Shopee 10.10 Sale 2023: The Ultimate Voucher Hunt Code Malaysia

Before we could shake off the fever of the 9.9 sale, Shopee 10.10 Brands Festival 2023 has already started to put together the ingredients of an extravagant event! The Shopee 10.10 Sale voucher hunt is anticipated to be bigger, better, and more exhilarating than ever in Malaysia.

In a world where online shopping has become a way of life, Shopee has consistently stood out as a frontrunner in offering incredible deals, a wide array of products, and an unmatched shopping experience. And when it comes to sales events, Shopee’s 10.10 Sale warms you up just right for the Singles days’ and 12.12 sales 2023!

So, what can you expect from this year’s Shopee 10.10 Sale? How can you make the most of the discounts, promotions, and exclusive offers that will be available? And perhaps most importantly, how can you participate in the much-anticipated Shopee 10.10 sale Voucher Hunt code? It has definitely got the shoppers across Malaysia buzzing with excitement.

Join us as we delve into the details, share shopping strategies, and uncover the hidden gems of this remarkable Shopee 10.10 Big Brands Festival.

When does the Shopee 10.10 sale 2023 in Malaysia start?

The 10.10 Sale date on Shopee Malaysia is predicted to start on 26th September and will continue till 10th October. During this Big Brands Festival, shoppers can dip their toes in one of the greatest shopping festivals of the year.

Shopee 10.10 voucher hunt
Catch Exclusive Shopee Vouchers

Without savings up to 90% OFF daily, the Shopee 10.10 sale promo code brings in various opportunities like upsized cashback, free shipping, flash deals, Shopee Live and many more. Shopee 10.10 voucher hunt code is another buttery way to smoothen your purchases with hidden discounts and Big Brands Festival!

Shopee 10.10 berlangsung sampai tanggal berapa?

The main Shopee 10.10 lasts until October 10, however, the platform may extend the offers for at least one week following the main event. You can check the official dates on the Shopee Malaysia website or visit our page for further details.

Shopee 10.10 Sale Voucher Hunt Code Malaysia – How to start?

The Shopee 10.10 voucher hunt goes live on October 9 2023 and needless to say that it opens doors to endless possibilities. However, to be a part of this Shopee voucher hunt 10.10 sale, you must come back a day early on October 8 at 12AM, 12PM, 8PM, and 10PM.

At these particular hours, Shopee Malaysia drops 8X clues for the 10.10 voucher code hunters. These clues will lead you to 2X Shopee 10.10 vouchers, which you can redeem on your orders after the sale starts.

Save with Shopee Rebate Now Vouchers – The best of 10.10 sales Malaysia

For additional discounts during the Shopee 10.10 sale 2023, the shoppers can take advantage of the Rebate Now vouchers! It means that you can get up to 10% OFF up to RM120 on your purchases from the participating Shopee Rebate Now Program sellers.

Shopee 10.10 voucher hunt code
Choose Shopee Rebate Now

Don’t forget to add this trick to your sleeves when you commence your Shopee 10.10 sale voucher hunt in Malaysia. This amazing offer is applicable to brands like Samsung, KitchenAid, Tineco, Nestle, Honor, Redmi, realme and many others!

Watch Shopee Live to Claim Exclusive 10.10 Sale Vouchers

Watch Shopee Live and get a chance to win a Kaw Kaw prize worth RM9,999! Shoppers can enjoy grand prizes while getting up to 80% OFF on all categories from 10am to 8pm every day! You can claim exclusive Shopee livestream vouchers with a certain minimum spend value. Collect these vouchers and enjoy great savings during the Shopee 10.10 2023.

Collect Hari Hari & Shopee RM 15 Free Shipping Voucher Code for 10.10 Sale 2023

The Hari Hari unlimited free shipping offer by Shopee Malaysia is only available for new users! If you are planning to shop from the Shopee 10.10 sale for the first time, don’t forget to claim this free delivery voucher (for a limited time only).

Several Shopee sellers also offer free shipping on the minimum order value of RM15 and it is available for all buyers. To collect this Shopee free shipping RM15 voucher code, all you need to do is meet this minimum threshold for a successful Shopee 10.10 voucher code hunt for the Big Brands Festival.

Shopee New User Voucher Hunt for 10.10 Sale Malaysia

If you are shopping for the first time from Shopee Malaysia, then these vouchers might come in handy for you. All the new users at Shopee get a chance to choose from these Shopee new user vouchers worth RM25 OFF on no minimum spend and free shipping or RM18 OFF on sign-up.

Check out the Shopee new user zone for your 10.10 voucher hunt as you will find several limited-time offers up for grabs. The users may also get a chance to get an RM33 off ShopeeFood voucher for their first meal with free delivery.

Shopee 10.10 new user voucher hunt
Shopee Vouchers Malaysia

Brands you can save on with Shopee 10.10 Sale voucher Hunt 2023

From renowned international labels to beloved local favourites, Shopee’s 10.10 Sale brings together a diverse array of brands, making it the perfect opportunity to shop for everything you need without breaking the bank. Use your Shopee 10.10 vouchers to save on the following brands up for grabs in beauty, health, home appliances, and self-care during the Big Brands Festival.

  • Pediasure
  • Vinda
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Innisfree
  • Some by Mi
  • Philips
  • Akemi
  • Watsons

Shopee 10.10 Credit Card Promos & Bank Vouchers 2023

The next stop in our Shopee 10.10 voucher hunt program is the Shopee bank vouchers and credit cards. As the event approaches, these codes may be updated for bigger and better discounts. Make sure to bookmark our Shopee Malaysia page to keep an eye out for such offers during the 10.10 Brands Festival 2023.

Shopee 10.10 Voucher 2023Discount or CashbackValidityPromo Code
CIMB Bank X Shopee MYRM 10 Off 
Minimum spend RM40
25th – 29th of every monthCIMBPAYDAYNEW
Citibank Shopee 10.10 VoucherRM15 off 
Minimum spend RM140
Every Thursday on Shopee app
RHB X Shopee 10.10 Voucher codeRM18 off
Minimum spend RM150
Friday on Shopee App onlyRHBFRI
Shopee Maybank PromoRM15 Minimum spend RM120MBB10
UOB X Shopee VoucherRM18 Cashback + RM 15 OFFUOBTHURS
Shopee 10.10 Bank Promo

Shopee 10.10 Coins Hack – Voucher Hunt 2023

There are various hacks to earn Shopee coins and redeem them during your 10.10 shopping spree. You can games like Shopee Farm to collect coins and complete daily check-in on the Shopee app for more. Once you have collected enough coins, you can redeem them for a Shopee free shipping voucher or other products. These coins can be your shortcut for another successful Shopee 10.10 sale voucher hunt.

What is the Shopee 10.10 sales slump?

In the previous year during the 10.10 sale, the online sellers on this platform experienced an unexpected drop in sales. This Shopee sale slump started in September and continued until October.

Shopee Maybank Credit Card10.10 Sale Voucher Codes

Turn your Shopee 10.10 sale voucher hunt into a successful endeavour with the Shopee x Maybank credit card. The users get access to the exclusive year-long vouchers mentioned below:

  • Maybank Tuesday Offers – up to RM35 OFF on every Tuesday.
  • Maybank month-end Sale – get free shipping vouchers.
Shopee 10.10 bank voucher hunt
Shopee X Maybank

During the Shopee10.10 sale Malaysia, you can hunt down exclusive vouchers with the Maybank credit card. The users get 5,000 Shopee coins as a welcome gift and earn coins whenever they make a purchase with this Shopee Maybank card. Don’t forget to check out the official Maybank store on Shopee to get your hands on the exclusive codes during your 10.10 voucher hunt.

It’s time to get your wishlist ready, your shopping cart primed, and your fingers poised to click because the Shopee 10.10 Sale in Malaysia is about to kick off, and you won’t want to miss a moment of it! These Shopee 10.10 voucher hunt codes will help you out in making the best out of this sale event.

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