Kode Promo Shopee & Kode Diskon Shopee October 2021

Shop from one of the largest e-commerce groups, with our Shopee Indonesia Kode promo that saves big on your wallet, so why keep calm! Big brands with huge savings are waiting for you. With our Shopee Kode voucher slash off on the original price and enjoy your savings.

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11.11 Super Day - Dapatkan DISKON Hingga 90% Untuk Belanja Anda

Berbelanjalah dari beragam gaya busana selama Hari Super 11.11 ini. Pesan gaya favorit Anda dan dapatkan DISKON Hingga 90% untuk pembelian Anda. PERCEPAT!

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Bebas biaya kirim!
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Dapatkan Pengiriman Gratis Untuk Semua Pesanan - Cepat Sekarang!

Baca dengan teliti halaman halo dan kirimkan permintaan Anda dari situs web online untuk mendapatkan keuntungan dari Pengiriman Gratis. Klaim kode promo Anda sekarang. Cepat!

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Daftar Penawaran!
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Pesan & Dapatkan Diskon Spesial - Daftar Sekarang!

Daftar sekarang dan dapatkan diskon luar biasa di halaman arahan. Nikmati produk yang Anda inginkan dengan harga terjangkau & nikmati penghematan.

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Diskon 70%

Geoff Max Official - Belanja & Dapatkan DISKON Hingga 70% - Cepat

Koleksi Spesial - Pesan sekarang dan dapatkan DISKON Hingga 70% dengan membeli produk fashion bermerek. Belanja online sekarang.

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Diskon 75%

Produk Sehat - Nikmati DISKON Hingga 75% - Cepat!

Jelajahi koleksi terbaru dan dapatkan produk Sehat yang menakjubkan dari halaman promo. Belanja online sekarang dan nikmati DISKON Hingga 75%.

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Diskon 78%

Ponsel & Aksesori - Nikmati DISKON Hingga 78% - Pesan Sekarang!

Jelajahi halaman arahan dan belanja sekarang untuk Ponsel & Aksesori luar biasa yang tersedia. Beli sekarang dan nikmati diskon besar hingga 78%. Buru-buru!

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Ladies Shopping Dengan Diskon Hingga 80%

Masuk saja ke halaman browsing dan pilih produk terbaik untuk wanita seperti cardigan, scarf, blazer, heels, dan masih banyak lagi. Belanja online sekarang dan nikmati DISKON hingga 80%.

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Diskon 70%

Sepatu Pria - Kumpulkan DISKON Hingga 70% - Pesan Sekarang!

Shopee Indonesia - Koleksi besar & segar dapat diakses dari awal dengan penawaran luar biasa. Belanja sepatu branded dan dapatkan DISKON Hingga 70%. Mulai belanja sekarang!

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More about Shopee

Shopee Live Stream

This is one of the most interactive sessions held by Shopee to make customers more involved with the sellers to gain better knowledge about the product. 

Shopee Seller get the opportunity to showcase their products while customers can ask about the details via the comments section below the stream, also purchase while on the live stream.

 When customers interact with the sellers they get to know more about the in-depth detail of the product which they miss out on when they buy directly from their portal.

When you shop on live stream lookout for our kode promo briva Shopee to help you gain on savings and make your shopping experience great.


Big Savings at Shopee Mall 

Save big with big brands at ShopeeMall with our Shopee Kode diskon and kode promo. All branded products with best in class quality and authenticity promise by the company, in the time where branded products are forged and sold at many places, shop tension-free and also guilt-free as our Kode vouchers are here to save up on your bill. Below are some perks to shop with them:

  • 7 Day return policy
  • 100% genuine products
  • Shop at a comparatively lower price
  • Free shipping for all the mall products


Returns & Refunds 

Customers stick to Shopee because of the hassle-free process of returns and refunds they offer to their customers. Their customers choose them for the service they offer, where other companies lack, they bubble up in the competition. They have a dedicated F&Q page on their portal, where if customers have to face any issue because of any technical problem, these F&Qs guide them brilliantly, and even then if they are not satisfied with the solution, they can call a Shopee customer care representative.

Cheer yourself with our kode promo Shopee terbaru because savings just got better, so that you can enjoy doing guilt-free shopping. 


Cara memasukkan kode promo Shopee?

  • Go to our website and type Shopee in the search bar.
  • It will take you to Shopee Kode promos list page.
  • Choose one of them and click on it.
  • It will redirect you to the Shopee website.
  • Choose your product and proceed to checkout.
  • Apply the copied kupon from our website
  • You’re done! Enjoy the discount.

What is a Seller Center?

The seller center is like a dashboard created for Shopee sellers to control their store account and make changes as required. Below are the points seller can do at seller center:

  • To add or remove any product.
  • Manage store sales and keep track of the store earnings.
  • Settings and changes in descriptions of products.

How to Chat with Shopee?

To chat with Shopee follow the below steps:

  • Log in to your account.
  • Go to; ‘My page’ option.
  • Click on Help Centre.
  • Then click on Shopee Chat now option.
  • It will redirect you to the chat page.

The chat option is beneficial for the customers as they can choose to talk to the representative wherever they are.

How to Contact Shopee Customer Service?

You can call on 1500702 to talk to representatives, who are available 24x7 all week, even on public holidays. Or you can mail via the email button available when you click on the contact button available at the bottom of the webpage.

Why was my ShopeePay Deactivated?

For security reasons, when you put an incorrect Shopee pin at the time of checkout, the system will block your account. To regain your account you have to contact customer support, where they will guide you to regain your account for you to use it again.

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These offers have expired, but they might still work!

50% OFF

Shopee Sale - 10.10 Super Fashion Day - Dapatkan DISKON Hingga 50% Untuk Belanja Anda

Berbelanja dari beragam gaya busana selama 10.10 Super Fashion Day ini. Pesan gaya favorit Anda dan dapatkan DISKON Hingga 50% untuk pembelian Anda. PERCEPAT!

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Shopee Sale - 10.10 Super Brand Day - Pesan & Dapatkan Diskon Hingga 50% untuk Belanja Anda - Cepat!

Koleksi Terbaru! Pindah ke halaman rujukan dan hemat Hingga 50% untuk produk luar biasa. Beli online sekarang dan nikmati penghematannya. Buru-buru!

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70% OFF
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Shopee Coupon Code - 10.10 Dijual! Nikmati Diskon Hingga 70% + Cashback 15% - Produk Elektronik Teratas

Jelajahi koleksi terbaru dan dapatkan Produk Elektronik menakjubkan dari halaman promo. Belanja online sekarang dan nikmati Diskon Hingga 70% + Cashback 15%. Terapkan kode promo Shopee yang diberikan.

SHP1010OPTMSZShow Coupon Code
75% OFF

Shopee Sale - Item Fashion K-Style - Beli & Dapatkan Diskon Hingga 75% + Cashback 30% - Cepat

Dapatkan DISKON hingga 75% + Cashback 30% untuk produk k-style favorit Anda di halaman arahan. Nikmati produk yang Anda inginkan dengan harga terjangkau & nikmati penghematan.

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80% OFF
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Shopee Coupon Code - Busana Pria - Dapatkan DISKON Hingga 80% - Promo 10.10 - Cepat

Datang saja ke halaman promo dan dapatkan berbagai Produk Fashion Pria yang menakjubkan sesuai anggaran Anda. Belanja online sekarang dan dapatkan DISKON Hingga 80%.

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Shreya Bhardwaj
by Shreya Bhardwaj
Content Writer
More about Shreya

Shopee as is a trusted, versatile, and value for a money shopping portal, which is all buyers of this century ask for. With multilingual options on their website and app, customers from 27 countries don’t hesitate to shop from them. Their products, services, and our Shopee code can make sure that customers avail themselves of maximum benefit through Shopee Kode promo or more and choose them for future endeavors in online shopping. Their website and app are easy to navigate, where new sellers are continuously added to the family.

About Shopee

Established in 2015, Shopee initially established its presence in Southeast Asian countries and later circulated to other continents. Their journey of growth is inspiring. As a brand not only they gained the trust of their customers but also made their mark when other big fishes were ruling the e-commerce industry. 

Their categorized collection of fashion, electronics, food, and various such products are safely delivered to the customer’s doorstep with Shopee’s money-back guarantee. With kode promo Shopee hari ini, customers love to shop their favorites and save upon them at the same time.

Also, customers can look for kode promo pengguna baru Shopee (if available) when they sign up for the first time at their portals.

Customer Care Services! 

Customer care service at Shopee is problem resolving, easy to access and their different modes of service help the customers to choose what medium they want to talk to the company’s representative. Even before contacting them customers can choose the type of issues mentioned in the FAQs when you click on the Contact button and by following the FAQs auto-generated solution they can know the way to resolve their problem.

If you have any issues or doubts, contact them through the below-mentioned mediums. 

  • You can call at the following contact number of Shopee ID 1500702.
  • Or else Chat with the customer care executive.
  • Drop an Email, by clicking on the option available at Shopee.  
  • For general inquiries, you can go through the FAQs.


Payments at Shopee are easy and secure. With protection policy on their products, customers trust and rely on to shop from them. Their payment options are as follows:

  • Bank transfer
  • Debit card
  • Credit card
  • Wallets

 Payments are supported by the major and most commonly used gateways. When you proceed for the checkout using the above methods use Shopee Indonesia diskon kupon from the list, and buy your product at an unbelievable price.

Buyers Protection Policy! 

Shopee’s buyer protection policy is the surety from them, that the product a customer buys is up to the mark, and if not, they will receive the full refund of the product. Below are some points explaining more about the protection policy:

  • It is the holding of funds for the seller when an order is placed by the customer.
  • Products are packed and delivered is the holding time of funds for the sellers.
  • When the customer gives a go-ahead to the product, the funds are then transferred.
  • Or when the Delivery Company confirms the delivery of the product, funds are transferred to the seller account.
  • If a customer files for a refund, the funds are blocked by the company.
  • When the customer sends back the product, they receive a full refund from the company.

Cost-Effective Savings!

When Shopee entered the market, it was already a steep competition as their fellow competitors already made their mark in the e-commerce industry, but Shopee Indonesia came up with our kode promo kredivo Shopee, deals, and flash sale to connect with the customers and make them believe that they are here to make their shopping experience beneficial. With vouchers, kode promo akalu Shopee diskon kupons, from us, you are in for a treat to save big on your shopping.