Shopee vs Lazada Singapore Face-Off – Differences & Similarities 2023

Join us as we delve into the heart of Shopee vs Lazada rivalry, and discover which platform emerges as the true champion when it comes to the 11.11 Sale in 2023.

Whether it is the Shopee Big Sale or Lazada 11.11 sale, the never-ending debate of ‘which is better’ always catches up with you if you are a South-East Asian shopper. In the fast-paced world of e-commerce, these two giants have emerged as dominant players, vying for the attention and loyalty of the discerning online shoppers. Especially during an event like 11.11 Sale, they leave nothing at bay to keep the shoppers hooked.

As consumers, we’re presented with a tantalizing question: Shopee or Lazada? Which platform reigns supreme?

In this blog, we embark on an exploration of the ultimate battle between Shopee vs Lazada Singapore 11.11 sale 2023, examining key aspects of each platform, from product variety and pricing to user experience and customer satisfaction.

Lazada vs Shopee Singapore 11.11 Sale – An Introduction

Shopee and Lazada, both household names and founded in 2015 and 2014 respectively, offer an extensive collection of products from a variety of categories. With their business to consumers and business to business model, it connects millions of shoppers and sellers from all over the world.

This Lazada and Shopee 11.11 sale is one of biggest sale events of the year, promising you the lowest price guaranteed on electronics, fashion, smartphones, beauty and groceries. And to be honest, both of these platforms have outdone themselves when it comes to the Singles’ Day sale. But if you have also caught between the war of 11.11 Lazada vs Shopee sale, then hang on, we might have the answer for you!

Why is it the best time to shop? – Shopee and Lazada Singapore 11.11 Sale 2023

As you engage in the ongoing battle of Shopee vs Lazada to claim the throne as the ultimate e-commerce platform, let’s unwrap shoppers’ enthusiasm about the best to shop. It is always recommended to shop from the 11.11 sale because – it is not too close to Christmas!

Yes unlike 12.12 sale, when the holiday season breaks havoc and orders for gifts and decorations create inevitable delays in deliveries. Another reason why sellers prepare better for the 11.11 sales is, they know shoppers don’t mind spending money during the holidays. That is why the base prices are almost the same only with the added disadvantage of longer delivery time.

Who has better Deals? – Lazada vs Shopee 11.11

Shopee and Lazada, both reign side by side when it comes to the 11.11 sale deals! Both of these platforms offer cut throat offers during the Singles’ Day Sale but the real winner of this grind Lazada vs Shopee Singapore is decided by various factors.

In terms of better deals, you should check out the specific product you want to purchase, the promotions and delivery charges applicable for your region. Lazada Biggest One Day Sale and Shopee Big Sale, both of the retailers spare no efforts to bring you the best prices but the cheaper prices are subject to other factors.

For example, we pulled out this Paula’s Choice Liquid Exfoliator which is obviously cheaper during Shopee 11.11 sale. The base price of product is same on both platforms but the 11.11 deals on Shopee, free shipping and vouchers make it the winner at this particular point in Shopee vs Lazada riffraff.

On the other hand, Lazada 11.11 sale appears to have a cheaper deal on Samsung A14 5G smartphone. So it basically depends upon the product you want to buy.

Difference between Lazada and Shopee Singapore Live Features

Shopee and Lazada Singapore both have livestreaming features to let the sellers interact with buyers directly and boost their sales with similar technology. Shopee Live, also known as Shoppertainment in certain countries, gives a chance to the shoppers to collect sale vouchers during the livestreaming for 11.11 sale or beyond that.

These Shopee vouchers can be used on your purchases later. However, during a LazLive session, the shoppers can directly buy the desired items during the stream.

Buyer’s Protection – Shopee vs Lazada 11.11 Sale Singapore

Now you can shop with a greater peace of mind during the Singles’ Day 11.11 sale and Lazada and Shopee both offer comprehensive buyers’ protection plans. Under the Lazada money-back guarantee, you have 7 days to get a refund for Lazada-wide products and 30 days for LazMall products, if you don’t get the items you ordered.

On top of it, Lazada protection also holds off the payment to the seller for the buyer confirmation period. That means payment for an order will only be released if the buyer confirms the delivery and satisfaction with the order.

On the other hand, Shopee guarantee holds the payment until the order is completed (7 days for Non-Mall orders and 15 days for ShopeeMall orders). It doesn’t offer a money-back guarantee like Lazada.

Lazada vs Shopee Delivery – Who is the Cheaper and Faster

To understand the Shopee vs Lazada Singapore rivalry when it comes to the cheaper and faster delivery options, you need to know about their business models first.

Lazada’s hybrid model allows it to work with the third-party sellers along with making direct partnerships with the brands. That means Lazada acts as a mediator for all the purchases made via its platform. Therefore, it takes immediate and appropriate actions to fulfill your order. It has an in-house logistics system that has a setback of limited shipping options but your order will be delivered within 2-4 days (if you have ordered from a local seller) or 5 to 20 days (from an international seller).  

However, Shopee operates on a peer-to-peer business model and the sellers listed on this platform process your orders directly. In this case, every seller chooses its own logistics partner, guaranteeing you cheaper delivery option, but a longer delivery period (1-3 working days for local sellers and 9-25 days for international sellers).

Lazada vs Shopee Face Off
Lazada or Shopee – Who Wins?

So if you are looking for a cheaper option then you should go with Shopee, but for faster delivery option, Lazada is clearly the winner during 11.11 sale.

Shopee vs Lazada 11.11 Sale – the Better Pay Later Plan

You can choose to pay for your stuff during 11.11 sale in installments instead of all at once. If you shop on Lazada Singapore, they have something called the Installment Payment Plan. It allows you to split your payment over 6 to 12 months, but you need to spend at least SGD $200 using your credit card.

Lazada is clearly the winner when it comes to non-credit card installment plans; nonetheless, Shopee offers more payment options for greater convenience of the shoppers.

If you prefer Shopee, they have SPayLater. You can pay every month for up to 3 months without any extra charges. But if you want more time to pay, you can extend it to 6 or 12 months, but they’ll add a 5% or 7% fee, depending on how long you choose.

Needless to say that the race to the top in the Shopee vs Lazada Singapore is far from over!

Is Shopee or Lazada cheaper?

Determining which one is cheaper between Shopee vs Lazada Singapore can be tricky because the cost varies depending on the specific product, the seller, and any ongoing 11.11 sale offers. Nevertheless, Shopee is commonly seen as having more frequent flash sales and discounts, which can lead to discovering better bargains. In contrast, Lazada often features official stores and branded items, which might be associated with higher price tags.

Customer Service – Why Lazada is better than Shopee?

Well, in the battle of better Lazada vs Shopee Singapore customer care services, the former is better than the latter. We will tell you how. Shopee hotline service is available from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm and live chat agents from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm Mondays to Sundays (including Public Holidays). However, Shopee offers quick help on Facebook Messenger a well.

Lazada wins this round because its customer hotline and live chat agents are available from 8:00 am to 11:00 pm every day. Lazada also has its own community of buyers where they address each other’s issues and offer solutions.

Shopee vs Lazada Singapore
So where should you shop from?

Shopee vs Lazada Singapore Overview – the Final Showdown

In this face-off between two e-commerce giants, Lazada and Shopee Singapore, it’s clear that both platforms offer a wealth of shopping opportunities, innovative features, and convenience to consumers. Each has its unique strengths and weaknesses, making the choice between them largely a matter of personal choices.

Here are some of the points that you need to consider in this Shopee vs Lazada face-off for 11.11 Sale 2023-

Active User Base10 Million Monthly Visits15 Million Monthly Visits
User InterfaceFaster Loading App, Organized & Easy to UseTakes Time to Load, Disorderly & Unpleasant Color Scheme
Lowest PricesOnly Products sold within Choice Channel have Lowest Price GuaranteePrices are covered by Lowest Price Guarantee
Shipping CostStandard Shipping – $1.50
Cost Depends upon the Shipping method
$1.51 for small parcels below 1kg
$9.41 for large parcels of 20-30kg
PromotionsDouble Dates SalesDiscounts & Vouchers, Upsized cashbacks, first purchase offers during 11.11
11.11 Credit Card PromoNot Currently ActiveActive from Nov 1 to Nov 11
Product QualityMay vary, look at reviews & ratings before making a purchase.May vary, look at reviews & ratings before making a purchase.
Lazada vs Shopee – A Comparison

Ultimately, the decision of whether to opt for Lazada or Shopee depends on individual needs and preferences. Before making a choice, consider factors like product availability, pricing, shipping options, and the overall shopping experience that aligns with your expectations and lifestyle.

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