Halloween Costume Ideas From Your Favourite Shows

With the arrival of October- a month of ghosts and shadows, people are getting into the spooky spirit to celebrate Halloween 2022 nothing less like the red carpet folks. Not only does this festival unleash your beast but also puts a spell on you to be creative when it comes to choosing Halloween costumes for kids or yourself.

We have brought a list of scary Halloween movies and series characters to help you decide what to wear on that ghastly night. Get the best Halloween costume ideas from famous screen characters and shop for your favourites with the Halloween Sale UK from the top online stores.

Michael Myers from Halloween Movie

Michael Myers Halloween Costume

Talking about Halloween, how can we forget this legendary character! If you are too lazy or busy to put on heavy Halloween makeup then the Michael Myers Halloween look is the best for you which is available at Amazon.co.uk.

  • Costume- A pair of Men’s Coveralls
  • Accessories- A Michael Myers Mask and a Kitchen Knife smudged with blood

Esther Coleman from the Orphan Movie

If you are looking for the kids Halloween costume then try out the Esther Coleman look from the Orphan and the Orphan First Kill movie which adds terror to the innocence.

  • Costume- Blue/Black Dress with a peter pan collar and checkered pattern with a pair of black ballerina
  • Accessories- Hair Ribbons, Wrist Ribbons and a neck ribbon or hand gloves and a hammer with a blood stain

Vecna from Stranger Things

Vecna Costume for Halloween Party

Revive Vecna from the Upside Down world this Halloween Eve by recreating his look. This Halloween costume is for adults and kids.

  • Costume- Vecna Body Suit with mask
  • Accessories- Vecna mask if you are not buying the body suit

Demogorgon from Stranger Things

Demogorgon Halloween Costume for Kids

Remember those flesh-eating monsters from Stranger Things? Get a Demogorgon outfit for your kid and dog in Halloween and scare the soul out of everyone.

  • Costume- Demogorgon Jumpsuit with Mask
  • Accessories- Demodog head gear for your pup

Rubeus Hagrid from Harry Potter

Hagrid Costume for Halloween

Just like the wise Harry, we also believe that there is no Hogwarts as well as Halloween Party without Hagrid- one of the iconic figures.

  • Costume- Brown Faux-Fur long Overcoat, a long-sleeve shirt, a dark brown vest, brown canvas pants and men’s harness boots
  • Accessories- Gamekeeper’s wig, beard, a leather belt and lamp/umbrella/crossbow.

In addition, in the Harry Potter-themed Halloween parties, you can be the greatest witch and wizard, like Hermione Granger, Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Neville Longbottom or supervillains like Dolores Umbridge, Bellatrix Lestrange, Dementors, Lucius Malfoy and He-Who-Must-Be-Not-Named.

Daphne and Fred from Scooby Doo

Fred and Daphane Halloween

Get the sassy look of Dephane Blake and Fred Jones with your secret partner from the Halloween costumes for couple section which will keep you in the gossip for all good reasons on Halloween Night.

  • Costume- A purple Bodycon Dress and purple boots or shoes for Daphne. A white shirt, blue trousers and brown shoes for Fred.
  • Accessories- Orange wig, a green scarf, purple headband and pink/purple long stockings (optional) for Daphne. An orange neck scarf and yellow wig for Fred.

Doll from Squid Game

Doll from Squid Game

The creepy doll from the K-drama Squid Game is definitely a go-to option for Halloween for adults. Just try not to shoot someone for moving at the red light.

  • Costume- Yellow t-shirt, an orange sleeveless dress, long white socks and black school shoes.
  • Accessories- Hairpins, Rubber bands and a Squid Game Doll Mask.

Harley Quinn and Joker from Suicide Squad

Harley Quinn and Joker Costumes

When it is about evil then the supervillain couple, Harley Quinn and Joker make it to the top of the list. Make the Halloween Party for adults crazy by dressing up in erotic and insane outfits for Halloween with these characters.

  • Costume- Harley Quinn: A white sports T-shirt, one red and blue jacket, a pair of red and blue shorts, one pair of red and blue gloves, black heeled boots or sneakers and black stockings. Joker: Purple jacket, green vest and white shirt, purple pants and a pair of black shoes.
  • Accessories- Harley Quinn: A baseball bat and blonde wig with red and blue pigtails. Joker: Joker Mask, a pair of purple gloves and a yellow tie.

Termination Letter

Termination Letter for Funny Halloween Costume

Well, if you have a Halloween Party in your office or competition for the best Halloween costumes and you are the boss then dress up as a Termination Letter which is the scariest thing for any employee. Witty, right? DIY your Halloween costume for this avatar. Paint your shirt with the words of the most brutal termination letter. Bold the word ‘Termination Letter’. You can be as creative as you want.

  • Costume- A white shirt, white pants and white/black shoes.
  • Accessories- White face mask

Online Stores for Halloween Costume for Kids, Women and Men

Turn yourself into the fun, weird or scary creature by taking the advantage of the discounts from the Halloween Costume Sales which are launched by the online Halloween UK shops including Amazon UK, Pretty Little Things, Argos, ASOS, H&M, Nasty Gal, Miss Pap, Marks and Spencer and Shein UK and others. Since Halloween is not only about the costumes but the decorations so get your hands on the offers from the Halloween Décor Sale.

What is the date of Halloween 2022?

Like every year, the Halloween date is 31st October 2022 which is on Monday, making your last weekend of the October long one.

What is the origin of Halloween?

Halloween Eve falls one day before the Samhain (the end of Summer)- a Celtic festival which occurs on November 1. The belief was that the changing of the season thins the line between mortal and immortal worlds and brings spirits to the Earth.

What is the origin of the Halloween Costume?

On All Hallow’s Eve, people were to be dressed like ghosts, witches and other ghastly creatures to not get recognised by the spirits entering the Earth. The tradition continued with dresses and accessories more than a ghost mask.

What is the ‘Trick or Treat’ concept at Halloween?

The popular tradition of ‘Trick or Treat’ among children on Halloween originated from the Celtic festival All Souls’ Day when the children used to visit every door asking for treats which were cakes with crosses on top in return for prayers for the givers. The US came up with the idea of candies which is now followed worldwide to make it more fun and likeable among children.

What is Jack O’Lanterns?

Stingy Jack the wicked character tricked the Devil twice but when he died he was neither accepted in Heaven for his wickedness nor in Hell as he made the Devil promise never to take his soul. Ever since then it is believed that Jack is roaming on the Earth carrying turnips lighted with the Devil’s lump of coal which is originally the Jack O’Lanterns. The Americans followed the tradition with pumpkins instead of turnips which are easier to carve.

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