6 Top most peaceful landscape destinations of Thailand


The beauty of Thailand is utterly enchanting. It sweeps your heart with extraordinary natural terrains both of the interior heartland and down the coastal waters. If you still haven’t been amazed at it, the country offers an incredible diversity of landscapes which are different in each section and area of the world, with an outstanding geographical variety.  The credit for this excellent versatility in Thailand must lead to the fusion of small islands that contribute to the entire nation. Every island has its uniqueness and wonders which captivate the traveller’s heart effortlessly.

{Do You Know – Thailand is also known as “The Land of Smiles”}


If you wish to get mesmerized in awe of natural wonders, Thailand has undoubtedly got the perfect ingredients to satisfy your craving as a traveller. Let me give you six most exotic landscapes that will convince you that Thailand is the most beautiful travel destination in Asia.

Similan Islands – Pure Gem

similan Island, thailand

Just 84 km northeast of Phuket, you can find Koh Similian group of Islands. When you consider the popularity of beaches of Thailand, Phuket is the one at the top. But if you ask me, I would instead insist Similan Islands. This island is a jewel of a location untouched by the crowd, unlike Phuket, which in the last ten years has severely depleted because of the immense traffic and visible development in tourism. Iced by the majority of tourists and therefore, it never gets flocked or gets polluted by human presence. It has helped it stay the way nature has created it to be. The island is splendidly picturesque and strikingly pleasing to the eyes with its crystal clear water,  rock formations and huge boulders.
Best Time To Visit – November-May


Distinctive Topographical Features

Similan Island

The sea levels of the earth have been on a significant variation from time to time due to various geological, atmospheric or climatic disturbances. These variations in sea level can be up to 150 metres which often tend to cover a significant part of the island or even retreat at times. Over the course of thousands and thousands of years, these invariable factors brought by nature have somehow given unique topographic features to these islands.
There are various rocks which used to be underwater home for sea creatures and coral colonies which have left behind a series of beautiful crevices and archways today. Similarly, the island has given some fossil remains that provide evidence of creatures that existed on earth around 100-150 million years ago. Such islands have a rich plant tradition. There are sublime granite and sandstone rock structures can be seen in the coastal areas of these islands.

Exotic Coral White-Sand Beaches  

similan island white white sand beach

When you gaze at the heart of Similan Island’s rocks and blocks and get overwhelmed by the enormous proportions of them. You’d also get hit by the elegance of the tropical Similan Islands ‘ white sandy beaches. The beaches are famously located between the scorching rocky setting, making them more personally and independently than the famous sandy beaches.
The best of all is the quiet and unspoilt beaches, where you can enjoy a peaceful and relaxed beach day completely in solitude without infringing on any part of it. Because the shore of Similan Island is probably one of the country’s best look beaches.

Crystal Clear Waters and Stunning Marine Ecosystem

Similan Island crystal clear water

The Andaman region is predominantly a safe and secure region for the coral species and therefore steadily looked after by the authorities to conserve the natural beauty and the marine ecosystem of the area. This region alone is home for more than 200 species of coral organisms which thrive here due to some extremely suitable conditions for their growth and development.
The average temperature of the water is 28o C ideal for the coral species while the water is spotless and pollution-free. The authorities also ensure that the marine ecosystem in the region does not get altered by excessive human interference by tourism and hence they only open the area for a limited period every year.

Splendid Scuba Diving Site

Thailand scuba diving

As a perfect maritime environment, the surrounding waters of the Andaman Sea are genuinely considered an extraordinary destination for snorkelling and scuba diving enthusiasts. While the area is only available to visitors during a given period of the year, authorities have limited to the numbers of people visiting diving sites and only allowed before diving. These strict parameters are maintained to retain the natural balance of the region and keep the ecosystem safe from getting spoilt by human presence.

Phang Nga Bay Marine National Park

phang nga bay, thailand

Phang Nga Bay Marine National Park is one of the unique areas of the world. It is a reserved area that includes 42 islands and covers an area of more than 400 km2 which provides for both the terrestrial land region and inland sea areas. It’s very close to Vietnam’s Ha Long Bay, often known as one of the world’s most beautiful lagoons. The Limestone karsts of Phang Nga Bay Marine National Park have been one of the most stunning features of this region.

These karsts are stable rock formations which emerge out of the emerald water inclined vertically without any visible support above the water surface. The geographic location and the surroundings ensure calm waters throughout the year, which adds more visual appeal to the scenic beauty of the place.


 Koh-Ta-Pu (Nail Island)

koh ta pu, thailand

Koh-Ta-Pu is also popularly known as the ‘James Bond Island”.If you are a movie buff, you might remember the classic James Bond movie “The Man With the Golden Gun,” which contained a promising sequence. It has become a tourist favourite ever since then, and tour operators organize tours specifically in the hype of being a famous movie location.
But all said one can not undermine sheer brilliance of the scenic view of the surrounding landscape. It is undoubtedly going to make you gush in ecstasy. The signature rocky styled small islands in the open sea make for an extremely delightful visual experience for any traveller.

Koh Panyee

koh paynee thailand

You would hardly find any village as remarkable as Koh Panyee. This village is built on the stilt waters and has a monolithic rock behind for safeguarding it. The town is not far from Koh Ta Pu, and it would often be the better stoppage for eating and shopping traditionally. The culinary experience of Thai Sea-food infused with the handicraft work of the local craftsmen is terrific.
Even though Island is small in size, yet you would find the majority of its land areas covered by the weirdly vertical shaped limestone cliffs. The village people usually come from the fishing community, but many of them have now moved to a different location as tourism becomes a hot spot.

Samet Nangshe Sunset Viewpoint

samet nangshe, thailand

This place was actually unknown to most of the people of Thailand just a couple of decades ago but it has now become one of the most hyped tourism hotspots of recent years. From being unheard of to the ladders of popularity, this may not seem surprising at all if you take a look at the view offered by the place. It is undoubtedly one of the best view-point junctions in the world where you would want the time to freeze for some moments so that you can capture so much beauty in just a single picture.
Samet Nangshe is the best point to witness the fantastic view of small granular limestone islets of Phang Nga Bay covered in the lush green vegetative layer. Another impressive aspect of this place is the pollution free air which allows you to a much viewing of the space during the night time.

Koh Hong and Other Inhabitable Islands

koh hong thailand

The majority of islands of the region are tiny in size; in fact, they are too small that they are not habitable by human beings. While the dramatic scenery of these islands ‘ calcareous karst formations is unlike any other island in the world, they left small cellars, which can be reached by kayaking boats.
Upon throwing light in the darkness of the cave, you will be stunned to find much ancient cave painting drawn all over the cave and the rock walls. The only island known to have human inhabitants is Koh Maak where a small fishermen community is surviving in a very traditional and basic way of living. You will not be able to find any accommodation or restaurant over these islands.

Erawan Waterfalls

Erawan Waterfall, thailand

There’s a series of waterfalls in Erawan National Park known as the Erawan Waterfalls. This park is a pristine nature conservation site spanning across an area of 550 km2 with a massive cover of rainforest amidst a hot and humid climate of the tropical region.

The waterfall is a sequence of seven-storeyed drops that begin at an altitude of 1500 meters and provides a visual view of the waterfall along with all levels of swimming pools. This waterfall is undoubtedly an experience of its kind, and you can’t find it anything similar anywhere else in the world.

“Total Span of the Waterfalls – 1500 meters”

1500 meter span of waterfall, Erawan waterfall, Thailand

The waterfall flows for an estimated length of 1500 metres amidst a dense rainforest cover. Being a reserved park, this place has been left unspoilt and it continues to flourish in a natural way as a thick dark and dense rainforest is growing around it over the years. The waterfalls consist of a series of 7 tiers, and each of them is at a little difference of altitude, making enough space in between for splash pool to the joy of the travellers.

You would have to start from the first tier, which can be marked by its unique pond full of orange coloured fishes. These fishes are very unmoved by human presence and continue their regular movement in the water even if you are walking through the ponds.

seven tiers of Waterfall, erawan waterfall, thailand

                                                “Erawan comprises seven tiers of Waterfall, each with its name.”

The waterfall can follow along a trail which gets steeper with every tier. The entire trail is impeccable scenic splendour which will keep your eyes captivated with its magical attractiveness. The journey to the third tier, which also called Pha Nam Tok, takes you to a height of around 200 metres. The third fall is significantly larger than the first and second ones.

The height of the fall on the third tier is around 20 metres, and it also offers a large pond where you can enjoy swimming and bath in the freshwater. But remember the fishes do exist, even though they are not at all hurtful towards the human.

“The waterfalls are part of the Erawan National Park.”

Erawan Waterfall, thailand

The third and the fourth fall called Oke Nank Phee Seah and Bua Mai Long respectively. The waterfalls found on fourth and fifth tiers are relatively smaller in size and are overcrowded by the growth of forest and the blocks of rock curving all around them.

Vegetations are common. The slippery nature of rock significantly increased due to moose and algae production. While the climb up to this point is straightforward and can be quickly done, even by a novice, but beyond the fifth trail, it gets much more robust and trickier.

“Erawan is the name of a three headed Hindu God (Brahma).”

three headed hindu god Brahma, Erawan, Thailand

Owing to the increased level of difficulty, you will require the assistance of some climbing tools such as rickety ladders and ropes for climbing further on to the sixth tier. The sixth tier has a multi-layered waterfall which ends up with a plunge pool at its foot. With a bit more of effort, you would finally be able to reach the top of the Waterfall, i.e. the seventh tier.

The rest of the trail hiking for the seventh stage is almost the same as for the sixth level, but the end of the trail must be cautious since it is the most challenging part of the whole route. It is relatively well marked and can be followed quickly, given the more challenging paths. The Waterfall at the seventh tier is also significantly more significant, and you will find yourself satisfied after an exciting, adventurous climb to the top of the fall. Erawan Waterfall comes in the area of Erawan National Park.

    Ang Thong National Marine Park

Ang Thong National Marine Park, Thailand

The Gulf of Thailand comprises an archipelago of 42 islands which has dedicated to the marine wildlife conservation, Ang Thong National Marine Park. This place is a collection of scenic views, including thick, lush forests, deep mangrove woods, lovely white beaches, pristine waterfall, disgusting coves, tranquil rivers, exotic animals and wildlife, humorous hills.
The total area covered by the Ang Thong National Marine Park is around 100 square kilometres. Above all, snorkelling, scuba diving, trekking, kayaking, fishing, woodland camping, and many others offer incredible experiences.


Spectacular Scenery – Monkey Rock and Other Small Islets

Monkey Rock and Other Small Islets, Thailand

If there is a place in Thailand that will make you most chew your lips in surprise, it is undoubtedly the Ang Thong territory. The limestone cliffs formed in this area are significantly massive and unbelievably strange in shape. Some of the cliffs rise to 400 meters in height and carefully constructed against natural erosion.
When you translate the word Ang Thong into English, the region will be called the ‘Golden Basin’ which is a name given to it due to its unique structural formations. The area has four distinctive forest territories, and all of them infused with wildlife and vegetation. Some of the most famous creatures you would find in the region are Langurs, Reef Egrets, Sea Eagles, Sea Turtles, Iguanas, Pythons, Hairy-Nosed Otters amongst hundreds of other species.

Marine Park Day Long Boat Tour

Marine Park Day Long Boat Tour, Thailand

Ang thong has more than 42 islands, and you would need weeks to explore all of them in complete detail. In case you are considering the day trips, there are plenty of great options for you to check out. You can plan your boat tours in a manner that would ensure a more subtle and well-planned itinerary covering two or more than two islands in a day.
The local tour operators can help you out in planning the trip and manage the arrangements for the stoppages, food and other necessities that you might need during these trips.
Most Visited Areas of Ang Thong – Koh Mae (Mother Island), Koh Sam Sao (Tripod Island), Emerald Lake (Thale Nai), Koh Samui, Koh Phangan, Koh Tao.

Activities to Do

 boat trip, Thailand

You can try a wide range of activities in Ang Thong and choose your boat trip accordingly. There are various activities and encounters to visit on the islands of the world. And to determine the history and to prepare the journey. Those who are interested in mountain trekking and climbing adventures should choose Thale Nai. Moreover, Koh Sam Sao offers an excellent spot for passionate scuba diving and walking. Those who are looking to go to Koh Tao and Koh Phangan for boating, kayaking and sightseeing.
Only government-approved boat tours are allowed (better apply in advance)
Entry Fee: Foreign Nationals – 200 Bahts (Adults), 100 Bahts (Child)
Best Time to Visit – March to October

Phi Phi Viewpoint

The Phi Phi islands, Thailand

The Phi Phi islands one of the most famous is Phi Phi impressive destinations in Southeast Asia. You can reach there barely within 45-minutes on a speed boat or about an hour and a half with a ferryboat ride from the Krabi Islands.  Such islands are the perfect place for postcards which you often see in the pictures of various tropical trips. Even without Phi Phi Islands being active.
These are the most beautiful views of tropical beaches, spectacular coastal cliffs and beautiful clear turquoise waters and vibrant marina habitats that a tropical paradise can produce. They are just as well-known. So as you know, Phi Phi Island is the image of beach resorts, including tour operators from other corners of the globe, it is irresistibly attractive.
Best time to Visit – Between November and April


Tonsai Bay

Tonsai Bay, Thailand

The area is known as Tonsai Harbor, which is the heart of Phi Phi. It is the area’s largest city, which makes it the main point of entry for visitors on the islands of Phi Phi. Although the geographical formation of these islands make them complicated and you will not find any road transport in the Tonsai Village and the Bay area.
It is something which can completely catch you by surprise, but yes, there are places in the world where you will not find a single road or car even in these modern times. The region is predominantly known as a tourist attraction. Therefore tourism industry creates much buzz over this place. The bohemian lifestyle with bicycles and boats being the only mode of transports other than walking, and this makes the area an unforgettable and unique experience altogether.

Maya Bay

Maya Bay, Thailand

You could ever find Maya Bay, one of the most beautiful bays. For many, it is probably the world’s most beautiful bay. The sea is surrounded by cliffs on the three sides of this majestic celestial place, creating a fantastic atmosphere. The surrounding cliffs have several beaches around them, and all of them look equally gorgeous and mind-blowing. The water of the region is transparent blue and crystal clear that surely helps to add the scenic beauty to a level of perfection.
These water are usually calm, and the tidal waves are rarely witnessed around these bays owing to the unique geographic cover provided to the beaches from the three sides. This region is also a world-famous place for scuba diving known for the colourful fishes and exotic coral colonies beneath the water on the sea bed. Due to the lightness of the air, the scuba divers also have an outstanding vision, which makes the experience even more impressive. You can also try kayak boats if you are hesitant to dive into the sea bed.

Loh Dalum

Loh dalum, Thailand

If you translate Loh Dalum from Thai into the English Language, it would ideally mean an exotic paradise. In itself should suggest the undeniable excellence and magnificent beauty that the place has to offer. This Dalum Bay is situated right opposite to the Tonsai Bay. In spite of being just about a kilometre away from the Tonsai Bay, this place has a significantly different atmosphere and condition than what you would feel in Tonsai.

As a traveller, Loh Dalum is a much better option for you if you want solitude than for those around you as it would provide you with the desired tranquillity and separation. You can enjoy a day-long sunbath here and swim in the calm waters for hours without any trouble. Although the evening hours and post evening are radically different from the daytime and the place erupts with music, dance, fire shows, drinks and party all over the place. Most of these parties are thrown in by the group of travellers from the younger generation. Such parties usually continue until late at night and early morning hours.

Monkey Beach

Monkey Beach, Thailand

It is also a very remote location that many visitors never learn about without realising the great offer they leave its place. Monkey beach is less than a kilometre from Tonsai, and the tour operators always neglect it because of its unique location, which makes it hard to find a way into the road.
You can find yourself inevitably attracted towards the powder white sand beaches and emerald blue water with luscious green vegetative cover saw around the beach. The beach is known as Monkey Beach due to the presence of Monkeys in significantly high numbers around the beach and adjoining trees. The steep limestone cliffs and the lush green forest provides a truly perfect place for the monkeys to flourish what’s even better! The monkeys have adjusted to the daily boats coming to this place and would cheerfully move around trying to please you making your tour to this beach a memorable experience for this lifetime.

Doi Inthanon National Park

Doi Inthanon National Park, Thailand

Doi Inthanon National Park is one of the most admirable places to visit in Thailand. It is a viewpoint destination that deserved a special mention owing to its impeccable scenic beauty and unmatchable landscape. This national park is true jewel of Thailand’s naturally blessed terrains. The mountainous terrain with rugged surroundings has been neatly covered by the tropical forest vegetation. The mountains break away to give the path to the rivers and mesmerizing waterfalls. In between that, add a blissful charm to your journey to the top of the mountain views.
These forests are well-preserved regions that consist of a wide range of wildlife but the area is particularly more popular for its distinctive species of bird. Doi Inthanon is the highest peak of Thailand and its altitude at the peak is more than 2500 meters above the sea level. The parks overall area cover is around 482 square kilometres and it also serves as a home for several hill tribes that have been residing in these mountains for several centuries now.

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