Klook 折扣碼 & Klook 優惠碼 May 2022

Plan an excursion to the hottest tourist destination or take a trip off to the beaten path using Klook折扣碼! Join Klook台灣 for a totally unforgettable experience accompanied by great sightseeing, outdoor sports, exciting activities, leisure and beauty therapy, cultural exploration, and the nightlife of the bustling cities. Along with lavish stays, you’ll get affordable transportation facilities, all under one roof to live your dream vacation without burning your savings. 

75% 折扣

Klook 折扣碼 - 2022 May SALE - 酒店住宿的巨大折扣 - 節省高達 70% + 額外 5% 的折扣

2022 May SALE - 活動期間可升級尊貴住宿體驗。 在登陸頁面確認您的預訂,無需使用任何捆綁碼即可享受高達 70% 的折扣 + 額外 5% 折扣 碼 2021。快點!

No Code NeededShow Coupon Code
70% OFF

Klook 折扣碼 - 景點和門票折扣高達 70% - 阿聯酋必遊城市!

您不想錯過阿聯酋的必遊景點,包括迪拜綠色星球門票、迪拜趣志家門票、迪拜樂高樂園水上樂園門票、IMG 冒險世界、迪拜框架門票等。 立即預訂並享受高達 70% 的折扣!

Deal ActivatedShow Coupon Code
11% OFF

Klook 折扣碼 - 富邦 J 卡促銷 - 在線預訂並立即獲得額外 11% 的折扣!

使用您的富邦 J 卡在線支付,您將立即享受 11% 的額外優惠。 在結帳時兌換此特殊促銷代碼並享受優惠!

JCARD8905Show Coupon Code
60% OFF

Klook 折扣碼 - 註冊以在全球範圍內享受高達 60% 的旅行優惠!

當您使用您的電子郵件地址在線註冊時,最多可享受 60% 的旅行折扣直接發送到您的收件箱。 立即訂閱並獨家為您解鎖所有頂級優惠!

Claim Code On Sign UpShow Coupon Code
300 Yuan OFF

Klook 折扣碼 - 購買2張台北101觀景台門票立減300元

趕緊到登陸頁面購買任意2張台北101觀景台門票,結賬時直接立減300元。 此優惠在有限的時間內有效。 匆忙!

300TAIPEI101Show Coupon Code
NT$100 OFF

Klook 折扣碼 - 媽媽放鬆日 - 屏東海洋館立減NT$100

憑優惠碼在線購買屏東海洋館門票,優惠期間結賬時立減NT$100。 匆忙!

MOM DAY 2022
BABYFUNShow Coupon Code

Klook 促銷代碼 - Mother's Day Promotion! 高鐵國際旅遊優惠券 - 申請立減NT$50

母親節促銷 - 這是一張特別的高鐵國際旅遊優惠券! 結賬時使用,結賬時立減新台幣50元。

THSRTAXIShow Coupon Code
5% OFF

Klook 折扣碼 - 首次透過App預訂即享5%折扣!Klook折扣碼2022

客路優惠碼 | 付款時輸入折扣碼隨時隨地享受精彩旅行. 首次透過App預訂即享5%折扣!

Klook Taiwan Code
BetterOnAppShow Coupon Code

More about Klook

Cancellations and Refunds

Klook Taiwan offers free cancellation on certain bookings however, some events also come with conditional or no cancellation at all depending upon the kind of service you have booked.

To cancel your travel booking, you’ll just have to go to the ‘my orders’ section or calling at 客服電話 and request a refund, which will be processed if you’re eligible for it.

For certain activities like traveling dates, passenger information, special request, and more, you can make amendments in your bookings or the order at Klook without any fuss.

Customer Services 

Need help in filing for a refund, unscheduled ticket, payment methods, gift cards, using Klook coupon codes and points, 邀請碼, and more? Pick any of the given methods to help yourself with 客 訴 by contacting its support team:

  • Go to its help center for finding the relevant FAQs and get answers to some commonly asked questions.
  • Start a live chat with the Klook 客服 executive by clicking on the ‘ask Klook’ option. 
  • Get connected with its WeChat customer Service.
  • Drop klook 租車評價 and rate your experiences of booking staycations to let them know.

Invite a friend

Double the fun of your holidays by exploiting the ‘refer a friend' program by Klook and share your referral code with a friend to earn rewards!

Just share the invitation or the referral link with your friends and once they make a successful booking through it, you’ll be able to earn up to HK$25 on every referral.

Moreover, your friend will receive a certain amount of reward that can be paired with Klook折扣 碼 or Klook promo code to earn some colossal savings whenever you are planning an escape from reality to the wondrous corners of the world.

15% OFF

Klook 促銷代碼 - 高鐵國際旅遊優惠券 - 獲得 15% OFF THSR 門票

高鐵票省錢! 登陸頁面獨家預訂,享台灣高鐵15%OFF,精選加購最高999元OFF!

Claim Code On PageShow Coupon Code
50% OFF

Klook 拍賣 - FLAT 50% 折扣預訂 - Desert Safari Dubai Tickets!

在您下次訪問時享受滑沙和驚險的四驅沙漠之旅。 立即在線獲取迪拜沙漠野生動物園門票,並在結賬頁面立即節省 50% 的固定費用。 匆忙!

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50% OFF

Klook 拍賣 - 活動門票折扣高達50% - Klook Dubai!

享受迪拜 TOP 12 觀光,包括 Motion gate, Safari 沙漠、地球村、迪拜公園、哈利法塔觀景台等。 僅在 Klook Dubai 預訂並獲得高達 50% 的折扣。

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10% OFF

Klook 拍賣 - 迪拜全球村門票 - 立即預訂並享受 10% 折扣

Global Village Dubai - 計劃探索迪拜最大的多元文化節日公園! 立即在線獲取您的門票,並在結帳頁面立即節省 10% 的固定費用。 匆忙!

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60% OFF

Klook 拍賣 - 節省高達 60% - Klook Taipei 2022 活動門票!

在這個季節享受令人驚嘆的Taipei whether,並在台北 101、101 大樓、Taipei 101 等熱門景點中漫遊。 現在預訂,享受優惠!

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NT$100 OFF

Klook 拍賣 - 邀請好友立減NT$100 - Klook優惠 Referral 2022

客路優惠碼 - 分享喜悅並獲得回報! 當您的朋友使用您的專屬代碼註冊並完成他們的第一項活動後,立即獲得100元獎勵。

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10% 折扣

Klook 拍賣 - 香港迪士尼樂園門票 - 現在預訂並獲得 10% 的折扣!

香港迪士尼樂園門票 - 在此促銷期間完成在線註冊,您可以在結賬時立即節省 10%。 現在預訂!

Get Discount
60% OFF

Klook 拍賣 - 新加坡最佳! 在線預訂旅遊和活動報價單,享受高達 60% 的折扣

在線預訂新加坡的精彩體驗,並在登錄頁面上獨家確認的預訂中享受高達 60% 的超值折扣。 匆忙!

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21% OFF

Klook 拍賣 - 享受 21% 的預訂折扣 | Klook Xpark 停車場

Xpark 水族館・台北101觀景台門票 | 立即在線預訂您的門票,並在結賬時立即享受 21% 的超值優惠。 衝到登錄頁面以訪問交易。 匆忙!

Get Discount
22% OFF

Klook 拍賣 - 預訂酒店並獲得高達 22% 的免費租車 - 快點!

在線預訂租賃住宿並享受高達 22% 的汽車租賃折扣。 衝到登陸頁面並在結帳時兌換此促銷代碼以享受優惠!

Get Discount

Klook 拍賣 - THSRC假日促銷-在線預訂並享受高達27%的折扣


Get Discount

Klook 拍賣 - 租車促銷-在線預訂最高可享受46%的折扣


Get Discount

Klook 折扣 - Sky100香港观景台门票-立即预订可享高达45%的折扣

Sky100香港观景台门票-本周末可360度欣赏香港岛的风光! 在线进行预订,并在结帐页面上节省多达45%的费用。 匆忙!

Get Discount

How do I use the Klook 折扣碼?

  • Visit our site and Klook in the search column. 
  • Click on the first suggestion appearing below. 
  • Go to the page where all the Klook優惠 and 優惠碼 are listed. 
  • Copy any of the codes and get redirected to Klook Taiwan’s website. 
  • Add tickets to 新加坡海洋館, sea aquarium, 峇里島租車, 一日遊, hotel rooms, staycations and more to the cart. 
  • Go to the checkout page. 
  • Apply the Klook code you have. 
  • Avail of great savings!

How can I redeem Klook points? 

Once you have earned more than 10 Klook points, you can redeem it on your future orders and your order total will be deducted based on the current value you have in points. Don’t forget to select to pay via these points!

Does Klook offer free cancellations?

Yes, it depends upon the cancellation terms and conditions of the property or the activity during the time of the reservation. If your Klook bookings are refundable, then you will be able to enjoy free cancellation on the services! 

How do I pay at Klook Taiwan?

You can use credit and debit cards by VISA, MasterCard, JCB, and American Express along with PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Alipay, and WeChat Pay to pay for your bookings on this platform.

When will I get my Klook refund? 

As far as hotel refunds are concerned, PayPal refunds are processed immediately and the bank car refund takes 5-7 days to get processed. In case you don’t get your refund within 30 days of cancellation, then contact Klook客服 regarding the same. 

Similar vouchers, coupons & offers

Free Entry!

Barcelona Pass 拍賣 - 熱門景點門票 - 立即獲取通行證並享受免費入場!

熱門景點門票 - 在登錄頁面上查看巴塞羅那最受歡迎的景點,您可以在其中使用通票享受免費快速通道。 馬上去拿!

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30% OFF

KKday 拍賣 - 悉尼的旅遊和景點 - 預訂並獲得高達 30% 的折扣 - 快點

與家人度過愉快的時光並前往悉尼。 立即預訂您的景點門票並享受高達 30% 的折扣,與您的親人共度美好時光。

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These offers have expired, but they might still work!

NT$520 OFF

Klook 拍賣 - 媽媽放鬆日! 美食享新台幣 520 元優惠

媽媽放鬆日 - 在這個母親節享受美味的食物和按摩! 只在登陸頁面下單,即可享受高達新台幣520元的超值優惠!

Get Discount
60 Yuan OFF

Klook 優惠券代碼 - 屏東海生門票立減60元-母親節優惠!

母親節優惠 - 在線預訂屏東海生門票可使用此優惠碼,即刻立減60元,無最低消費。 匆忙!

FISHFUNShow Coupon Code
90% OFF

Klook 拍賣 - 澎湖煙花 2022 - 在線預訂景點門票並節省高達 90%

2022澎湖煙花! 僅在登錄頁面上探索新系列,並在結帳頁面享受高達 90% 的超值折扣,享受在線預訂。 匆忙!

Get Discount
70% OFF

Klook 優惠券代碼 - 台湾精选活动最多可节省 69% + 额外 11% | 富邦J卡促销

使用您的富邦 J 卡在线支付,您将在登陆页面独家提供的选定活动上立即享受高达 69% + 额外 11% 的折扣。 立即使用此促销代码,让您的假期精彩纷呈。

JCARD8904Show Coupon Code
NT$150 OFF

Klook 優惠券代碼 - 台北 101 觀景台門票使用代碼立減新台幣 150 元!

兌換台北 101 觀景台門票的特別電子禮券,即刻立減新台幣 150 元。 在登陸頁面上確認您的預訂以確保您的儲蓄!

TAIPEI101GOShow Coupon Code
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Just dive into this unending collection of travel accompaniments and treat yourself to something extraordinary this holiday season using Klook優惠碼. No matter if you want to satiate the foodie or the explorer in you, this platform forms the perfect place with seamless browsing and booking experiences ready to be availed anytime anywhere. Look for global destinations and events, authentic food, Wi-Fi and sim cards, vacation houses, 租車, and much more at Klook to ensure a smooth journey. To top it off, you can exploit the Klook promo code, 信用卡 offers, and Klook coupon to make your journeys fit right into your budget while you enjoy all the luxuries you once used to dream of.

About Klook

Affiliated to Shenzhen Klook Network Technology Co., Ltd, Klook is a premier 天下旅行社 and booking platform in the Asia Pacific known for rendering tons of destinations, experiences, and services that are definitely worth your time and money.

It is helping travelers unfurl and explore the world’s best tourist attractions, unforgettable local expeditions, and itineraries for fuss-free travels. Whether you want a chilling ride on the roller coaster of the famous Universal Studios Osaka, 新加坡水族館, or want to observe the mesmerizing sea life in Bali’s seas, sign up for a unique journey.

Make the most out of every trip by using Klook優惠 碼 once you decide where to go from its hundreds of amazing choices by partnering up with names like Line, ShopBack, and more.

Klook Hot-Sale Offers 
  1. Look through the Klook Sale section to discover all the hottest deals on tourist places like Hong Kong, Japan, Taipei, Kuala Lumpur, 峇 里 島, Bangkok, 澎湖, 新加坡環球影城 or more to get major savings on your trips. 
  2. Unlock brand new experiences this winter and get up to 50% OFF on surfing, skiing, hot spring hotels and resorts, hiking and cycling adventures, and much more. 
  3. Comb through the Klook recommended places and grab bumper discounts on your next trip to the must-visit places located all over the world. 
  4. Find out the Klook折扣 碼 and Klook coupon codes that are up for grabs and ready to bring in huge savings on fight tickets, cruising, water activities, 花博, sightseeing tours, and more.
Get an app-exclusive discount of NT$36.4!

Avail of the great tourist packages, accommodation, activities, and more right at your fingertips just by downloading the Klook app on your smartphones. Moreover, you’ll get a new user discount of up to NT$36.4 off on your first travel booking exclusively through the app.

With its seamless browsing, you’ll also get an easy payment facility and instant alerts on the newest discounts that can be paired with Klook優惠碼 to maximize your benefits.   

Earn Klook Points  

Get ready to accumulate Klook台湾 points simultaneously while enjoying your trip with this fantastic booking portal!

Just book any particular experience through its official website or the app and once it’s completed, you’ll get to earn points that will be corresponding to the value of the event that you’ll be experiencing along with convenient airport connections and hiring car rentals or booking tickets.

These 10 points are equal to 1 Hong Kong dollar and can further be used in grabbing discounts along with Klook優惠 for major savings on the Taiwan tour. The points you’ll receive as a rebate range from 1%-5% of the total activity amount you have booked and added to your Klook account within 2 days.  

Sign up to get up to 60% OFF!

Don’t want to miss out on the latest travel deals, inspirations, and ideas from its blogs and discounts? Subscribe to the Klook newsletter and all the juicy details on sightseeing at 新加坡sea海洋館, party destinations, 信用卡優惠, flight bookings, and more along with hidden Klook discount codes up to 60% off.

With these special fringe benefits, this booking portal has become the topmost choice for every thrill seeker and business traveler all across the world.