Kode Promo KKday & Kode Diskon KKday March 2023

A change is always better for your mental relaxation, and experiencing extraordinary activities with our KKday Kode promo will not only be joyous but also super affordable on your budget. Experience fun doing things all around the world with our KKday Kode diskon at discounted rates.

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Kode Promo KKday - Kumpulkan Musim Perayaan Ini Hingga 55% + Tambahan 5% OFF Untuk Pemesanan Aktivitas Utama

Tempatkan pesanan luar biasa untuk pemesanan aktivitas teratas di Indonesia yang tersedia termasuk penembakan api, dan banyak lagi hingga 55%+ tambahan diskon 5% dengan menerapkan kode promo. Pesan sekarang!

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KKday Student Discount - Kode Promo KKday - Pesan Kegiatan Terbaik Dengan DISKON 12% Berlaku Pada Penawaran Pelajar - Pesan Sekarang!

Khusus Pelajar - Pesan aktivitas Anda untuk mendapatkan diskon 12%. Dapatkan perjalanan Anda dengan KKday dan nikmati lebih banyak. Untuk memanfaatkan penawaran, verifikasi id siswa Anda Student Beans.

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Voucher KKday | Pemesanan Online Akomodasi Sewa Dengan Potongan Ekstra 7%

Dapatkan penawaran untuk memesan penginapan sewaan yang Anda inginkan di Indonesia & habiskan liburan Anda di sana. rekatkan kode kupon yang diberikan & dapatkan diskon tambahan 7%.

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Pembelian Web Seluler KKday | Pesan Menginap Dengan Ekstra 6% OFF

Inilah kesempatan luar biasa untuk memesan tempat menginap yang Anda inginkan melalui aplikasi seluler & bersenang-senang di liburan Anda. Tempel kode promo yang diberikan & dapatkan tambahan 6% OFF.

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Voucher Pengguna Baru KKday | Sewa Menginap Di Indonesia Dengan Tambahan Diskon 10%

Bepergian di berbagai staycations & menarik di Indonesia & nikmati liburan Anda di sana. Simpan tempat Anda sekarang dari halaman web & gunakan kode kupon yang disebutkan untuk mendapatkan diskon tambahan 10%. Hanya Untuk Pengguna Pertama!

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From IDR330K

KKday Sale - Pesan The Bali Fire Shooting Club Dari Harga Terendah Mulai Dari IDR330K

Pada halaman terlampir, pesan klub menembak api Bali dari harga terendah mulai dari IDR330K. Pesan sekarang!

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From IDR 713K

KKday - Ski Dubai Tour - Harga Mulai dari IDR 713K

Paket musim panas ini untuk perjalanan ski Dubai dengan harga terjangkau Rp 713K. Kunjungi halaman arahan dan pesan perjalanan Anda sekarang!

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From IDR 1122K

Tiket Eksklusif KKday Disneyland Paris - Harga Mulai dari Rp 1122rb - Pesan sekarang!

Jadikan liburanmu semakin spesial dengan tiket Disneyland Paris yang terjangkau hanya dengan Rp 1122 ribu. Kunjungi halaman arahan dan pesan perjalanan liburan Anda sekarang!

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More about Kkday

Tips To Save More

  • Student Discount: KKday Indonesia offers a student discount of 12% in association with student beans. You just have to verify yourself as a student to access this benefit.
  • Look for Limited time missions: Go to the ‘Grab & score’ option and complete missions listed for you to enjoy exclusive perks. Silver and Diamond members avail themselves of the benefit of more missions.
  • Newsletter Subscription: Subscribe and get discounts, latest promos, etc.
  • Our KKday Kode diskon: Use our coupon at checkout and avail of huge savings.

KKday App Perks

KKday Indonesia offers app-exclusive benefits to its customers. Below are the perks they can avail of:

  • Enjoy 5% off on exclusive in-app deals, when you sign up for the first time.
  • Use features like ‘Integrated calling system’.
  • KKday app phone service allows their customers to directly connect with them through the app.
  • Manage your membership, points, bookings, and other perks on the go.
  • Our KKday Kode promo can also be applied to the app, which offers huge discounts to make your experience budget friendlier.

Customer Care Services!

KKday Indonesia customer service is supportive and is reachable through different means available below:

  • KKday app phone service: Customers need to download the app to easily contact one of the representatives by going to ‘My Bookings’.
  • Chat Button: click on the chat button, and connect easily on the go.
  • E-mail: Connect with them through service@kkday.com to submit files and for any other services.
  • FAQs: Go through the guided FAQs section, for quick resolutions by following the answers.
From IDR 319k

Tiket KKday - Van Gogh Museum - Harga Rp 319rb - Pesan sekarang!

Jelajahi tempat terbaik di Amsterdam Museum Van Gogh dengan harga terjangkau Rp 319 ribu. Kunjungi halaman arahan dan belanja sekarang!

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Pemesanan Hotel Di Taipei - Nikmati DISKON Hingga 80% - Promo KKday - Buruan

KKday Indonesia - Nikmati liburan Anda bersama pasangan dan dapatkan DISKON Hingga 80% untuk pemesanan penginapan Anda di Taipei. Pesan penginapan online.

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From IDR83K

KKday Indonesia - Jakarta Tour - Harga Mulai Dari Rp83K- Pesan Sekarang!

Jadikan liburanmu ke Jakarta semakin menakjubkan dengan booking sekarang dengan harga terjangkau mulai dari Rp83K. Pesan sekarang!

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From IDR47K

KKday Indonesia - Yogyakarta Tour - Harga Mulai dari IDR47K

Konfirmasikan pemesanan Anda untuk perencanaan liburan ke Yogyakarta dengan harga terjangkau mulai dari Rp47K, Pesan liburan bahagia Anda sekarang!

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From IDR 54K

Tur & Paket Hiburan KKday | Harga Mulai Dari Rp 54K | Pesan sekarang!

Pilih tujuan Anda dan jelajahi wisata dan paket hiburan dengan harga terjangkau mulai dari Rp 54K. Pesan tiket Anda sekarang!

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From IDR 291k

Acara Olahraga KKday | Pesan Tiket Harga Mulai dari Rp 291K | Pesan sekarang!

Liburan musim panas ini mengeksplorasi sebagian besar acara olahraga dengan harga terjangkau mulai dari Rp 291 ribu. Kunjungi halaman arahan dan pesan tiket Anda sekarang!

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From IDR 24K

KKday - Tur Sepeda - Harga Mulai Dari Rp 24rb - Pesan Sekarang!

Jelajahi Bike Tours seperti Toronto Islands Bike Tour, dan masih banyak lagi dengan harga yang terjangkau mulai dari IDR 24K. Kunjungi halaman arahan dan jelajahi sekarang!

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From IDR 29K

KKday - Aquariums & Zoos - Harga Mulai Dari Rp 29K - Pesan Sekarang!

Jelajahi Aquarium & Zoo dengan harga terjangkau mulai dari Rp 29 ribu. Kunjungi halaman arahan dan jelajahi sekarang!

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From IDR 122K

KKday - Museum & Galeri - Harga Mulai Dari Rp 122K - Pesan Sekarang!

Jelajahi Museum & Galeri seperti Kyoto Railway Museum, Kurayoshi Figure Museum dengan harga terjangkau mulai dari IDR 122K. Kunjungi halaman arahan dan jelajahi sekarang!

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From IDR95K

KKday Indonesia - Bali Tour - Harga Mulai dari IDR95K

Pesan tur terbaik Anda ke Bali dan tangkap semua pemandangan memukau dengan harga terjangkau mulai dari RP95K. Kunjungi sekarang!

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From IDR10K

KKday Sale - Aktivitas Di Bintan Mulai Dari IDR10K - Nikmati Sekarang!

Aktifkan penawaran dengan mengklik halaman promo dan nikmati aktivitas populer di Bintan mulai dari IDR10K. Pesan sekarang!

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How to use the KKday Kode promo?

  • At the search bar of our website search for KKday.
  • You will witness numerous coupons and discount codes.
  • Select the best, according to yourself, and click on it.
  • You will be redirected to the KKday website.
  • Book your services, and proceed with payments.
  • At the payment gateway apply our discount code.
  • That’s it! Go ahead and enjoy your budget-friendly trip.

I haven't booked my flight or hotel yet, can I just provide it after I've booked my order at KKday Indonesia?

Many of their bookings need to have information’s about your flight & accommodation to be booked. Some may allow but it is suggested to book the essentials beforehand and then go for other bookings.

What facilities does KKday Indonesia offer?

Facilities such as bookings for Cruise, Upper house, and water park, WIFI, Simcard, and dining are included at their platforms. They also offer bookings for famous spots such as Disneyland, Universal Studio, and Xpark. With all the local attractions as well as activities listed, it is a one-stop shop for customers, to plan their trip.

Can I make specific seating requests at KKday Indonesia?

Seatings are arranged by the staff members, travelers may request them at the activity point. To not create a tussle, requesting seats online is not considered.

Where can I get contact information for my tour guide and/or driver?

Information about the guide or driver will be sent to the customers one day before the bookings of the services. It is sent directly to your inbox, it is suggested to keep login to your account for seamless service.

What are the KKday’s biggest sale events?

We at CollectOffers keep a track of the KKday Indonesia best deals, offers, and coupons to help you unlock huge savings. Seize the super saver offers on your must-have products during promotions such as Chinese New Year sale, 7.7 sale, 8.8 sale, 9.9 Mega sale, 11.11 Singles Day sale, Hari Raya sale, Christmas sale, & loads more. The events bring along excellent opportunity to save up to 80% on best-seller products on KKday. Get ready to order your favorites at prices like never before.

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Groupon Coupon Code - Kupon Groupon | Daftar Untuk Pemesanan Dengan DISKON 20%

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Amit Kumar
by Amit Kumar
Deal Expert Team Lead
More about Amit

Once you land at your destination, move to your hotel the first thing you want to do is experience the place. We spend so much time making the itinerary and searching Google for ‘things to do’, ‘best thing to experience’ etc. while you can do all that on one single platform i.e. KKday Indonesia.
Book your staycation at all the famous hotels such as mandarin oriental, Fullerton hotel, Holiday inn, Hyatt regency, intercontinental, Kowloon hotel, Murray hotel, Mira hotel, Royal Caribbean, Ritz Carlton, on their platforms and enjoy a stress-free vacation.

About KKday

KKday founders Chen Mingming, Chen Jianming, and He Yingqi, established one of the best e-commerce travel booking services for customers all around the world. To save time, planning on their trip and make the most out of it by booking for the experiences beforehand is the reason you should consider them to make your trip tremendous.

Started in Taiwan, they were soon spread to major foreign destinations such as Malaysia, Australia, Bangkok, Canada, Europe, Iceland, Japan, Osaka, Okinawa, Korea, Malaysia, Phuket, Thailand, USA, Vietnam, New York, and New Zealand.

While booking for these wonderful places you can use our KKday Kode promo to save on activities, and leave the worry of budget behind.

Earn With KKday Points

KKday points make their customers earn every time they choose to experience activity by redeeming them for discounted bookings. They get points which can be later used for booking any of the other services offered by them. Below points is everything you should know about this perk.

  • You can earn KKday points when you book a service through your account.
  • Travelers will receive their points after a week of experiencing activities.
  • It can be used as a discount when you book any other services.
  • When customers earn 50 KKday points, they are eligible for redemption.
  • Travellers need to make a note that, these points lapse if not redeemed within a year.
  • Customers can look out for our KKday Kode promo for extra discounts and awesome deals on their bookings.


KKday payment gateways are secured through encryption, where customer’s credentials are safe and secure. Below are the options travelers can avail of.

  • Debit Card
  • Credit Card
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • LINE Pay
  • Alipay
  • GrabPay
  • MoMo Wallet

With the availability of versatile payment options, customers can do swift transactions for their bookings. You can also use our KKday Kode diskon to gain savings and make your travel one of the best trips you ever had.

Loyalty Benefits

KKday loyalty program is for the frequent customers that offer, ‘members only’ exclusive benefits & privileges. Below are the perks they offer with this program.

  • Customers need to sign up for membership to attain benefits.
  • It consists of three tiers Silver, Platinum, and Diamond.
  • Buyers will earn tokens when they book any of the services.
  • To reach Platinum they will need to collect 5000 tokens and 15,000 to reach Diamond.
  • Each tier has upgraded perks according to its level.
  • Customers can click on ‘Member Benefits’ to check out the deals and perks available exclusively for them.
  • When customers go for our KKday Kode promo, they are in for huge savings on their bookings.

Cancellations & Refunds

KKday Indonesia cancellations require specific reasons customers need to submit to be eligible for refunds.

  • Reasons considered are illness, passing of a relative, natural disaster, and flight cancellation.
  • Out of all these scenarios, travelers need to submit proof with their application.
  • A team will review this application and when approved, the refund process will be initiated.
  • Apart from these scenarios if a customer ends up in any such unavoidable circumstances they can connect to customer service for further guidance.