Rounding Off Shopee 1212 Birthday Sale Calendar & Vouchers 2023

The 12.12 sale or Double 12 sale is the last note in the year-long symphony of shopping carnivals in Southeast Asia. So if you skipped 11.11 and Cyber Monday, Shopee 1212 Birthday Sale might be your last resort to grab your Christmas and New Year essentials before the year draws its final curtain. With the absolute must-not-miss deals for savvy shoppers, Shopee 1212 sale 2023 is like the icing on the cake.

So buckle up, as the year-end festivities during the Shopee 12 12 Birthday sale are gonna make a complete shopper’s delight. We have rounded off the 12.12 sale calendar on Shopee Malaysia to sneak out the best from these Holy Grail offers.

When does the Shopee 1212 birthday campaign start?

The 12 12 Shopee Birthday campaign deals start dropping from December 26 and continue until November 12. During this time, you can expect the golden Shopee 1212 Birthday Sale offers starting from the deals listed below. Whether you are looking to shop a dress or a brand new iPhone, Shopee 12.12 sale 2023 is just the place for you!

Shopee 1212 Birthday Sale
Shopee 12.12 Sale 2023
  • FREE Shipping to Malaysia from RM12
  • 120% Cashback Everyday
  • Daily RM12 Deals from Shopee Mall

Shopee unveils new discounts every day on different categories and the key to grab the best deals is to know what to shop and what to leave. Check out this calendar and plan your days ahead to delve into the festive wonders that await you this Shopee 12.12 sale 2023.

 Shopee 1212 Birthday Sale Calendar 2023 – a complete Daywise Plan

Set a reminder for the following dates if you want to stay ahead of the 12.12 Shopee Malaysia sale 2023. Because these deals wait for no one!

Shocking Birthday Sale26 November
Birthday Fashion Store27 November
Birthday Shopee Mall Sale28 November
Birthday Shocking Sale29 November
Birthday Shopee Shake30 November
Birthday Shopee Mart Sale1 December
Birthday Lifestyle Sale2 December
Birthday Cashback3 December
Birthday Beauty Sale4 December
Birthday Home Sale5 December
Birthday Mommy’s Sale6 December
Birthday Shopee Shake7 December
Birthday Global Sale8 December
Birthday Men’s Sale9 December
Shopee Mall Sale10 December
12.12 Birthday Vouchers11 December
Thank You Sale13 – 16 December

12.12 Shopee Birthday Sale Only Vouchers up to 95% OFF

As Shopee Malaysia has already started to introduce 1212 deals here and there, savvy shoppers are lining up to claim. Catch 95% OFF Shopee 1212 Birthday Sale vouchers and free shipping offers without any minimum spend to use on December 12. Claim these vouchers now and stack them with Shopee cashback vouchers to enjoy the maximum benefits of 12.12 sale Malaysia. Here are some of the early bird 12.12 only vouchers active now:

  • 95% OFF on Y.O.U Beauty Products – RM1 Minimum Spend
  • Hair Depot 95% OFF Discount – RM1 Min. Spend
  • 10% OFF on Kinohimitsu – RM120 Min. Spend
  • 95% OFF HP Brand Store – Shopee Mall Deal
  • GameStop 95% OFF – RM1 Min. Spend
Shopee Birthday Sale
12.12 Shopee Sale Calendar

Shopee 1212 Birthday Sale 30% OFF Power Vouchers

These 30% OFF Shopee power vouchers will spice up your shopping adventure for 12.12! Start claiming them today and use them on December 12 to get an additional discount of RM30 on a minimum spend of RM100 from Shopee Malaysia. From beauty, fashion, electronics, to gadgets and more, these power vouchers are all set to make your Shopee1212 Birthday sale 2023 a total worth to your money.

12.12 Shopee Bank Voucher – Credit Card Promotions

Shopee goes above and beyond to give its shoppers the greatest shopping event to end the year with a blast. It aligns with several partners to cook Shopee 12.12 sale 2023 vouchers that work like a charm on selected products. Here are some of the Shopee bank vouchers that you can claim now and use on 12.12 sale day:

  • Shopee CIMB Bank Voucher – RM50 OFF on Min. spend of RM500
  • RHB Credit Card Promotions – RM20 OFF on Min. spend of RM120, RM70 OFF on Min. spend of RM500 and RM100 OFF on Min. spend of RM1,000

Shopee 1212 Birthday Sale – Super Seringgit Deals

These Shopee Super Seringgit deals in Malaysia are available on specific products during the 12.12 sale. When you buy the limited quantities of these items, you’ll enjoy promotional prices that will be applied during the checkout process. You can add the selected products now to the cart and check out at 12 pm to get the best bang out of your buck. These Seringgit deals are mostly available on baby products, kitchen essentials, clothes, toys and more.

Shopee 1212 Birthday Sale
Shopee Seringgit Deals

Win Exclusive Shopee 12.12 Vouchers

Shopee never stops fueling your excitement for the Double 12 sales. On this note, it also puts up a Birthday Quest that is available to play with Shopee APK download. Participate in this quest by downloading its app; pet and get chances to win exclusive Shopee 1212 Birthday sale vouchers today. Shopee Birthday Quest is on from December 1 to December 12 giving you plenty of chances to collect sale vouchers.

1 Year Free Toll – Shopee 1212 Birthday Offer

Watch Shopee Live and get a chance to win 1 Year free Toll this 12.12 sale! Yes, you heard that right. Shopee Malaysia, in partnership with ‘Touch & Go’ offers this incredible opportunity for shoppers every day. They just have to make at least 1 livestream checkout daily, the more they shop, the better are the chances to win Shopee 1 year free toll this 1212 Birthday Sale.  Tune into 8 pm Shopee Live on 8-11 December and 13-15 December or 8pm and 12pm session on 12 December if you have been selected as the Roda Shopee of the Day.

12.12 Shopee Birthday Sale
Shopee 12.12 Sale

Earn Coins & Prizes for Shopee 12.12 Sale 2023

Shopee games are effortless ways to collect coins and prizes that can be redeemed later during your 12.12 purchases. Play your favorites like Shopee Farm, Tap & Win, Shake & Win, Tile Match, Words, and others to win cashback and other prizes from 1-15 December. Convert these coins towards your Shopee 1212 Birthday sale orders and get more discounts!

Shopee 12.12 Special Highlights – up to 60% OFF

The special highlights of Shopee 1212 Birthday Sale 2023 come with a bunch of surprises! Here are some of the exciting vouchers you can expect:

  • In-store Shopee Flash Deals – save on electronics, household items, fashion, health and beauty and lifestyle & leisure products.
  • Free Gift with Purchases – available on product combos and you’ll get a gift on checkout.
  • In-store games like Spin & win to get 50% OFF.
  • Check out Shopee 12.12 super saver deals.
Shopee 1212 Birthday Sale
12.12 Sale Malaysia

What is Shopee 12.12 MOD APK?

Shopee 1212 MOD APK is the modified version of 12.12 Birthday sale application developed by this retailer. Get the app from its app store and enjoy the extravagant deals from 26th November to 15 December without any fuss. In fact, you can play the Shopee games only on the app and it also earns you extra coins on your purchases.

Why Shopee 12.12 sale is called Shopee Birthday Sale?

Although plenty of e-commerce platforms participate in the 12.12 Sale Malaysia, but this event is special for Shopee. As this e-commerce giant was founded in December in Malaysia, they refer to the Double 12 sale as the Shopee 1212 Birthday Sale. These jaw-dropping deals and exclusive promotions are just a way to treat their shoppers with better prices and give a joyous kickstart for the Christmas season.

When does the 12.12 Birthday Voucher Hunt start?

Shoppers can search and claim exclusive vouchers up to RM1000 OFF during the Shopee 12.12 Birthday Voucher Hunt Malaysia. They just have to come back daily from 8 to 11 December on this platform to nail down the Shopee voucher of the day.

Walk through the highlights of the Shopee 1212 Birthday Sale 2023 calendar that showcases why this event is absolutely unmissable for shopaholic in Malaysia. From irresistible discounts to limited-time offers and exclusive promotions, Shopee’s year-end celebration is poised to be the perfect culmination of your 2023 shopping journey.

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