Ryderwear vs Gymshark – The Best Fitness Apparel Brand

Let’s delve deep into this careful comparison of Ryderwear vs Gymshark to discover the topmost choice for you!

In this forever-shifting world of fashion, it is quite important to choose a fitness apparel brand that is comfortable yet fashionable too. Not only it can impact your workout, but making the right choice can add an extra oomph to your looks.

Whenever we talk about fitness and fashion together, there are two names that pop up in our minds – Ryderwear and Gymshark. Gymshark and Ryderwear offer a unique blend of style, performance, and functionality, have garnered substantial attention and loyalty from fitness enthusiasts around the globe.

In this comparative analysis of Ryderwear vs Gymshark, we are going to dissect the key aspects of both these brands to help you decide which one to choose.

Get ready to navigate the world of fitness fashion with this Ryderwear vs Gymshark blog. Let’s dive in to explore the versatile product ranges of these two pioneering brands in fitness fashion.

Product Range – Ryderwear vs Gymshark

Although both brands put up a wide selection of gym essentials for both men and women, in this comparison of Ryderwear vs Gymshark, the latter remains a winner. It offers a diverse range of products that includes shorts, leggings, t-shirts, bras, and more with a special emphasis on your training needs (running, rest day, functional fitness, and more).  

Gymshark vs Ryderwear products
Gymshark and Ryderwear product range

On the other hand, Ryderwear, with a comparatively narrower product range, has a strong focus on weightlifting and bodybuilding apparel, such as lifting shoes, belts, and straps. If you are looking for underwear and basics, base layers, and gym vests, then Ryderwear is not the one for you.

Gymshark or Ryderwear Size Chart – which is better?

Perfect sizing is non-negotiable when it comes to finding your ideal gym wear. Imagine getting excited about ordering workout clothes online only to end up with horrible fits! A complete nightmare, right? But if you have your eyes on these two brands, we are here to tell you which one has a better size chart – Gymshark or Ryderwear.

Men’s Tops – Ryderwear offers men’s tops in sizes from S to 2XL with chest ranging from 88 to 136 cm and waist from 73 to 121 cm. Men’s tops sizes on Gymshark ranges between XS to 3XL. The chest size starts from 94 cm to 124 cm while the waist size starts from 75 cm and ends at 124 cm.

Women’s Tops – In women’s tops sizing, Ryderwear begins its chart from XS and goes up to XL. The bust size of the products starts from 76 and stretches up to 114 cm in the largest size, while the waist size starts from 60 and goes to 98 cm. Gymshark start its sizes from XXS (80 cm chest and 66 cm waist) and ends at XXL (110 cm chest and 96 cm waist).

In conclusion of the Ryderwear vs Gymshark size chart, the former one is a suitable choice for those looking for bigger sizes. Whether it is about tops, bottoms, shoes or accessories, Gymshark has smaller sizes in comparison of Ryderwear in every category.

However, it is recommended that you take your measurement before placing an order online on any of these stores.

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Who wins in Style and Design? – Ryderwear vs Gymshark  

Gymshark rules the heart of millions of shoppers all over the world through its sleek and minimalistic designs that will mesmerize with its aesthetic appeal. It infuses basic colors with subtle looks to create an impressive outfit. It is also quick to release new collections based on the latest trends so that you never go out of style with your workout clothes

Ryderwear, on the other end, tends to have more bold and edgy designs, often incorporating unique patterns and graphics. It showcases its products being used in more intense workout settings associated with professional athletes.

All in all, both of these brands boast outstanding styles and widely-loved patterns but considering the popularity of Gymshark, it is a fair winner.

Ryderwear and Gymshark – Quality Comparison

In terms of quality and durability, both of these brands stand their ground. Successfully creating a synergy between functionality and fashion, they both serve their targeted audiences satisfactorily.

Gymshark’s soft and stretchable material provides greater support during workouts and restriction-free movements. Its light weighted fabric offers comfortable experiences to the user. Since Ryderwear highly emphasizes on performance oriented gear like weight lifting and body building, many customers might not find its products breathable due to thicker and structured built.

Ryderwear vs Gymshark
Both offer Top-Notch Quality

When comparing durability, some customers have reported issues with Gymshark’s durability over time, particularly with leggings and sports bras, many others find its clothing to hold up well to regular use and washing. On the contrary, users often appreciate the durability of Ryderwear’s clothing, especially in items like lifting belts, shoes, and straps, which are designed to withstand heavy use.

Which is Cheaper? – Ryderwear vs Gymshark

Price of a product often ends up being the deciding factor for the bargain hunters. And if you are looking at the Ryderwear VS Gymshark comparison from a price point of view then Gymshark beats Ryderwear, hands down. Gymshark generally falls into the mid-range price category, offering quality products at relatively affordable prices.

Ryderwear, while still competitive, tends to be slightly higher priced next to Gymshark, reflecting its focus on performance and specialized lifting gear. Of course, if you are up for a pro-level workout must-haves, you’ll have to go with Ryderwear.

Ryderwear vs Gymshark – the best Discounts

PromotionsGymshark discount codesRyderwear promo codes
Student Discount10% OFF10% OFF
Refer a Friend DiscountAvailable
Sign up15% OFF
SaleUp to 70% OFFUp to 70% OFF
Limited Time DealsUpdated Daily
Loyalty ProgramAvailable
FREE DeliveryRegular Shipping  free over $100 Express Shipping free over $200Regular Shipping – free over $120 No free Express Shipping
Who’s the Winner?

When it comes to discounts, we obviously want the biggest savings for ourselves! Well given above are certain points that you should consider before deciding where to shop from in this battle of Gymshark vs Ryderwear.

Gymshark or Ryderwear – the Ultimate Showdown

Points of ComparisonGymsharkRyderwear
Shipping TimeStandard – 4-6 working days, Express – 2-4 working days.Standard – 2-8 Working days, Express – 1-3 working days.
Return Window30 Days30 Days
Customer ServicesQuick & Responsive
Pay Later FacilityAfterPayKlarna, Zip, & AfterPay
Customer ReviewsMostly positive reviewsMixed reviews, unhappy customers about shipping delays
Gymshark vs Ryderwear
Ryderwear and Gymshark
Best Discounts on Gymwear

Whether you’re a dedicated gym-goer, a seasoned athlete, or someone who has just sailed on a fitness journey, these distinguishing features of Gymshark and Ryderwear can help you align your apparel choices with your personal preferences and fitness goals. And to answer your question, which one is the best, it mostly depends upon your requirements. If you are looking for a workout clothes in general, then Gymshark should be your choice but for more professional and athletic gear, Ryderwear is preferable. In terms of popularity, we are gonna give Gymshark a point as it has managed to meet the shopper’s expectations better.

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