Saving Tips for 8.8 Sale 2022 for Shopee, Lazada & Other Stores

Saving Hacks for 8.8 Sale

Bringing you the jaw-dropping markdowns on the brands, Shopee 8.8 Sale 2022, Lazada 8.8 Sale, Zalora 8.8 Sale and offers on other top stores of SouthEast Asian countries like the Philippines, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia have arrived in your door once again, this time with more preparations to give you loaded discounts. We have covered some 8.8 Sale saving hacks that are definitely going to get you amazing bargains.

Shopping Tips for 8.8 Sale in Philippines

Before knowing how Filipinos can make the most out of online shopping during one of the prominent sale events, it is important to be aware of the stores that are participating, in this 8.8 shopping festival. You can expect incredible savings from the following eCommerce sites:

How do I get the best deals at Shopee 8.8 Sale 2022?

Get yourself familiar with the deals at Shopee 8.8 National Sale 2022 that we have covered and then act accordingly to get through the jam-packed online streets while filling your cart with your favourite brands and remarkable 8.8 Sale promo codes.

1. Shopee Flash Sale with 8-Peso deals

Shopee Philippines loves to play with numbers to give you extraordinary discounts on shopping festivals. With deals as low as 8 pesos on the occasion of the Double 8 Sale, they are already leading the race of winning the hearts of the customers. The answer to how can you save more with the Shopee Flash Sale is present with their ‘Remind Me’ option which you need to act to get notified about their Flash Sale going live. Scroll down their Home Page and check the Shopee Mall deals. You can also watch their Super Sale taking up a notch with deeper discounts after midnight during the sale event.

2. Shopee Free Shipping Vouchers

Pay nothing extra, not even the delivery charges with their Shopee 8.8 Sale free shipping vouchers that are pinned to the Free Shipping section on their Home Page. All you gotta do is, apply one of the Shopee promo codes for free delivery while checking out and your cart will get eligible for zero delivery charge.

3. Shopee Pre-Sale Offers on Categories

Mark down your calendar with the 8.8 Sale that launches Shopee voucher codes on different categories each day once the event begins. Firstly, the first week of August till the 8th day of the month is going to look like this:

August 1August 2August 3August 4August 5August 6August 7
Shopee 8.8 Opening SaleShopee Fashion DayEveryday Essentials DayLoad & Bills DayElectronics DayHome & Living DayShopee Vouchers Day
1GB data for ₱190% discount on Women’s, Men’s & Kids’ wearGroceries and Daily use items at discountsOffers on Smart, Globe, PLDT, etc.Mobile and Laptops Sale Sale on Home Appliances & Decor20% Shopee Cashback

Secondly, there are big discounts awaiting on the 8th of August 2022

Big Midnight SaleBig Morning SaleBig Lunchtime SaleBig Price Drop SaleLast 3 Hours Sale
12 am- 2 am7 am- 10 am12 pm- 2 pm5 pm- 8 pm9 pm- 12 am

Finally, the last 2 days of the 8.8 ShopeePay Festival will save you from future regrets by giving the Filipinos an opportunity to get mind-blowing discounts

August 9Big Midnight Sale12 am- 2pm
August 10 Last Chance Sale at Shopee9 pm- 12 Midnight

4. Grab ShopeePay Deals

Going cashless directly leads your door towards rewards and discounts with the ShopeePay e-wallet. Complete your payment with ShopeePay and get a chance to win freebies, special Shopee coupon codes, ShopeePay credits and other offers on participating brands and Shopee sellers.

With these tips and the latest Shopee Philippines voucher codes, save like never before on your cart on the Shopee 8.8 National Day Sale.

How to Save Up to 90% Off with Lazada 8.8 Sale 2022

No kidding! With Lazada voucher code hacks for the Double 8 Sale, you can make smart savings of nearly 90% reduction on your bill. While others struggle to savour the best deals you can smoothly walk out from your favourite Lazada Philippines online store during the 8.8 Sale by getting your hands on the never-to-miss deals and exclusive Lazada 8.8 Sale voucher codes.

1. Lazada Free Shipping Promo Code

With no minimum spend enjoy Lazada 8.8 Sale free shipping coupon on your bill. Doesn’t matter how small or big your order is, pay only the amount mentioned on the price tag of your product and get it delivered to your door at zero shipping fee.

2. Lazada 8.8 Sale Credit Card Promo Codes

Your credit card is going to get you saving more than you expected. Get the latest gadgets and fashion without having the aftermath guilt as brands like Xiaomi, Apple, Adidas, Philips, Nike, Reebok, Samsung and others enjoy special concessions with Lazada 8.8 Sale 2022 when you choose to pay through credit cards of the participating banks.

3. Lazada 8.8 Sale 2022 Vouchers & Freebies with App

Getting luxurious Lazada 8.8 Sale deals is as simple as moving your fingers on the Lazada App! Browsing the categories like Electronics, Fashion, Home & Living, Health & Beauty and others on their app is extremely convenient as well as rewarding with the exceptional Lazada promo codes and freebies that are accessible to the app users on participating in the promotional activities that include playing online Lazada Games.

4. Lazada Flash Sale and Pay Day Offers

Another interesting way to get your pockets filled with discounts is the Lazada Flash Sale which is active for a limited time on certain brands and products. Save the date for the Lazada running promotions on each day of their sale event period and for EXTRA % off use the Lazada wallet to pay for your order.

No regrets with Lazada Philippines promo codes as these coupons give you ultimate saving options if you miss out on any of their 8.8 Sale deals. They also let you save before, during and after the mega sale event.

The hype of this shopping festival in the Philippines is worth your excitement as there are deals on the trendiest styles from Zalora 8.8 Sale, Shein 8.8 Sale and Nike 8.8 Sale; on upgraded technology from Lenovo 8.8 Sale, Xiaomi 8.8 Sale and Samsung 8.8 Sale; on health and beauty from Watsons 8.8 Sale and Unilever 8.8 Sale and others.

Saving Hacks for Hong Kong 8.8 Sale 2022

Making happiness double with the double-digit sale, 8.8 Sale HK is about to kick in soon so better be prepared than regret later. Here are some saving tips for Hong Kongers to get top-notch discounts on local and international brands. Hong Kong has announced the following stores this year to make your August awesome with delightful deals.

The statistics show that fashion, medicines, cosmetics, jewellery, clocks, watches and gifts are a few categories with the highest demands so you can expect a major price cut-off on these items in the Hong Kong 8.8 Sale 2022. Now that you know what products are going to be on the loose bargains, plan your shopping:

  • Pick the brand you love before the sale and mark the prices of the products you wish to buy, for instance: vacuum cleaners from Dyson Hong Kong.
  • Compare the difference in the prices during the 8.8 Sale.
  • Instantly add items to your cart when discounts are more than 10%.

Shopping Tips to Save with 8.8 Sale Thailand

Thai people have got another event to celebrate with the arrival of the 8.8 Sale on the popular stores. Besides Lazada and Shopee 8.8 Sale, some other retailers are overtaking the market with the eye-popping price drops that you must catch.

National shopping seasons end up emptying your wallet instead of filling it with promo codes and coupons.

  • Avoid splurging out on unwanted items. Stores like Shopee Thailand and Lazada Thailand announce the dates of categories going for the massive price reduction that is helpful to focus only on the required products.
  • Add top brands to your cart without wasting any time as they tend to get out of stock at first.
  • Top your e-wallet of that particular store, for instance: Shopee Pay, to complete the payment for the participating brand or seller to get EXTRA discount or FREE gift vouchers.

Common Tip- Plan your shopping in advance

Bumper savings are on your way with 8.8 Sale 2022 so leaped at the unexpected offers directly by planning ahead of everyone. The formula is simple- to get better deals on your wishlist, have a wishlist! Start creating your wishlist right away and when the sale begins add those items to your shopping basket that are at great discounts.


When is Shopee 8.8 Sale 2022?

Shopee 8.8 Sale is marked from 5th August-8th August 2022 but the pre-sale offers start from July’s end week and continue till the 8th day of August.

How much can I save from the 8.8 Sale?

If shopping smartly, you can save more than 90% with the Double 8 Sale festival and on average you can easily score discounts up to 50% on different items and brands.

How will I get notified about the 8.8 Sale?

Newsletters are one of the easiest ways to get updated about the fresh promotions and sale events of any store. However, if you are unable to find the newsletter service of the online shopping centre then worry no more. Check PH, HK, TH, MY and ID pages and explore the deals on the store you want to shop.

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