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Kode Promo Watsons - Belanja Produk Kecantikan Yang Diinginkan & Dapatkan Diskon Hingga 70% + Diskon Hingga 20% - Pesan Sekarang!

Dapatkan penawaran yang tersedia di halaman terlampir dan dapatkan diskon hingga 70% + diskon hingga 20% untuk pembelian minimum RP125K dengan menerapkan Kode Promo Watsons. Pesan sekarang!

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Watsons New User Voucher - Kode Voucher Watsons - Kumpulkan Voucher Diskon 10% Untuk Belanja Pertama Melalui Aplikasi - Unduh Sekarang!

Beli produk kecantikan yang tersedia dengan diskon besar dan raih voucher diskon 10% belanja di aplikasi dengan menerapkan Kode Kupon Watsons 2023. Pesan sekarang!

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Kode Kupon Watsons - Obral Kebutuhan Ibu & Bayi - Dapatkan Diskon RP50K - Pesan Sekarang!

Pilih produk kebutuhan ibu dan bayi terbaik seperti baby oil, aloe vera, dan masih banyak lagi, serta dapatkan DISKON Rp50K untuk pembelian minimal Rp200K dengan menerapkan Kode Kupon Watsons. Pesan sekarang!

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Kode Promo Watsons - Pesan Produk Kecantikan & Skin Crae Hingga 50% + Tambahan Diskon Rp30.000

Dapatkan tampilan glamor dan kulit sehat dengan menggunakan produk kecantikan dan perawatan kulit terbaik. Pesan sekarang dan dapatkan diskon hingga 50% dengan tambahan diskon hingga Rp30.000 dengan menggunakan kode diskon.

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Belanja produk pilihan Anda di atas Rp100.000 dari toko online & dapatkan diskon Rp15.000 jika Anda menggunakan Kode Promo Watsons ini pada saat checkout.

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Kode Promo Watsons - Dapatkan Diskon Hingga Rp20rb Untuk Pesanan di Seluruh Situs

Raih kesepakatan luar biasa ini yang menawarkan diskon hingga Rp20rb dengan membeli produk apa pun di seluruh situs dengan nilai pesanan minimum Rp125rb atau lebih. Jangan lupa untuk menggunakan kode kupon saat melakukan pemesanan.

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More about Watsons

Payment Options

Watsons ID has the most secure payment portals with 3D Secure for card payments. Following are the options to make payments:

  1. Credit Card & Debit Cards – All VISA, MasterCard, JCB, and AMEX (American Express) cards are accepted.
  2. Bank Transfer.
  3. Pay on the Spot – Cash on Delivery (COD) can be chosen for the maximum order value of Rp1JUTA.
  4. GoPay.
  5. Watsons Bonus Points.
  6. Their e-voucher and e-Coupons.

You can also use our diskon kode Watsons for enormous savings on your purchase!

Watsons Member Card and Points

Its Member Card is a loyalty program. Under which, the member is entitled to get 1 bonus point on every spending worth Rp20,000. Each point will value Rp100 (One hundred Rupiah). 9999 points could be utilized to the maximum.

Watsons Points earned will be transferred to the member account within 3 days. The points will expire at the end of the calendar year. Their Member Card can be upgraded to Elite and it has its special benefits.

Free shipping once a month.

  1. Fast track transactions with priority by showing Watsons ELITE status card.
  2. Special priority on the hotline.
  3. Special price on certain brands and products.
  4. Birthday Treat! Get a surprise 100RIBU voucher on a minimum 300RB purchase.
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Watson Online - Dapatkan Diskon Hingga 40% - Promo Eksklusif - Penawaran Spesial Garnier

Tingkatkan kecantikan Anda dengan menggunakan item Garnier yang diberikan di halaman salam. Pesan online sekarang dan dapatkan DISKON Hingga 40%.

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At Just RP149

Penjualan Watsons - Dari Harga Terendah Mulai Hanya RP149 Beli Di Fibr Max - Beli Sekarang!

Beli produk terbaik yang tersedia di halaman promo dan dapatkan hanya RP149 yang tersedia di halaman promo. Beli sekarang!

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Watsons Sale - Belanja Sekarang Untuk Produk Perawatan Kulit & Dapatkan DISKON Hingga 60%

Dapatkan kulit yang sehat dan lembut dengan memberikan perawatan yang lebih baik dengan produk perawatan kulit terbaik. Tempatkan pesanan Anda sekarang dari halaman penawaran ini dan dapatkan diskon hingga 60%.

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Watson Online - Dapatkan DISKON Hingga 50% - Obral Rabu - Semua Item

Nikmati berbagai barang fantastis di seluruh situs yang tersedia di halaman promo. Beli online sekarang dan dapatkan diskon besar hingga 50%. Percepat!

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Promo Watsons - Kumpulkan POTONGAN RP88K Untuk Berbelanja Di Obral Merek Kecantikan Terbaik - Pesan Sekarang!

Dapatkan penawaran yang berlaku untuk koleksi merek kecantikan terbaik yang tersedia dengan harga lebih murah. Dapatkan POTONGAN RP88K. Pesan sekarang!

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Promo Watsons - Produk AVOSKIN - Hemat Hingga 50% - Voucher Watsons

Dapatkan produk-produk AVOSKIN terbaik dan terbaru dari koleksi eksklusif yang tersedia di halaman promo. Pesan online sekarang dan dapatkan DISKON Hingga 50%. Buru-buru!

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How to use Watsons promo codes
  1. Visit the link https://www.collectoffers.com/id/ and search for ‘Watsons’ in the search bar.
  2. Traverse through the offers section containing voucher codes and offers. 
  3. Copy the code that goes well with your needs amongst the trail of existing offers.
  4. Paste or redeem the code at the time of checkout on the payments page and enjoy the discount on your favorite products.
Where are the lokasi of Watsons in Indonesia?

Watsons has various outlets across Indonesia including Galaxy Mall, Galeria Jogja, Pekanbaru, Queensbay, di Jakarta and many more!

What are the best-selling products in Watsons Indonesia?

Watsons has a wide range of health and beauty products with cleansing water ingredients, facial cleansing wipes, exfoliating body wash, fruity lip balm, and weighing scale is one of them. 

Is my personal information secure with Watsons Indonesia?

Yes, your personal information including card details is fully secured and confidential between their service and the server of your device.

How to pay at Watsons using GoPay?
  1. Select GoPay as your mode of payment and proceed to continue
  2. At the payments page, select ‘pay with gopay’ and confirm the order
  3. You will see a QR code on your screen.
  4. Open the Go-JEK app on your phone and scan the QR code.
  5. Follow further steps and click on pay.
  6. Your transaction will be completed and you will be redirected to the thank you page on Watsons website. 

What are the Watsons’s biggest sale events?

We at CollectOffers keep a track of the Watsons Indonesia best deals, offers, and coupons to help you unlock huge savings. Seize the super saver offers on your must-have products during promotions such as Chinese New Year sale, 7.7 sale, 8.8 sale, 9.9 Mega sale, 11.11 Singles Day sale, Hari Raya sale, Christmas sale, & loads more. The events bring along excellent opportunity to save up to 80% on best-seller products on Watsons. Get ready to order your favorites at prices like never before.

Similar vouchers, coupons & offers

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Foreo Sale - Dapatkan Pengiriman GRATIS untuk Semua Produk - Cepat

Cukup klik pada kesepakatan terbaru dan dapatkan item luar biasa di seluruh situs melalui halaman promo. Pesan online sekarang dan dapatkan gratis ongkos kirim.

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From RP150RB

Sephora Sale - Produk Dior - Beli Sekarang Hanya Dengan RP150RB - Promo Sephora Indonesia

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Zataru Coupon Code - Semua Barang - Penawaran Spesial - Dapatkan DISKON Hingga 50% - Promo Zataru

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Shopee Sale - Produk Uniqlo - Belanja & Dapatkan DISKON Hingga 70% - Voucher Shopee - Belanja Sekarang!

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Matahari.com Sale - Beli & Dapatkan DISKON Hingga 40% - Produk Emina - Matahari Online

Jelajahi koleksi baru dan beli Produk Emina terbaik dari halaman arahan. Beli online sekarang dan dapatkan DISKON Hingga 40%. Buru-buru!

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These offers have expired, but they might still work!

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Watsons Coupon Code - Kode Promo Watsons - Pesan Produk Skin Care Dari Skin Aqua Dengan Diskon Hingga 55% + Extra IDR 5k O

Dapatkan kulit sehat dan bercahaya sepanjang hari tanpa membahayakan dengan menggunakan produk perawatan kulit terbaik yang tersedia dari Skin Aqua. Pesan sekarang untuk mendapatkan DISKON hingga 55% dengan ekstra diskon Rp 5rb dengan menggunakan kode penawaran dengan nilai pesanan minimal Rp 50rb

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Watsons Coupon Code - Kode Promo Watsons - Pesan Produk Perawatan Kulit Dari Neutrogena & Dapatkan Hingga 45% + Ekstra Dis

Lihatlah berbagai macam produk perawatan kulit terbaik yang tersedia dari merek Neutrogena dengan diskon hingga 45%. Pesan sekarang dengan menerapkan kode voucher dengan IDR 150k atau lebih untuk mendapatkan diskon IDR 50k.

30% OFF
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Watsons Coupon Code - Kode Promo Watsons - Dapatkan Diskon Hingga 30% Untuk Produk Perawatan Kulit Labore + DISKON Ekstra

Lihat berbagai macam produk perawatan kulit yang tersedia secara eksklusif dari merek Labore dan berbelanja dari mereka untuk mendapatkan diskon hingga 30%. Dengan menggunakan kode voucher dengan nilai pemesanan minimal Rp 150rb Anda akan mendapatkan tambahan diskon Rp 15rb atas pesanan Anda.

DERMASKIN15Show Coupon Code
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Watsons Coupon Code - Kode Promo Watsons - Pesan Produk Perawatan Kulit Dari Labore & Dapatkan Hingga 30% + Ekstra Diskon

Dapatkan kesepakatan untuk produk perawatan kulit terbaik yang tersedia dari Labore yang kini tersedia dengan diskon hingga 30%. Pesan sekarang dengan nilai pembelian minimal Rp 200rb untuk mendapatkan tambahan diskon Rp 25rb atas pesanan Anda dengan menggunakan kode diskon.

DERMASKIN25Show Coupon Code
70% OFF
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Watsons Coupon Code - Kode Promo Watsons - Pesan Produk Perawatan Kulit Pria Dengan Diskon Ekstra Hingga 20% + 50%

Dapatkan produk perawatan kulit terbaik yang tersedia dari merek ternama di halaman promosi dengan diskon hingga 20%. Anda akan mendapatkan tambahan diskon 50% untuk pesanan Anda dengan menggunakan kode diskon dengan nilai pembelian minimum Rp 100rb.

BERANI15Show Coupon Code
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Ajeet Singh
by Ajeet Singh
Deal Expert Manager
More about Ajeet

No more delays to buy your favorite products at slashed prices! Take good care of yourself with branded beauty care and healthcare products. Make some time by finding the most eligible offers. Select the most effective products revolving around health and beauty essentials on this space and pick out the Watsons Kode Promo and offers enlisted with the prominent deals, sale events, brand vouchers, and comprehensive details of customer-oriented activities at Watsons.

About Watsons

The eccentric brand came into its very existence, back in 1841. Watsons was commenced as a family-owned business and it was always its primary concern to provide better for healthcare and beauty are with genuine products and brands. Over thousands of global brands, also 12 of its own and about 123 Watsons store are in Indonesia including Gandaria city, aeon bsd, di Batam, di Jakarta and many more. It has persistently worked and brought the most effective beauty care, personal care, healthcare, and cosmetic products.

The vastness of this brand name gives trustworthiness and authenticity of products over others. Use our kode promo Watsons and save massive on your purchase! 

Delivery Information

It keeps in mind the concerns of delivering in and keeping up with the diversity of Indonesia. Watsons has set certain criteria for each area of Indonesia. Watsons delivers to Bali, Java, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, and Sumatra. It allows free delivery (FREE Ongkir) to these areas on the minimum spend of Rp50,000.

To deliver in Jabodetabek Area, it takes 2-4 days and outside the Jabodetabek area it takes 4-7 days. In other islands and remote areas, it requires more time. Rp9RIBU / kg is charged for delivery in Java Island and Rp20RIBU / kg will be charged for delivering in Kalimantan Islands, Bali, Sulawesi, and Sumatra. Watsons doesn't deliver on Saturdays, Sundays, and National Holidays.

Return, Replacement, and Refund policy

Cancellation is not allowed once the order is confirmed. The items if not required because products received are damaged, faulty, or different from the products description; can be requested to be replaced or returned within 2 days.

The request for the items to be returned is approved then the item should be sent by the buyer within 3 days. It will take about 14 days to process the refund amount after items are received. 

Customer Service

The significant role of customer support is crucial for customer’s trust and satisfaction. Watsons has everything to entertain requests, queries, and suggestions from customers. The fantastic options to get in touch with Watsons are mentioned below:

  1. Contact Number – Call at +62 21 30022833.
  2. Email Address – Email directly at customerservice@watsons.co.id.
  3. Live Chat / Help – Chat directly with a representative.
  4. Head Office - Kecamatan Tebet, South Jakarta.
  5. FAQs – Resolve queries directly from already answered questions.
  6. Fill out the contact form with the details required, type in your message, and send it directly.
Cash On Delivery (Pay on the Spot)

Cash on delivery option is available in certain areas of Banten, DI Yogyakarta, DKI Jakarta, Jawa Barat, Jawa Tengah, and Jawa Timur. Cash on delivery payment option can only be chosen on the orders not valuing more than Rp1JUTA (one million Rupiah).

The order placed with the COD option can be delivered to within 2-4 days in Jabodetabek Area and it will take 4-7 days outside the Jabodetabek area.