Net-A-Porter 折扣碼 & Net-A-Porter 優惠碼 May 2022

Shop luxury fashion, beauty, and lifestyle essentials for women from the most coveted international brands using the NET-A-PORTER 折扣碼 on your orders! NET-A-PORTER台灣 consists of an unending range of designers, fashion based on the latest trends, and a collection that is inspired from the catwalk styles when it comes to clothing, accessories, or footwear.

80% OFF

Net-A-Porter 折扣碼 - 2022 年農曆新年 - 購買時裝和配飾,折扣高達 80%

Net A Porter關稅 - 前往登錄頁面,您將在其中找到來自最大品牌的各種時尚和配飾。 在線購物並享受高達 80% 的令人難以置信的折扣。 匆忙!

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Net-A-Porter 折扣碼 - 使用網絡優惠折扣碼2021全店首單立減10%

這裡有一個特別的Net優惠折扣碼2021給你! 將它應用於您在全店範圍內的第一筆訂單,並在結賬時獲得 10% 的特別折扣。 立即訂購,立即享受優惠!

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Net-A-Porter 折扣碼 - 使用移動應用程序享受第一筆訂單的 10% 折扣!

下載官方 NET‑A‑PORTER 應用程序,使用結帳頁面上的此特殊促銷代碼 2021,您可以在第一筆在線訂單上節省 10%。 每位用戶優惠一次!

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From 477

Net-A-Porter 拍賣 - 15 件必備品 - 現在在線訂購只需 477 美元

在登錄頁面上在線查看膠囊衣櫥,以最低 477 美元起的最低價格享受您的訂單。 立即購物,從在線提供的 15 款必備品中挑選您的最愛!

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80% OFF

Net-A-Porter 拍賣 - Online Shopping 2022 - 購買品牌女鞋和搶購高達 80% 的折扣

Online Sale 2022 - 這裡是 netaporter 登陸頁面上豪華鞋的特別編輯,提供高達 80% 的特別折扣。 立即挑選您最喜歡的鞋款並享受優惠!

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From $102

Net-A-Porter 拍賣 - Summer Styles 包袋起價僅 $102 | 現在去購物!

Summer Styles 包袋 - 查看台灣全網新上架的最新包袋! 立即購買,享受最低票價,僅 102 美元起!

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20% OFF

Net-A-Porter 拍賣 - Urban Summer 系列 - 立即在線購物並享受高達 20% 的折扣

都市夏日系列! 僅在登錄頁面上查看酷炫系列,並在結賬時直接享受高達 20% 的超值優惠。 現在去購物!

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From $116

Net-A-Porter 拍賣 - 她的衣櫥必備品 - 立即在線購物僅需 $116

她的衣櫃必備品 - 在線發現服裝並以最低價格挑選您想要的單品,起價僅為 116 美元。 在庫存用完之前立即購買!

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More about Net-A-Porter


Get the NET-A-PORTER application on your iOS and Android device and start browsing for the best-in-class at your fingertips while accessing the hottest discounts anytime no matter where you are.

You will get safe payments via the app, alerts on price drops, sale events like Black Friday, and smooth shopping experiences that will make finding the biggest brands at awesome rates hassle-free.

Moreover, you can enjoy app-exclusive discounts along with using the NET-A-PORTER折扣碼 for savings!  

Become a Loyalty Member

Join the NET-A-PORTER EIP (premium VIP) customer loyalty program and get to relish several benefits ad advantages that will improve your shopping experiences with greater privileges.

The exclusive services include NET-A-PORTER free worldwide shipping, a private shopping experience, priority access to new launches, and a special private shopper to accompany you.

You get access to this membership plan only when you have spent £10,000 within the last 12 months and top the savings with the NET-A-PORTER 優惠碼. 

Fashion Advice by Experts

NET-A-PORTER Taiwan gives the shoppers access to the fashion experts who lend their valuable tips and advice to them related to what’s trending and what are the must-have seasonal styles.

The fashion consultants available here will guide you where you should invest your money when it comes to fashion when you upgrade your wardrobe or pick up something new in styling.

While you pick the designer clothing, accessories, and footwear, you can use the NET-A-PORTER 折扣碼 on your orders to secure some savings. 

From $61!

Net-A-Porter 拍賣 - 在線訂購女士衣櫥必備品僅需 61 美元

這是登陸頁面上的一件很棒的女裝衣櫥必備品。 立即購物,以最低 61 美元的最低價格享受您所購買的商品!

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From $86

Net-A-Porter 拍賣 - 運動鞋 - 流行傑作僅售 86 美元起

運動鞋最低價! 在登錄頁面上獨家探索大師作品,並以合理的價格享受您的訂單,起價僅為 86 美元!

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From US$61

Net-A-Porter 拍賣 - 適合她的投資選擇 - 現在在線訂購僅需 61 美元起

將經典融入日常生活的投資精選! 發現登陸頁面上的選擇,並以最低 61 美元起的最便宜的價格享受您的購買。 匆忙!

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20% OFF

Net-A-Porter 拍賣 - 為她打造優雅時尚 - 立即在線購物,最高可享 20% 折扣

為她打造優雅時尚! 在線購買登陸頁面上獨家提供的女士時裝和配飾,可享受高達 20% 的超值優惠。 現在去購物!

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From $91

Net-A-Porter 折扣 - 夏季鞋履系列 - 立即選購 $91 起

夏季鞋履系列! 在登錄頁面上在線發現整個選擇,並在購買時享受令人難以置信的節省。 衝到登陸頁面,享受最低價格,僅 91 美元起!

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40% OFF

Net-A-Porter 折扣 - 享受 Tiptoe Collection Her 高達 40% 的折扣!

踮起腳尖收集她! 從僅在登錄頁面上提供的絕佳選擇中選擇您最喜歡的鞋款,並在結賬時享受高達 40% 的超值優惠。 匆忙!

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From $21

Net-A-Porter 折扣 - 新設計師系列 - 立即在線購物僅需 21 美元起

新設計師系列 - 在登錄頁面上在線發現令人驚嘆的選擇,並以最低 21 美元起的最低價格享受您的訂單。 現在去購物!

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From $61

Net-A-Porter 折扣 - Variety Wardrobe Collection - 立即在線購物,僅 $61 起

Variety Wardrobe Collection - 在登錄頁面上在線發現最佳女裝選擇,並以最低 61 美元起的最低價格享受您的訂單。 匆忙!

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How do I use the NET-A-PORTER discount code?

  • Visit our website and type NET-A-PORTER in the search column. 
  • Go with the first suggestion appearing below. 
  • The page you will be taken to consists of NET-A-PORTER折扣 and 優惠碼. 
  • Reveal any of the codes and get redirected to the NET-A-PORTER台灣 website. 
  • Add the needed products to the cart. 
  • Use the code on check out. 
  • Get massive savings!

What are the payment methods accepted on NET-A-PORTER? 

You can use all the major payment options on NET-A-PORTER Taiwan including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, and Maestro credit and debit cards. And before you finalize your order, you can get some savings using the NET-A-PORTER discount code on your orders. 

What is the NET-A-PORTER cancellation policy?

According to its cancellation policy, you are allowed to cancel your order based on its status. Like the orders that have been not dispatched can be canceled or changed and you can contact its customer care services for the same. 

How long does it take to get a refund?

After your return has been processed, a refund from NET-A-PORTER will be transferred into your account within 10 working days, however, the timing may fluctuate depending upon your service provider. 

How can I pre-order from NET-A-PORTER?

This online store allows you to shop for the upcoming season in advance and pre-purchase the products before they are sold out. Just add the products marked with the ‘pre-sale’ label to the cart and proceed as usual using the NET-A-PORTER 折扣碼 for great savings. 

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These offers have expired, but they might still work!

From US$747.82

Net-A-Porter 折扣 - 治愈系連衣裙 - 立即在線購買低至 US$747.82

以下是前 20 款色彩繽紛的連衣裙,讓您心情愉快。 在線查看選擇,以最便宜的價格享受您的訂單,起價僅為 747.82 美元!

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Ajeet Singh
by Ajeet Singh
Deal Expert Manager
More about Ajeet

Consisting of brands like Valentino, Golden Goose, Balenciaga, Loewe, Gucci, Golden Goose, Stella McCartney, Nike, Isabel Marant, Jacquemus, and other labels, NET-A-PORTER offers a dedicated collection for men through MR. Porter.

While you upgrade your wardrobe, home, and living with world-class quality, you can get guidance from a style expert to invest your money efficiently. Moreover, you can make use of the NET-A-PORTER 優惠碼, sign up discount worth 10% OFF, loyalty rewards, and other discounts available under the NET-A-PORTER Black Friday sale, Cyber Monday, and other events.


Established in 2000, NET-A-PORTER is a hub of top-notch 800 designers and brands from all across the globe ensuring the quality needs and comfort of the fashion freaks.

This online store in Taiwan is the utter blend of trends with versatility that is balanced perfectly with the greatness of the high-end designers loved by the crowds.

You can find women’s clothing, jewelry, footwear, underwear, cosmetics, watch accessories, and several other wardrobe essentials that are needed to accentuate your looks on any occasion.

While you are at, use the NET-A-PORTER 折扣碼台灣 on your orders to grab some savings on brands like Bottega Veneta, Chloe, Acne Studios, Versace, Balmain, Fendi, and others. 

FREE Returns and Exchanges

You get to try your purchases in the comfort of your home and then file for returns or exchanges within 28 days of delivery provided that the products haven’t been used and have their brand tags.

To file a return at NET-A-PORTER Taiwan, you must go to the ‘my orders’ section and select the ‘apply for return/exchange’ option available there and get a refund.

You can book for NET-A-PORTER free return collection of your order by calling its customer care services and they will email the return procedure to you. You can also arrange for an exchange for another size or color of the product you have bought. 

Get 10% OFF on sign-up! 

Subscribing to the NET-A-PORTER newsletter will give you access to the early sales, latest arrivals, price drops, and discounts that this store has to offer before anyone else.

While you stay in the know all the time, you will also get the NET-A-PORTER sign-up discount worth 10% OFF on your first order from this store.

Or you can combine your purchases with the NET-A-PORTER折扣碼 to secure saving on boots, coats, jackets, sunglasses, sneakers, hats, sunglasses, pants, knitwear, hoodies, and anything else you buy from here. 

24/7 Customer Services

  • Get in touch with the NET-A-PORTER customer care services in Taiwan at +44 330 022 5700 for help. 
  • Email your issues at 
  • Start a live chat to get advice from the fashion experts. 
  • Go through the FAQs to find a solution. 
  • Follow its team on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for regular updates. 
  • Reach a fashion consultant at or +44 330 022 5701. 

Shipping Information

NET-A-PORTER delivery options depend upon your location and all the available methods are reflected on the checkout page. It express delivery facility is available in Taiwan at a cost of 15USD plus taxes and the delivery is usually completed within 5-7 working days once the order is placed.

In order to obtain some savings, if you don’t have the free shipping code, you can simply use the NET-A-PORTER折扣碼 or優惠碼 and avoid paying in full for your purchases.