Super Savings with Shopee 9.9 Sale Calendar

Shopee 9.9 Sale 2022 Calendar

Catch the enormous price drops with Shopee’s Double Digit Campaign that brings massive promotions in the form of Shopee voucher codes, Shopee rewards, freebies and significant concessions on every Filipino’s bill for the top-notch brands from the local and international market. After releasing the saving hacks for the 8.8 Sale, we are here one more time with our research on the Shopee PH 9.9 Sale 2022 to fill your pocket with loaded discounts which are too good to be true.

Opening Sale of Shopee 9.9 Super Shopping Day

Shout out loud to the Shopee 9.9 Super Shopping Day Sale Event which Shopee PH announced a week before so that Filipinos can have the maximum advantage of this campaign. Have the first dibs on 9.9 deals that are launching from August 26 and include Shopee free shipping voucher code ₱0 minimum spend, a chance to win up to 1M and ₱1 deals and a lot more. On 26th you can expect the following promotions :

  • 10% Off Shopee Vouchers daily until 31st August 2022
  • Shopee ₱49 Deals till 11th September

Brands on 90% Discounts with Shopee Mall Mondays

Get top brands with guaranteed authenticity from Shopee Mall Philippines at 90% discounts during the 9.9 Sale. Begin your week with marvellous Mondays by seizing the maximum saving opportunity from Mall Monday deals on Filipino brands with Proudly Pinoy Day falling on 29th August and Bags & Accessories Day on 5th September. There are other Big Brand Vouchers as well for you to grab.

  • Fashion- Shop for fashion staples for men, women and kids from Jockey, Get Laud, Penshoppe, Inspi, Lovito and many more. Every day new style is possible with their 9.9 Mega Sale Event!
  • Gadgets & Electronics- Tech-savvy people are welcome to shop for electronics and laptop brands at hefty discounts like Lenovo, HP, Asus, Huawei, Nintendo Switch, Deerma, Philips and Baseus.
  • Smartphones- The latest smartphone models with hi-tech features bring the whole world into the palm so choose the best one. With the Redmi, Vivo, Oppo and Realme 9.9 Sale, upgrade to better technology without thinking twice. Also, get wearable and phone accessories like smartwatches, AirPods/earbuds, mobile back covers and many others.
  • Beauty & Health- Prepare your skin for all seasons with premium beauty brands that are high in demand like Anessa PH, Happy Skin, Laneige, Vaseline, Pantene, Garnier and many more.

Earn 20% cashback vouchers with Cashback Tuesdays

Pay the original price of the product and get up to 20% of it with Shopee Cashback vouchers. Your Tuesdays are going to get terrific with a 9.9 Sale as you can receive up to 25% cashback on your bill with Shopee PayDay Sale on 30th August. Save this date as you are going to have fantastic deals throughout the day with their – Big Midnight Sale, Big Morning Sale, Big Lunchtime Sale, Big Price Drop Sale and Last 3 Hours Sale.

While on the 6th of September you can have unexpected savings on home appliances and electronics and baby essentials under the Home Tech Day and Babies and Kids Fair. Also, the members get to earn up to 200 Shopee Coins on their successful orders.

The whole section of Cashback Tuesdays has different Shopee promotions sorted out into sub-sections like Brands You Love, Featured Collections, Cashback Promos, Hot Products and Recommended For You that facilitate the online buyers in picking the perfect deal quickly.

Shopee Flash Deals with Super Flash Wednesdays

The ephemeral flash deals of Shopee Philippines with fantastic discounts of over 90% are not going to hang around for the whole day so better stay focused on Wednesdays:

  • 31st August- Big Midnight Sale from 12 am-2 pm, Shopee Last Chance Sale starting from 9 pm till midnight and Shopee PayDay Sale and get your hands on the Shopee flash vouchers with up to 10% cashback on the selected items along with other offers.
  • 7th September- Prepare your beauty lists and shop for the top-notch personal care brands on their Shopee Beauty Day. Attractive offers are added to different items of home appliances and they are usually not repeated so better not miss their Home Tech Fair.

Leave no stone unturned to find exceptional offers and set a reminder for the next super flash sale which has the Coming Soon label. They also have sections of Shopee Mall Flash Deals, Bestsellers and Featured Deals which hold innumerable surprises for online buyers.

Discount Vouchers & Promos from ShopeePay Thursdays

From the 9.9 Laptop Sale to the 9.9 online sale on food, fashion, furniture and others, get every exciting deal combined with EXTRA Shopee discounts from the vouchers which are credited to the users’ account for the orders paid through the rewarding and secured digital payment platform- ShopeePay. The Thursday privileges include:

  • 1st September– Unbelievable Shopee offers on mobile, laptops and other gadgets with their Gadget Zone Day. You also have Fashion Fair running on this day.
  • 8th September– Be the trendsetter with your style as Apparel and Shoes Day is going to get you discounts that you have dreamt of. In addition, remove the old electrical appliances and save unimaginable prices on your favourite brands from those available at Home Tech Fair.
  • ShopeePay Send Money Promos through which you can earn ₱500 and above, credited to your ShopeePay wallet
  • Shopee Free Shipping discount codes on selected items that are paid through ShopeePay eWallet
  • Exclusive ShopeePay vouchers on the participating brands for a limited time with great discounts
  • Up to 100% Cashback on bill payments through ShopeePay along with Shopee Coins
  • Shopee ₱1 deals and Scan to Pay cashback offers on the listed items and brands
  • ShopeePay Cash In Promos and online 9.9 Festival Deals

Special Shopee Friday Vouchers

It’s better late than never so if you have been ignoring daily promotions of 9.9 Sale Philippines till now then you must get active on the 2nd & 9th of September for Friday Shopee promotions that give Shopee coupon codes with bumper discounts in different forms. In addition to the Friday promos, there will be crazy discount deals on 9.9 Super Shopping Day.

  • Fashion Fair & Home & Living Day- On the 2nd of September, add dresses, shoes, mood-setting lights, paintings and many other items to your cart and make extensive savings on your bill.
  • Super Shopping Day- From going on live on TV to running promotions all day long on the 9th of September, Shopee PH has justice to the sale event.

Shopee Loyalty Vouchers- Unlock multiple loyalty benefits that are only for the eyes of the Shopee members who have signed up for their Buyer Loyalty Program. And double the fun of your shopping activity with your membership rewards during the Shopee PH 9.9 Sale which are free shipping promo codes, Shopee Birthday Voucher, access to exclusive Shopee discount codes that can be redeemed through Shopee Coins and many more.

Pay Half the Price with 50% Off Saturday Deal

Excited for the weekend? Your enthusiasm is going to be on the next level with the Shopee 50% off deals on Saturdays of the 9.9 Sale which is at both the beginning and end of the grand shopping festival- 27th August, 3rd and 10th September. While being active on Saturday, you are going to have your money’s worth out of the brands and items available at half the price with the pre-sale Shopee voucher code hacks and last-chance deals. Moreover, you have options like:

  • Home & Outdoors Day on 27th August
  • Babies & Kids Day and Sports and Outdoors Fair on 3rd September
  • Big Midnight Sale for 2 hours from 12 am-2 am on 10th September for which you would want to compromise with your sleep.

Also, find other shopping categories like mobile and gadgets, health and beauty, home and hobbies and others with Shopee voucher codes. They even have brands of your choice with ShopeeMall voucher codes of 50% off.

₱49 Deals with Free Shipping Vouchers on Sundays

If you have been procrastinating the shopping throughout the 9.9 mega sale event then this is your last chance to make it up to the marathon of getting the maximum discount benefits through the Shopee 9.9 Sale voucher codes and Shopee ₱49 deals that are going to be flashing on your screen on 11th of September along with the sale which will be active from 9 pm to midnight. You can also expect these Shopee promotional deals on Sundays prior to 9.9 which are:

  • 28th August– Health & Beauty Day
  • 4th of September– Grocery Bestsellers Day and Sports and Outdoors Fair

Offers like global deals, featured collections, hot products and many other sections to choose from.

Sale Terminologies you should be aware of

We have jotted down some of the most frequently used sale expressions that you must have come across during your online shopping. Understand each of the phraseology well to get the most out of the sale events like 9.9, 10.10, 11.11 Sale, 12.12, Chinese New Year Sale and others from Shopee as well as other popular stores.

What is a 9.9 Sale?

9.9 Sale or 9.9 Super Shopping Day refers to the massive promotions from online stores on September 9th of every year. It is similar to Black Friday Sale and Cyber Monday Sale but is common across the Asia Pacific region (APAC).

Fun Fact- 9.9 Sale was originally initiated by Shopee and was later adopted by major online stores in SouthEast Asia’s region. The Sale Event is also known as 9.9 Super Shopping Day.

What does Sitewide Shopee mean?

The sitewide meaning in Shopee is throughout the Shopee website. For instance, if any of the Shopee promotions says ‘Sitewide Sale/Offer/Discount’ then it is your lucky day as all the items on Shopee are available at great deals and prices.

Note- You must go through the exception list of the store to be aware of the brands and items that are excluded from the Shopee sitewide sale.

What do you understand by PayDay Sale Shopee?

It is one of the trending promotions on e-commerce websites. Some online stores like Shopee organize the PayDay Sale for a specific time period every month let’s say 2-3 days and provide offers like 10% off Shopee Vouchers, free shipping, cashback to Shopee users and many others.

How to Join Shopee PayDay Sale- Activate your Shopee account by signing up on their website or app, and check for such promotions every month.

What is a Flash Sale?

The most common term used in online sales is Flash Sale meaning offers that are for the eyes of the buyers for an extremely short period which could be from a few hours to lasting to 72 hours. So, next time when you see Shopee Flash Sale or Lazada Flash Sale popping up, make sure to fill the cart with your wishlists.

Fun Fact- The flash sale discounts are insane that you might not find during other promotions. The items are usually from the clearance stock or new arrivals at pleasant promos that entice customers to buy them right away.

What is Lazada 9.9 Sale?

Just like Shopee 9.9 Sale, Lazada also launches a 9.9 Sale every 9th of September with up to 90% discount on 300+ brands. The promotions are not limited to basic flash sales but you can also encounter Lazada 9.9 LazMall Sale, Lazada Bonus on app shopping, free shipping vouchers and many more.

Saving Tip- The Lazada 9.9 Sale starts at midnight lasting for 2 am with magnificent discounts and offers.

What does Lazada Bonus mean?

Lazada Bonus means the rewards that the Lazada customers earn during the campaigns like 9.9 Sale, 11.11 Sale, 12.12 Sale and others by participating in the eligible activities.

Saving Tip- You can stack the Lazada Bonus with other Lazada vouchers by performing the required actions to use them on the participating products and brands during the campaign.

What do you understand from Zalora Exclusive Launch?

Zalora Exclusive Launch refers to the products of fashion, beauty, and luxury for men, women and kids and home and lifestyle that are available only on the Zalora online store. If you want to be updated with the latest trends then walk into their Exclusive Launch section and shop your favourites from their newly arrived fashion staples.

Fun Fact- Besides their products, they also have Zalora Exclusive Sale during campaigns that give buyers a fair chance to save with special discounts and promotions.

What do you mean by Zalora Cashback?

Zalora Cashback means that on shopping from their online store you are entitled to get some percentage of the price of an item into your wallet which is calculated after the discount amount is deducted. The amount of cashback depends upon the running promotion and is credited to your Zalora Cashback Wallet (only for the Zalora members) within 60 days starting from the date when you receive the nominated product.

Fun Fact- On your Zalora online shopping you can apply discounts of up to 30%-50% on top of the Zalora Promo Code with your cashback for extra savings.

What is the meaning of New User Bonus AliExpress?

AliExpress New User Bonus means the deals that are only for new members who are shopping for the first time from the website or the AliExpress app. You will get an AliExpress new user coupon with a $3 discount on minimum order of $4 or a chance to pick any one item from the AliExpress New User Bonus Deals having prices as low as $0.01.

Saving Tip- Discover 10 AliExpress New User Coupons to save huge with your new user profile.

When is Shopee 9.9 Sale 2022?

Shopee 9.9 Sale 2022 commences from the last week of August 2022 dated 26th August 2022 and will be running late till the 11th of September, each day popping up with different sets of Shopee discount codes and deals.

What time does Shopee 9.9 Sale 2022 starts?

Shopee 9.9 Sale will start at the midnight and remain active till 2 a.m. on the morning of 9th September. Snag the top-selling brands and items with this two-hour Shopee Flash Deal that is going to get you savings of over 90%. Shopee Philippines is also going to launch the most amazing discount deals from 9 pm-9:30 pm on that day. Moreover, participate in their morning, afternoon and evening sales.

What to expect at Shopee 9.9 Sale in the Philippines?

The desirable deals are in plenty during the Shopee Super Saving 9.9 Sale that includes the following promos:
a) Shopee Coins
b) Shopee Free Shipping Vouchers with no minimum spend
c) Shopee ₱1 & ₱49 Deals
d) Shopee Cashback
e) Shopee Promo Codes
f) Shopee Prizes for Games
g) Earn Free Money with ShopeePay

Which stores in the Philippines are participating in the 9.9 Sale?

Besides Shopee 9.9 Sale vouchers, grab the discount coupons and offers from different stores on this occasion including:
Lazada 9.9 Sale
Nike 9.9 Sale
Watsons 9.9 Sale
Zalora 9.9 Sale
Sephora 9.9 Sale
Samsung 9.9 Sale
H&M 9.9 Sale
Uniqlo 9.9 Sale

How do I save the most during the 9.9 Sale PH?

Some 9.9 Sale saving tips would be:
a) Fill your wishlist before the sale starts with the items you wish to buy and add those items to the cart immediately during the 9.9 Sale PH if they are showing discounted rates.
b) From early bird offers to the blockbuster 9.9 deals, get notified about every promotion by subscribing to their newsletter service.
c) Browse through our Shopee PH promo codes every time before placing the order as we have placed all the latest and verified Shopee coupon codes together so that you can get desirable offer codes effortlessly.

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