Kode Promo Bukalapak & Kode Diskon Bukalapak April 2024

Shop from one of the trusted Indonesian E-Commerce giants Bukalapak using Kode promo to save big, and buy your favorite products without any hassle. Kode Diskon from us will save up on your final payment when you are ready to checkout on your selected products.


Tersedia Furnitur Untuk Rumah & Taman Dengan Diskon Hingga 35% - Pesan Sekarang Dari Bukalapak

Lakukan pemesanan secara online dari pilihan furnitur terbaik dan ternyaman terluas yang tersedia untuk rumah dan taman Anda dengan harga diskon hingga 35%.

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Hemat Hingga 80% Dari Halaman Flash Deal Bukalapak Untuk Belanja Online

Lihatlah koleksi produk terbaik yang tersedia di halaman merchant selama flash sale Bukalapak dan belanjalah dari mereka untuk mendapatkan harga diskon luar biasa hingga 80%.

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Beli Smartwatch Dengan Promo Sale Bukalapak & Dapatkan DISKON Hingga 25%

Dapatkan penawaran besar-besaran ini dan belanja jam tangan pintar terbaik dan terbaru yang tersedia di halaman promosi dan dapatkan diskon besar hingga 25% untuk pesanan Anda.

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Dapatkan DISKON Hingga 60% Untuk Minyak Atsiri + Beli 1 Gratis 1 Dari Promo Jualan Bukalapak

Melalui halaman penawaran ini, Anda akan mendapatkan diskon hingga 60% untuk belanja minyak atsiri dari merchant dengan tambahan penawaran Beli 1 Gratis 1 pada pembelian Anda.

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Belanja Produk Elektronik Dengan Diskon Hingga 90%

Lihatlah koleksi terluas produk elektronik terbaik melalui halaman penawaran ini selama periode penawaran dan belanjalah untuk mendapatkan diskon hingga 90%.

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Beli Suplemen Herbal Alami Sido Muncul & Dapatkan DISKON Hingga 70%

Lihatlah kesepakatan ini yang akan membantu Anda mendapatkan suplemen herbal yang tersedia dari toko resmi Sido Muncul Natural di toko Bukalapak. Belanja sekarang dan dapatkan diskon hingga 70%.

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More about Bukalapak

Customer Care Services! 

Bukalapak Indonesia always makes sure that their customers won’t have to face any problems because of any issues that arrive during opting for their services. But even if that happens they have listed the categories for you to choose and explain in the form, writing about your problem. It will be submitted to them, and their customer care executive will call you regarding your problem. Other than that, there are FAQs to help you out with solving your issue.

Pros for Online Shopping at Bukalapak

Bukalapak being a decade-old company that is trusted by their customers as they give a 100% guarantee on their product of being genuine, also they give a 100% money-back guarantee if the customer didn’t receive their package. Apart from this, they often give their customers festive offers and deals, through which they always connect with them and feel happy when they buy the product at a lesser amount. Easy payments are also a plus point when it comes to online shopping with them.


Virtual Products

Bukalapak is not just limited to offering e-commerce services, but they also cater to Virtual products such as Games, Bill payments, Loans, Investments, Travel, Social & Society, Automotive.

Their easy-to-use interface on both, their website and app make it easy for the customers to select the services they want and go forward with the payment. You can use the Bukalapak Indonesia Kode promo to nab offers which would help you save up on your payments.


How to use Bukalapak Promo Code?

  • Simply search Bukalapak in the search bar of our website; it will take you to their kode promo list. 
  • Select any one of the vouchers from the list.
  • As soon as you click on the coupon code from the list, it will redirect you to their website.
  • Choose your products, put them in the cart, and proceed to checkout.
  • Apply the Kode voucher at the payment gateway.
  • Pay the discounted price on your product.
  • Enjoy the discount.

Is Bukalapak Safe?

They take full responsibility and guarantees that their products are genuine, the sellers with whom they signup sell genuine products, also the payment options are safe, so their customers won’t feel any issue shopping online from them. 

What are Bukalapak virtual products?

Their virtual products include in categories which include, Recharges, Bill payments, buying tickets, buying games, loans, and Investments. They divided this category from the physical goods, so customers find it easy to navigate themselves to the virtual products category.

Is Bukamall good?

Bukamall includes products from different brands that are genuine and exclusive as well. Customers buy from Bukamall as the constant sales and offer they have. They have branded products that are loved by their customers. 

Who owns Bukalapak?

Bukalapak was founded by Achmad Zaky with two of his college friends Fajrin Rasyid and Nugroho Herukahyono. They were university friends when they started it in 2010.


What are the Bukalapak’s biggest sale events?

We at CollectOffers keep a track of the Bukalapak Indonesia best deals, offers, and coupons to help you unlock huge savings. Seize the super saver offers on your must-have products during promotions such as Chinese New Year sale, 7.7 sale, 8.8 sale, 9.9 Mega sale, 11.11 Singles Day sale, Hari Raya sale, Christmas sale, & loads more. The events bring along excellent opportunity to save up to 80% on best-seller products on Bukalapak. Get ready to order your favorites at prices like never before.

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Amit Kumar
by Amit Kumar
Deal Expert Team Lead
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A huge virtual warehouse, delivering all of your needs, is how Bukalapak can be described in a sentence. Once known as a Unicorn Startup, they have outcasted their benchmark and made themselves a one-stop-shop for all Indonesians. Why would you buy or choose Bukalapak for any service? The answer is simple; they are a dependable and trusted e-commerce company in a hoard to give the best experience for their customers. Get Bukalapak Kode diskon from us and gain huge discounts on your favorite products.

About Bukalapak

Founded by 3 friends Achmad Zacky, Fajrin Rasyid, and Nugroho Herucahyono in a boarding room with the initial idea to target small and medium-sized companies to go online with their products, it was 2011 when their journey of success started to trail when 10,000 SME’s partnered with them with only 5 employees working at their office.

It was just a matter of time when their reach, both with their sellers as well as their customers reached where they were stated with the title of “Unicorn Startup”. With more than 6.5 million sellers they are one of the best e-commerce companies when it comes to delivering happiness to their customers. Customers from Medan, Bali, Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Bandung, love to shop from them. Moreover, customers can fetch our kode promo Bukalapak for absolute savings and discounts.

Returns & Refunds 

Bukalapak has easy return options, which is the reason why their customers prefer to shop or choose them for virtual services like Data recharge or buy bus tickets. Since they have two categories their refund policies are different as stated below:

  • Physical Products

Funds will be returned to the customer’s account when a transaction fails, which is Bukadompet. For Customers who did the transaction using their credit card, the refunded amount will be credited to their account within 14 days. And to the guest customers, who ordered their products without login, an e-mail would be sent to them for the recharge process for the same.

  • Virtual and Investment products

When a buyer makes the payment but the session expires, they will receive their money in Bukadompet. 


Bukalapak has easy payment options which are locally available everywhere, so it would be easy for them to make the payments, which are:

  • NetBanking
  • Debit Card
  • Credit Card
  • Wallets
  • Bank Transfer
  • Outlet
  • Virtual Account
  • Fund
  • Installment without credit card

You can use the Bukalapak voucher at the time of payment to unveil big savings for the products you purchase.

Tips To Save More

When you shop online at Bukalapak Indonesia, below are the tips that will help you save more on your purchases.

  • Download the Bukalapak app for app only benefits.
  • Buyers can complete tasks, such as adding photos to review will help them earn Bukalapak credits.
  • A Newsletter subscription will get you offers and discounts straight into your inbox.
  • lookout for festive promos like Bukalapak Harbolnas 2023, which helps buyers to save more on their purchases.
  • Promos tab will help you with exclusive deals such as bank offer coupon codes and wallet vouchers, etc.
  • fetch our kode voucher Bukalapak for undeniable discounts and huge savings.

One-Stop-Shop shopping at Bukalapak

When you say e-commerce it usually means buying or ordering any product from a seller, but at Bukalapak Indonesia you can do anything. It is a one-stop shop to recharge, order food, buy games, in their different categories which have numerous products listed in them. From spare parts of vehicles to stationaries, you name it; they would have listed the product on their site. Investing, or doing a recharge, Bukalapak has it all.