shoppers from the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia have a better outlook on the perks of shopping at Shopee and Lazada. Get ready to explore the most incredible online marketplace with the comparison of services of Lazada Shopee you can opt for whichever suits best for you.

Before moving towards the informative data, let’s just know a bit more about when did both of the leading online shopping platforms start and how far did they go.

History of Lazada

Lazada was started in 2012 by Maximilian Bittner and expanded its services to Singapore in 2014. Setting several milestones, Lazada is Southeast Asia’s largest e-commerce operator. Covering almost every category and enlisting the popular brands from local to leading ones for electronics, clothing, homeware products, furniture, and more.

History of Shopee

Shopee was established in 2015 and was a consumer to consumer, later upgraded to business to consumer. Expanding to a six-storey in Singapore, Shopee had over 3000 employees in 2019 and is actively being used in the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and took a soft entry in India in November 2021. Being the second-largest eCommerce marketplace, Shopee has some special features beneficial for both buyer and seller.

What is better Shopee or Lazada?

Things won’t heat up as the suggestions to fulfil the question draws the admirers of both Shopee and Lazada with favoured conclusions. From the buyer’s point of view we have compared the services of both the e-commerce companies, find the table below.

Instalment Payment PlansYes, lots of options are availableNo
RefundsIt can take 7 to 14 daysGenerally, it takes 3 to 7 days
FREE Delivery Yes, but on the selected brands and products.During the special events.
Customer Services24/7 Available24/7 Available
Lowest Price GuaranteedNoYes
Online banking NoYes

How different is the Business Model of Lazada & Shopee?

When it comes to the comparison of two different e-Commerce websites, one must understand the business model of both platforms.

Lazada has both retail and marketplace models in its business, sellers are provided with a platform to commence their business. Whereas Shopee is completely a marketplace model as a third party is involved for the retail purpose.

Moreover, Lazada charges commission fees for the third-party retailers using their platform, while Shopee doesn’t impose any such requirement from the retailers.

So yes, the business models of Lazada and Shopee are completely different and both have their own perks, but here, as Shopee doesn’t charges commission, which is definitely good news for the retailers who are thinking to commence their online business.

Statistical View of Lazada and Shopee in different Countries

It is exceptionally important to look forward to the users from the different countries and compare the requirements. Find the table below showing the traffic on both websites in Millions according to the survey in 2020 and 2021.

Thailand 57.24 (Q1, 2020) 38.54 (Q4, 2020)
Singapore14.1 (Q4, 2020) 8.57 (Q2, 2020)
Indonesia127.4 (Q1, 2021)36.26 (Q4, 2020)
Malaysia43.33 (Q4, 2020)14.78 (Q4, 2020)

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