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Lenovo 折扣碼 & Lenovo 優惠碼 January 2021

Grab Exclusive Discounts On All Tech-Savvy Products With Lenovo優惠碼!

Get your hands on the latest laptops, desktops, tablets, smartphones, consumer gadgets, and data center from Lenovo, a tech giant ruling the heart of the millions of tech-freaks all over the world. With its unsurpassable innovations like ThinkPad, Ideapad series, Yoga series, ThinkStation, Desktop computer, and more, you’ll get to experience the latest-generation technology to make your life efficient.

It aims to inspire its customers with its software solutions and new inventions along with convenient data storage, service and warranty, gaming, and computer accessories. All of which can be purchased easily with Lenovo折扣碼. With an idea to make the world a better place, Lenovo's latest-generation solutions are designed to transform your business and ultimately the world for the better.

It not just leads in PCs, Legion laptops, Ideapad s340, 330, energy management, education store, and more but also offers diligent after-sale support to its customers. On top of its amazing deals, be sure to exploit Lenovo promo code and Lenovo vouchers to make your quest for the latest technology fit right into your pocket.
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35%的折扣 優惠券代碼

Lenovo 折扣碼 - 新年购物派对-立即购物并获得35%的折扣!

新年购物派对-可以在目标网页上独享的笔记本电脑上节省高达35%的超值折扣。 现在下单!

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Expires: 31-01-2021
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40%的折扣 優惠券代碼

Lenovo 折扣碼 - 在线购买精选笔记本电脑可享受高达40%的折扣!

从着陆页上的可用选项中选择所需的笔记本电脑,并在此促销期内享受高达40%的结账折扣。 匆忙!

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Expires: 01-02-2021
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NT $ 1,500折扣 優惠券代碼

Lenovo 折扣碼 - 官方旗舰店-优惠高达NT $ 1,500优惠!

上线联想官方旗舰店,即可享受高达1,500新台币的优惠券折扣。 参加惊喜折扣秀并索取优惠!

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Expires: 1 Day
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免費贈品! 優惠券代碼

Lenovo 折扣碼 - 2021學習季-免費耳機,無線鼠標和通用適配器!

2021 School Season-立即加入教育商店,免費獲得有源降噪耳機,藍牙無線鼠標,通用適配器插座和更多禮物。匆忙!

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Expires: 08-03-2021
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NT $ 22,000折扣 優惠券代碼

Lenovo 折扣碼 - 学生和老师的独家优惠-节省高达NT $ 22,000!

学生和老师在自己喜欢的小工具上最多可节省NT $ 22,000。 只需完成登录页面上的注册并抓住好处!

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Expires: 31-01-2021
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10%的折扣 優惠券代碼

Lenovo 折扣碼 - 專業企業會員-首次訂購可享受10%的折扣!


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Expires: 31-01-2021
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优惠41% 拍賣

Lenovo 拍賣 - ThinkPad系列-在线订购并节省高达41%的费用!

ThinkPad系列-与着陆页上独家提供的笔记本电脑在线订购相比,可享受高达41%的罕见折扣。 在此销售期内下订单即可享受优惠!

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Expires: 31-12-2021
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40%的折扣 拍賣

Lenovo 拍賣 - 军团游戏系列-在线订购笔记本电脑,最高可享受40%的折扣

军团游戏系列-欢迎来到游戏世界! 在目标网页上在线获取所需的规格笔记本电脑,并在结帐页面上节省多达40%的费用。 匆忙!

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Expires: 31-12-2021
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NT $ 20,495起 拍賣

Lenovo 拍賣 - Brandstore热销模型-仅需NT $ 20,495在线购买!

Brandstore热销模型-获得全新的购物体验! 在线浏览最畅销的型号,最低价格仅为NT $ 20,495。 匆忙!

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Expires: 31-05-2021
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优惠31% 拍賣

Lenovo 拍賣 - ThinkPad系列笔记本电脑-在线选择可享高达31%的折扣

ThinkPad系列笔记本电脑-抓住机会,抢购在线预订最多可享受31%的折扣! 赶快到达目标网页,并在销售活动中下订单!

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Expires: 02-02-2021
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NT $ 22,900起 拍賣

Lenovo 拍賣 - ThinkBook系列-在線購買筆記本電腦僅需NT $ 22,900!

ThinkBook系列非常適合商務活動,也是休閒娛樂的好幫手!立即以特惠價NT $ 22,900起,即可在線購買所需的筆記本電腦。匆忙!

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Expires: 31-12-2021
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39%的折扣 拍賣

Lenovo 拍賣 - 军团系列-在线订购笔记本电脑并获得高达39%的折扣

仅在登录页面上访问在线Legion系列笔记本电脑,即可在此优惠期内在线下订单享受39%的折扣。 匆忙!

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Expires: 04-02-2021
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29%的折扣 拍賣

Lenovo 拍賣 - ThinkBook系列笔记本电脑-在线下单最高可获得25%的折扣!

ThinkBook系列笔记本电脑-在此促销活动期间,仅在着陆页上独家下达的在线订单可享受高达25%的激动人心的折扣。 匆忙!

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Expires: 03-02-2021
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NT $ 995起 折扣

Lenovo 折扣 - NT $ 995起,电脑配件及软件

电脑配件和软件-仅在目标网页上在线访问完整的收藏集,并以最低的起价新台币995元享受购物。 匆忙!

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Expires: 31-12-2021
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Lenovo 折扣碼

官方旗舰店-优惠高达NT $ 1,500优惠!優惠券代碼1 Day
学生和老师的独家优惠-节省高达NT $ 22,000!優惠券代碼31-01-2021

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$150 OFF 折扣

Microsoft 折扣 - 立即購買Xbox One X控制台並節省$ 150 +免費控制器!

當您從登錄頁面購買在線Xbox One X控制台時,就可以享受雙倍的樂趣,您現在可以獲得150美元的折扣+免費控制器。匆忙!

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From $0.10 折扣

Alibaba 折扣 - 消費電子-立即從0.10美元起在線訂購

消費電子-僅在目標網頁上搶占批發價格的優勢。在線下訂單,享受最低的起價僅為$ 0.10。匆忙!

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Expires: 31-01-2021
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From NT$9,480 拍賣

Microsoft 拍賣 - 從NT $ 9,480購買在線Xbox One S

在線為您找到最好的Xbox One S!立即訪問登錄頁面,以最低的起價NT $ 9,480享受購物。匆忙!

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Expires: 31-01-2021
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At NT$15,380 拍賣

Microsoft 拍賣 - Xbox One X-立即在線訂購,僅需NT $ 15,380

Xbox One X-僅需在登陸頁面上以NT $ 15,380的特別折扣價即可在線購買。現在去購物!

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Expires: 28-02-2021
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75% OFF 折扣

Shopee 折扣 - 消費電子-在線購物,最多可節省75%


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Expires: 31-12-2021
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How to use a Lenovo 折扣碼

Follow the instructions below to discover how you can redeem a voucher on the Lenovo website

  1. Open the website
  2. Choose the desired category of product you wish to purchase from
  3. Browse through the list and click on your favorite item
  4. Read through the product's description and features
  5. Click on Buy Now
  6. You will be directed to the "Cart"
How to use a Lenovo 折扣碼

About Lenovo

As a tech magnet, Lenovo roots three decades back in China where a group of 13 engineers decided to move forward with the idea to establish a hub of smart devices and accessories.

Now it has expanded its business in over 160 countries serving all the tech-geeks and enthusiasts who look for something unique in every technology launched in the market.

In its initiative of Intelligent Transformation of the world, it has been unfurling various possibilities that can come to life by the technology developed by Augmented Intelligence.

It has shaped various exemplary products like AIO, AMD, All-in-one PC, Active Pen 2, Chromebook Duet c330, Carbon X1, I340, I390, and more. All of which can be up for grabs once you use Lenovo優惠.

Great offers on Lenovo products: 
  1. Look for Lenovo Christmas Sale, promotional offers during the New Year, seasonal deals, and more to get monumental benefits on Lenovo computers, Ideapad Miix 630, monitors, driver, Notebook, and more. 
  2. There are various limited-time offers displayed on its homepage ready to bring you up to 43% OFF on selected Legion gaming laptops, ThinkPad P53, Power manager, Q27q-10,  
  3. Get your hands on Lenovo 折扣碼 and Lenovo code to include all the high-end items like workstation, warranty upgrades, BIOS update, products recall, tablets, Motorola phones, and more at heavily discounted rates.   
  4. Sign up for Lenovo Pro membership and be a part of the laptop lottery to get another $150 new customer coupon code from foodpanda.
 Sign-up for the latest offers and news! 

If you’re obsessed with the latest inventions and don’t want to miss out on anything technologically delicious, then subscribe to the Lenovo newsletter right away! Just scroll down at the bottom of its homepage and enter your email address in the box headed with ‘keep in touch’.

Once you hit the subscribe button, you’ll be informed about all the hottest deals on Lenovo along with its exclusive coupons and discount codes applicable on the latest launches.

Lenovo Pro Membership  

Join this membership program for free to get unlimited privileges on top of the best corporate prices on Lenovo.com! Once you sign up, you’ll be eligible for exclusive warranty upgrade offers, special offers for limited companies, exchange offers on smart office devices, and much more right at your fingertips.

There are several other benefits as well that tag along on bulk purchases and extra discounts on Lenovo Pro, Pro Plus, and Pro Diamond.

Moreover, the Pro corporate members will enjoy a special Lenovo優惠碼 worth 10% off on their first purchase discount apart from a Workstation computer plus a $1 upgrade with a three-year warranty (worth 11,000TL). What else do you need to sign up for now?

Payment Information     

With an easy and secure payment facility, the online Lenovo store accepts Visa or MasterCard credit cards as payment methods that are issued in Taiwan or you can also choose to pay by transfer.

However, before you complete the purchase, make sure that you use Lenovo 折扣碼 to grab its finest creations at the least possible prices.

From IdeaPad S340, S540, smart clock, ThinkPad X1 Nano, X240, X230, x390, V330, V310, TO Yoga Slim series, be sure to bag everything you seek.

Returns and Exchanges  

If you aren’t content with your purchase, then make sure to arrange for a return within 7 days after receiving the order or drop a mail to its customer service team at twcs@lenovo.com to terminate your contract.

As per the Lenovo returns policy, the item to be returned must be unused with original packaging, otherwise your return request might be refused or you’ll have to pay a certain fee.

In case you want an exchange or want your order to be replaced, then make sure to mail its customer service for the same. 

Customer Services 

Need help in Microsoft technical support, online registration of the product, Wantong bonus points, computer after-sale services, ThikShield security; order support, Lenovo 優惠碼 or more? Get in touch with its support team to find a quick solution for yourself:

  1. Lenovo台灣 customer service contact number is 00801-601-372. 
  2. Email your troubles at twcs@lenovo.com. 
  3. Use online chat support or Line chat service to reach out. 
  4. Fill in the contact with all your details and seek help.  
  5. Go through the purchase FAQs and order the progress query column for more.
Exclusive Education Store Discount         

Sign up for Lenovo education store discount specially curated for Students and teachers and save up to NT$22,000 on your purchases! Once you join hands with this program, you’ll be able to procure headsets, mouse, screens, Yoga C940, C930, 14S, 9I, Yoga Book, Z6 Pro, or more without burning all your savings.

You can look forward to availing of all these advantages: 

  1. Get interest-free installments on purchases over NT$40,000.
  2. 2-year factory warranty plus E-sports discount on your purchase. 
  3. You’ll get an extra Lenovo折扣碼 worth 5% OFF and much more.
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